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Lenny Kravitz

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/12/2009 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lenny Kravitz may party like a rock star ... but you'd never know it.

Lenny Kravitz
Here's the 25-year-old singer back in 1989 (left) -- and 20 years later, the 45-year-old version in London last month (right).

Are you gonna go his way?


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How does racism seep into every comment page about a Black person? Who are these haters with nothing to do?
The man looks good with no doctors. It may have something to do with "Black don't crack," and it has a lot to do with him being an attractive man to begin with.
So what if it is? It's the trade off for poor credit and slavery. We can't even have that without someone spewing hate? A page about Zac Efron doesn't have this.
Get with the times, racists, or you will get left.

1931 days ago


I'm worried about The Truth. Can someone there in the trailer park get that raving lunatic a sedative? And while you're at it, get her a syringe of BOTOX . She must have gotten a good look at her WRINKLED, OLD MUG and it has caused her to practically foam at the mouth like a rabid dog. Yes, I realize she always LOOKS like a rabid dog, but now she is also ACTING like one. LOL!!!

1931 days ago


If like post 27 says he is half jewish and half black does that make him jewack, Mabe he shoes have his doc look at his lazy eye.

1931 days ago


40. I forgot to mention why most black girls HATE white chiks.
Because y'all KNOW that your black men would rather get with us.
Esepecially the educated and rich black men. All your best black men
want white chicks. E.g. OJ made money and DUMPED his black wife for a
white one. MJ - his kids who he is leaving most everything to are
WHITE. ICE T: his wife is WHITE. Even Obama who is HALF WHITE married
another HALF WHITE woman NOT a fully black woman.

I can't tell you how MANY black men hit on me. And they are educated
and wealthy and they call me racist when I turn them down. And I ask
them "hey why do I always see you with white girls?" And they reply
"I prefer women of the fairer persuasion". YOU ALL KNOW IT'S TRUE.

But hey, keep repeating to yourselves "black don't crack" and go out
and buy a better weave. :)


A couple of points: First the black men who hit on you clearly do not have "intellect" as a prerequisite in a woman, since your dumb a$$ can't spell on even a third-grade level. ("chik" "Esepecially"). Your writng has passed "amusing" and is now firmly ensconced in the arena of "pathetic."

And I beg of you, go to school and take first-grade math. Michelle Obama has a black mother and a black father. Only in the empty cavern that passes for your brain could that ever make her "half black." (On second thought, "pathetic" is wholly insufficent to describe you.)

As much as you wish to decry the virtues of white skin, the MOST POWERFUL MAN ON THE PLANET HAS UNDENIABLY BLACK SKIN. Deal with it! Yes, white skin USED to open doors. Now it merely produces grade-school dropouts like you who can construct neither a grammatically-correct nor factually-accurate sentence. You are an embarrassment to your race, Dear. Now run along to the nearest street corner and try to scrounge up enough money for your next syringe of Botox.

1931 days ago


Contrary to women, men usually look good in their fourties: Tom cruise, Brad Pitt and some others. Get over it , TMZ !

1931 days ago


You know what, I've never heard any child rape allegations towards this man so in my book he's A-OK.

1931 days ago


My how the mighty hath fallen!!!

In sports and entertainment, the greatest number of millionaires are black. A Jay Z has gone from street corner hustler to near billionaire status as part owner of the Nets (among MANY other ventures). Diddy cannot walk and chew gum simultaneously, yet he is a one-man corporate conglomerate. Oprah has gone from a child of poverty to being able to buy and sell YOU and ALL OF YOUR WHITE RELATIVES with her mere pocket change. There are now more WHITES on public assistance than blacks, and what little money you DID have left has been stolen by Bernie Madoff.

But just keep telling yourselves that having white skin is its own reward. It must be, since it certainly isn't putting a dime in your pockets these days, now is it? LOL! Black rappers who didn't even finish high school are multimillionaires, with clothing lines and production companies. While YOU (and your lily white skin) struggle to pay the rent on your cramped, CHEAP hovel of an apartment that you share with two roommates.

But what irritates you the MOST, is that you've even lost your seat at the head of the WORLD's table of power. The most powerful man on the planet, the man courted by heads of state, the man who LEADS YOU, who sets policies that YOU must follow, who relaxes in the WHITE HOUSE and on AIR FORCE ONE (while you can't even afford Jet Blue) -- has BLACK SKIN!!

So, tell me again why that white skin is such an asset? HA!HA! (Delusional Clowns!)

1931 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

Who is he ?

1931 days ago


CTFU @Black and Not Cracking
@THE TRUTH we will start leaving our hair alone when you stop trying to darken yourself to look just like us.

We all know if a person has a black mother or father “YOU PEOPLE” consider him/her black. Now that Obama is in office all of a sudden “SOME PEOPLE” want to change the rules and say “he has a white mother”. WE KNOW HE DOES THAT JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS BEFORE HIM YOU DIDN’T RECOGNIZE!

1931 days ago


Good black don't crack! That's why he looks the same. Black folks age VERY gracefully.

1931 days ago


That is one FINE ASS MAN!!!!!

1931 days ago


I really do think that there are races that age better than the white race. In real life if you compare a 60 year old white person to a 60 year old black, Native American, mexican, asian, etc;. the white person could look to be past 70 years old and another ethnicity could look as young as late 40's early 50's. Most black people look old but not as old as they actually are. Like Berry Gordy. Who would have figured he's turning 80 this year. Cicely Tyson, Maya Angelou, Sidney Poitier, Forest Whitaker, all like Lenny looks old but definitely not their age. They all look great.

Truth be told I don't know who is more jealous of who, re: black and white. Not my business. There's two sides to every story and this debate has gone on for decades.

There are races that are becoming extinct. The main one being Native American. We have to go out there and make us mixed babies. On my Native land, because it's a small area, it's not frowned upon to have an inter-racial baby. It's accepted here. Otherwise in order to keep the blood line strong, it might turn to imbreeding. EWW.

In today's society there is a lot more inter-racial people. As a whole nation it is becoming more tolerated in this country where one can date who they want. Racism isn't as bad as it used to be but it still does exist. We all need to come together and become one. Stop judging others. Take a look at yourselves and your family tree. Somewhere deep in the branches there was an inter-racial couple that connects you to another ethnicity. Instead of saying I am of the Native American race (or whatever your ethnicity is), I wish that one day we could all say, I am of the Human race. We all bleed the same. Our hearts all beat the same. We all breath the same. We live then we die. It doesn't matter what color your skin is. Stop being prejudice. Have compassion for others, as others should have compassion for you. Stop hating on others that have better _______________, (fill in the blank) Love yourself for yourself. Love the wrinkles, white hairs, loose skin, age spots, whatever your flaw is.... love it. Embrace aging. Aging is such beautiful time in our lives that we take for granted. Tomorrow is not promise.

1931 days ago


he's the least sexy man in the history of humankind. boring, dresses like crap and, worst of all, he thinks he's hot.

1931 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth is a Penis Smoking Hermaphrodite    

As a black man, I must say the one thing that bothers me the most about white people is how you all smell like wet dogs when you come out of the rain. And whenever I go in one of your houses it smells like days-old balogna. When will whites abandon the ridiculous ages-old notion that they don't have to shower (or only shower a little) because they thin their whiteness is next to cleanliness? It's like everytime it rains I have to avoid McDonalds, Rite-Aid, the Mall, etc. because I know you stinky wet-dog smelling whitey's will be there. And that's the truth.

1931 days ago


Lenny is a hot tamale !!!!I loved ,who cares his age he looks fine to me and the rest of he female humankind.

1931 days ago
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