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Anesthesia in Jackson Case Tracked

7/14/2009 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned several pharmaceutical companies have been contacted by the DEA in the Michael Jackson case and we're told authorities are getting closer to identifying which person may have supplied the powerful anesthetic Propofol that appears to have killed the singer.

Sources tell us law enforcement found vials of Propofol in Michael Jackson's house after he died. The vials all have lot numbers. We're told several days ago the DEA contacted Teva Pharmaceuticals -- which manufactured one of the vials found at the house -- to determine who purchased it.

Teva sells Propofol to medical distributors, who then turn around and sell the vials to hospitals and doctors.

And, law enforcement sources say, the DEA also contacted other manufacturers of Propofol from the other vials found in Jackson's home.

Here's the problem. Although every vial has a lot number, the vials are not marked individually. There are thousands of vials in a lot. So the DEA and LAPD are trying to hone in on the culprit but, we're told, it's no easy task.


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Paul Gorhanson, a former live-in masseuse and lover of Dr. Arnold Klein, tells exclusively that Klein would prescribe medication in his own name for Gorhanson's use.

The pair lived together in Klein's Los Angeles home for four months in 2006, having met a year prior via online chatting on gay men's dating site

Gorhanson claims that after undergoing a back procedure, Klein prescribed him codine to help with the pain--under Klein's name.

"The prescription did not have my name on it, it had Arnold's name on it so I was kind of surprised," Gorhanson said.

"He said 'Because I'm not your treating physician, there may be a conflict of interest there.'"

Watch the above clip for more, including Gorhanson's thoughts on Klein possibly prescribing drugs to Michael Jackson.

1930 days ago

What the Hell?    

Even if caught -how much time will be served?

1930 days ago


Michael I love you! You are the most beautiful person in this world!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for your person,soul,music smile ang big heart

1930 days ago


I wish the rest of the jackson's would shoot up the rest and let us forget about them all.

1930 days ago


It's looking more and more like Michael was killed by his Doctor. But, whoever it was that did give Michael the fatal dose, I hope they nail him or her to the wall...

Michael will always be in my heart and prayers...

1930 days ago


It's only a matter of time you sanky Dr Feelgoods before you get your just deserts!

1930 days ago


Yeah... the doctor killed him. Not he killed himself by being a habitual drug abuser for years. Just like the doctor killed Janis Joplin, Elvis, and all other drug addicts. Grow up, he did it to himself. He chose to be a junkie, instead of a father.

1930 days ago


I truly beileve Michael was murdered! I pray to God that they catch the person or persons responsible and put them under the jail! I grew up with Michael he needs to be remembered for all the good things he did and all the people and charities he helped over the years! RIP Michael love you!

1930 days ago

Michael Jackson    


1930 days ago



1930 days ago


Why couldn't it have been LaToya?

1930 days ago


Maybe it's time the DEA makes it mandatory that the individual vials are marked!

1930 days ago


This problem of improper prescribing and medical negligence and forging patient records is not limited to Los Angeles or to celebrity doctors.

There are other seemingly "good" doctors in California who do the same heinous things. You know who you are!!!!

1930 days ago


I hope they're able to figure out who it was and put the screws to the miserable SOB. RIP, Michael. Still so sad that you're gone.

1930 days ago


The world is ignoring the pleas of those children who were brave enough to step forward and tell what M.J. did to them. He will live in their nightmares forever. Also, Jackson lives in the perverted fantasies of his “fans.” Hailing and memorializing a pedophile is what the world is doing. Is there concrete proof this pervert is really dead? Two autopsies will insure the body looks unrecognizable, and ironically his parents and siblings are requesting a second autopsy. Someone should check the DNA of the three children he claims as being his biologically. Someone should do sanity checks on all the flakes who tag along after him — worshipping this master of illusions, public disguises, lies. It’s amazing that so much money is tied up around him. Others would lose out if they had to admit publically that Michael Jackson really was/is a pedophile — that he loved children so much he taught them to masturbate [it’s in his court papers, child testimonies and statements]. Since when — guess it is in the past 10 years and now, that people who have a special talent for entertaining others and lining the pockets of big businesses get to behave any old way they choose, and the public is so mesmerized that it does not have the backbone to defend our world’s children against real crimes. What a giant blemish on the backbone of the United States this is! Actually, what backbone. It’s dissolved. Remember the song “I’m Talkin’ to the Man in the Mirror” — Yes, that’s Jackson’s way of admitting he is sick. He names the third child Blanket. If one could delve into M.J.’s psychology what would be found? The stories of those he offended have been silenced with money and the public’s willingness to disregard them. Jackson’s idol Peter Pan — he wishes to be Peter Pan — the very feminine looking boy that enters the windows of unsuspecting children and steals them from their parents. J’s childhood was in a sense stolen — then he wishes to steal the childhood’s of children he singles out. Where is this world is a sane prosecutor and investigators who could uncover the twisted fantasies Jackson has played out in the public’s eyes? This entire Jacko-mania is evil. We should be praying for the children he offended because they have their lives before them, and when they turn out the lights at night — it is Jackson they see in their nightmares. When morning arrives — it is Jackson they see plastered all over the news with the world worshipping a pervert because he can dance and sing and hide the fact he really “loves” children just like pedophiles do! Years ago, one of his sisters was interviewed about her childhood. She told the world then her father molested her. Then, the world did not hear much from her. Then, the press seemed to be fooled by Jackson’s attempt to cover her comments up. The piper strikes up a tune, and the unsuspecting just chases him off into the wind to the ocean, where they all drown in their delusions and his illusions.

1930 days ago
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