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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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The hair plugs are looking nice. This f''er would be a cue ball on top if it wasn't for the plugs.

1891 days ago


lol... so this guy thinks KATE's the one that changed?!? she's not the one in St. Tropez on a yacht. i bet she's at home with the kids.

1891 days ago


She looks like Kate with long hair, and same lousy attitude to match !

1891 days ago


Kate really dodged a bullet with John. He is smoking, overweight and wearing stupid clothes. What a classy woman he is with too. A smoker. Hopefully, Kate will marry up next time. I can not believe 8 beautiful children came from him. He needs to get a real job and grow up. I think Kate was a nagger but she has drive. He does not seem to.

1891 days ago


so jon likes to act like KATE'S the one that changed. i bet she's at home with the kids while he's on a yacht in saint tropez. how's hollywood now?

1891 days ago


YOU GO JON!!!!! Get on with your life! That dam Kate drove him away, so cheers to Jon!

1891 days ago


If you think about it, Kate/Jon were NEVER meant to have children. By the grace of in vitro fertilization, they became parents. Unfortunately, I don't think either of them like kids. They like the money, probably enjoyed babies, but don't care much for kids. I can't wait to see which kid becomes a drug addict, which becomes the alcoholic, the felon, the thief, the bulimic, the spousal abuser. WOW, come to think of it, this Jon/Kate8 reality show crap could go on for generations! I can't wait...

1891 days ago

Debbie Betts    

Such nasty habit for a father of 8 to have and smoking too. I will say that at one time I truly felt for Jon, that I though that Kate was a total control freak and she was so mean to him, but now I think that Jon was and is a wimp and that Kate had to be strong to keep the family going. Someone had to bring in the money to feed the kids. Someone had to get things for them because their bald daddy didn't. If it wasnt for Kate those kids would be on food stamps. I looked at the pictures from the 4th and he had a french pedi, check out the pics, Kate did and I was looking, so did Jon. Kate needs a better man than Jon as a father figure for those kids. I wish her luck

1891 days ago

mickey lou    

Good for them! Blow some smoke in the faces of the cig police!

1891 days ago


i dont think its fair that he gets to do whatever he wants and kate is at home with the kids.he is a dog and i hope kate gets full custody of all the kids.

1891 days ago


its alright jon u go ahead

1891 days ago


Wonder if he ever thinks about how much his kids miss him while he is out livin life like they don't exist?They will be so heart broken when they are older and realise all those times they needed and wanted him he was off with some whore.How can anyone put some piece of ass before thier family.Pathetic.He was happy and in love with Kate once enough to marry her why not be man enough to try to get there with her again for his kids sake.Some lil slut isn't going to make you happy.The problem is within yourself.Any hoe who would lay down with a married man/woman is a waste of air.

1891 days ago


He is a real piece of work. Kate has barely filed for divorce and he is already hanging out with someone else...he needs to grow up and grow a pair!

1891 days ago


WOW...he's just too cool for school!!! This is the most blatant display of a age crisis that its almost sad. Not for him but for everyone that is involved with him. I'm sorry...this "man" and I use that term loosely, is a jerk and no one is to blame for his actions but himself.

1891 days ago


Kate, when u take your dogs into get neutered, take Jon along and get the surgery on him also. when u go to St. Tropez, i would think u would wear GOOD clothes. and fashionable sun glasses. they are wearing Cornfield County clothes off HEE-Haw!!!! 2 retards!!!

1891 days ago
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