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Anesthesia in Jackson Case Tracked

7/14/2009 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned several pharmaceutical companies have been contacted by the DEA in the Michael Jackson case and we're told authorities are getting closer to identifying which person may have supplied the powerful anesthetic Propofol that appears to have killed the singer.

Sources tell us law enforcement found vials of Propofol in Michael Jackson's house after he died. The vials all have lot numbers. We're told several days ago the DEA contacted Teva Pharmaceuticals -- which manufactured one of the vials found at the house -- to determine who purchased it.

Teva sells Propofol to medical distributors, who then turn around and sell the vials to hospitals and doctors.

And, law enforcement sources say, the DEA also contacted other manufacturers of Propofol from the other vials found in Jackson's home.

Here's the problem. Although every vial has a lot number, the vials are not marked individually. There are thousands of vials in a lot. So the DEA and LAPD are trying to hone in on the culprit but, we're told, it's no easy task.


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Some of you live in a fantasy land. Acting like Michael was the victim of these mean, ole doctors. Jackson was obviously doctor shopping and getting drugs all over town. He sought on these drugs. No one forced him to take them. I read a story (probably on here) where Jackson summoned a doctor in Las Vegas to his hotel room -- claiming he was sick.. the doctor could see through the farce and refused to prescribe anything to Jackson.. then Jackson's "handlers" (IE the bullying bodyguards) tried to inimidate him.

I hope if someone was overprescribing Jackson - they get busted.. but in the end, the main blame for Jackson's death is on his own hands. He was a druggie - a junkie - spending his days either drugged up or shopping for doctors/drugs, instead of taking care of his beautiful children.

Get a clue people!!! Wake up!! He was not a hero! He was no one to look up to.

1927 days ago


slow and steady wins the race. they're taking their time but will find the culprit.

1927 days ago


#31"no one tied him down..." Well someone injected him with propofol he didn't inject himself!!

1927 days ago


I too, love Allentowns post...Bravo! Very eloquent and intelligent.

1927 days ago


18. The world is ignoring the pleas of those children who were brave enough to step forward and tell what M.J. did to them. He will live in their nightmares forever. Also, Jackson lives in the perverted fantasies of his “fans.” Hailing and memorializing a pedophile is what the world is doing...

If one could delve into M.J.’s psychology what would be found? The stories of those he offended have been silenced with money and the public’s willingness to disregard them. .. ,,This entire Jacko-mania is evil. We should be praying for the children he offended because they have their lives before them, and when they turn out the lights at night — it is Jackson they see in their nightmares. When morning arrives — it is Jackson they see plastered all over the news with the world worshipping a pervert because he can dance and sing and hide the fact he really “loves” children just like pedophiles do!

Posted at 7:03PM on Jul 14th 2009 by Allentown

I totally agree, Allentown. MJ's victims have been in my thoughts since the start of this. I am sure the death of the monster who molested them was hard enough on them, but to see this constant coverage of people idolizing their abuser must be unbearable. Their wounds must be so raw right now - they have never been allowed to heal. People are claiming that Jordan Chandler recanted when he hasn't even talked about MJ's death - he's not allowed to according to the settlement deal he signed.

MJ was a druggie and a sicko. He brought ALL of this on himself. He is the one who ingested and injected all these drugs into his body and scoured places looking for the drugs. Heck, he even used employees names to get his drugs and hide his addiction.

If an alcoholic goes on a drinking binge and dies - do people blame the manufacturers of alcohol? What if someone OD's on OTC drugs, like cough syrup? Is it the drug makers fault that the person wanted to get high and abused it? Of course not.

Michael Jackson was nothing more than a perverted druggie.

1927 days ago


#22 Tom-

I am leaning towards believing that too---that MJ was dead for quite sometime before they called the 911.

If it WAS a Propofol situation and Dr. Murray "put him under", it is quite possible that MJ was put under sometime after the last rehearsal, the doc left the room or fell asleep or something....and when he returned, woke up or whatever that next day...he discovered that MJ was not breathing, had a weak pulse etc....

1927 days ago


i agree, unfortunatly addicted to drugs..... with the help of some bottom feeder enablers...
sad that the music has stopped, i would have liked to have had the oppty to hear the new stuff.
i for one, ignorant i am sure it will be pointed out in next few blogs,, never thought he was guilty, made some irrational choices ,,,, but i never thought he was guilty,,, hhmm,,, neither did the jury,
regardless of anyones stance on this,,, i give him credit for the music,,,

1927 days ago


Shouldn't be that difficult to trace/track the vials. This is a huge break in the case. 1. The lot number of the batch can include the Mfg date code. 2. On the vials also may have SKU# "bar codes". If not, the lot# my also tell how may vials were produced in that batch essentially there should be one SKU for the entire batch. 3.From the SKU their shipping rec. can trace to where they were deliver store, hospital or pharmacy. According to QMS Quality Management systems records should be kept up to 7yrs. 4. If vials were ever purchased they can trace the PO "purchase order" then method of payment. Should be easy from there.

1927 days ago

Sand D    

There was no murder here.....MJ was a dead man dancing.
It is all in the his family can each have their 15 min. of fame.
Maybe the police and courts will clean up some Dr.'s only to be replace by others, no doubt.
but.....perhaps this might send a message to ONE star out there to stop using and become an example.
Maybe.....doubtful but maybe.

1927 days ago


Michael you will never be forgotten, rest in peace with the angles around you.

1927 days ago


I definitley think physicians have a moral responsibility to protect the health of everyone with whom they deal HOWEVER I would question the difficulty of dealing with a high profile patient like Michael Jackson. I can't imagine that the word "no" exists in the dealings of stars like Micheal, Oprah, Madonna, etc... I definitely think there is neglience in the case of these doctors but I can understand how they would have felt some type of pressure to supply drugs to him. The part I struggle with is the sheer volume that has been alleged.

1927 days ago


To allentown........

Is everyone of your ilk racist from the Pennsylvania area? Related to that swim club racist who will be going to court and losing soon.

What's your last name Kelly or Mahoney/?Thought so!!!!!!!

1927 days ago


Linds--the difference is no one pours alcohol down someone elses throat or pours pill into thier mouth. Michael was injected with the medication by a "doctor" and pumped with it all night long. That's what is criminal.

1927 days ago


I blame the doctors for his addiction, and his death, because they were supplying him, and injecting him with medications at his home, which they had no business administering. Michael did not have to die he died because greedy doctors, who im sure he paid really well took advantage of him,and even more so when he was weakened by the effects of all the drugs they were giving him. I hope these doctors dont get of easy.

1927 days ago


I love how many people claim that Jackson was such a giving person and humanitarian. The man was sued in civil court more times than I can count. Go back and read some of the old articles in Vanity Fair. There is a reporter who did a really good job covering Michael Jackson - she also gives a rundown on his "charities" which had very little money in them.

Jackson was living off of other peoples money for much of the last part of his life, according to the (many) lawsuits. He was borrowing money either as a loan or in exchange/promise to work with the person, but when it came time to pay up or produce -- he flaked out. He settled a lot of these cases civilly but not before the person who he essentially store from - had to take his butt to court.

How can someone idolize someone like this? He was not someone to be admired. I don't know how other catagorize it but when someone borrows money from me and doesn't pay me back - I consider it STEALING.

He was spending TONS of money on materialistic stuff - money that he did not have.. Other peoples money.

How could he sit and lie in interviews and claim he wanted to help children so much when he was obviously a materialistic, greedy person?

1927 days ago
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