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Disabled Claim 'Dancing' Is Doggone Unfriendly

7/15/2009 2:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Dancing With The StarsTwo physically disabled people are suing "Dancing with the Stars," claiming the show's studio is so disabled-unfriendly a cameraman threatened to run over a service dog.

Robert Carr and Arnie Pike claim in a new lawsuit they went to CBS Television City in L.A. last March to watch the show. Carr is a double amputee who is confined to a wheelchair. Arnie Pike is a quadriplegic who also requires a wheelchair.

The men claim they arrived with two companions and a service dog and were forced to watch as the majority of the audience was let in ahead of them.

The suit claims the studio has no "designated accessible seating for persons with disabilities." They claim the staff has "a policy of placing disabled persons where they cannot be seen by the camera or the public."

DWTS CurseAccording to the suit, Pike was placed behind several rows of seats where he could not even see the action on the stage. The worst slight of all -- allegedly -- "his service dog was placed in the aisle where the camera man threatened to run over the dog."

The suit -- which also lists CBS as a defendant -- claims "Dancing" violates the Americans with Disabilities Act and asks for an order forcing the show to institute disabled-friendly policies. The plaintiffs also want damages.


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Um, so I thought we were supposed to treat all people equal? First off live shows place attractive people in better seats and there hasn't been suits over that. 2nd of all using your disability as an excuse to sue is sad. I have been screamed and yelled at by camera people before during a live taping, its how it goes its fast-paced and no excuses business.

1926 days ago


Why don't they stay home and watch it on TV like everyone else. You can see the action better, hear what is going on and have all the comforts of home.

This is just another case of Baloney...If being in the live audience of Dancing With the Stars is such a big deal, then these people have more problems than physical disabilities !!

1926 days ago


There's an industry out there of people who go and "test" businesses and then sue them for non-complaince to AWDA. This sounds like that. There was a great article in SF weekly about a San Francisco lawyer that was suing all kinds of small businesses for the most minute of infractions - a doorway 1/2 inch too small, a ramp 1 degree to sloped - the end motive was always money. My thoughts: handicapped doesn't mean you get let in first and the front row. And the reality of tv shows is yes, cameras need to move.

1926 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why don't we just the BLIND sue the (((airline))) companies to let them become (((pilots)))!!!!!!
Get over it, whiny little bitches. :-D

1926 days ago


I've been seated last and have had crummy seats before ... that's life!

1926 days ago

Bash a Pap    

This is what happen when an Obama is "elected" into office! All of a sudden every whining crip thinks they deserve a government handout. Wha wha wha! Go cry your retarded tears in France you freaks. All crips and retards are socialists anyway and should be shipped off to the Middle East!

PALIN 2012!!!

1926 days ago


No matter what station involved this was not a way to treat disable citizens. When I was in a wheelchair for a while, my family loved it because when we went to Disneyland we were let in first on all the shows and had fabulous seats and one exit was used for just the disabled.
As for suing for money is not making a statement of poor treatment - it looks like they are looking to make a quick buck more than getting fair treatment.
If this had happened to me would I have sued? No I would have made a complaint to the studio to right a wrong.

1926 days ago


most shows seat the disabled first. Having said that, the disabled want to be treated as equals, yet if they ARENT treated as equals, they get all pissy. Maybe i should sue because as an able bodied person, i didnt get to have front row seats. Too many people are jamming up our court system with these stupid suits.

1926 days ago


I am just curious to know....where, and how do you let the wonderful people at that they are doing a great job, HOWEVER.....Dancing With The Stars airs on ABC not CBS. Therefore, it stands to reason that ABC is named in the lawsuit filed by Hobble and Wobble.

1926 days ago


So, now that I pointed out TMZ's mistake in the channel that airs DWTS, I can tell you that this article is really funny when you think about it. These two gentlemen probably filed this suit not so much about the way they were treated, as the fact that they got a little bitter about the fact that the closest the will come to dancing is throwing themselves on the floor and flopping around like fish

1926 days ago


I am disabled. I have a service dog. I have a scooter. This is horrible behavior. Service dogs(real service dogs) are extremely well behaved. There is no need to put someone disabled in the back. much less two people.

1926 days ago

Mary Worth    

This is just like what the hispanics have been doing for decades. They are some of the worst racists going; yet they pull out the race card at the drop of a hat. Mind you, there are many who don't play both sides against the middle. But one has observed so many do it without conscience or consequence!

Monkey see, Monkey do!
So these handicapped, sue-happy people want to be treated as equals? Hell no, they want to be treated as MORE THAN EQUAL!

1926 days ago

haven here    

Well, the law requires that all public facilities be handicap assessible. If not, they are in non-compliance with the Federal Disabilities Law, and may pay a heavy fine until they come into compliance. Yet, while it could have been handled with greater finese I do think they are complying. Once in the building an area is usually designated for those with diabilities, it appears they did this but it was in the back. Not kind and thoughtful but handled according to law.

1926 days ago

jenny mo    

TMZ and their usual inaccuracies. Dumbasses...

I have no problem with the studio being forced to become more ADA compliant as a result of this suit, but these people deserve no damages. A refund of their ticket (if it even cost them anything) is all they should get. They suffered no monetary damage from this.

1926 days ago


I remember seeing audience members in wheelchairs on the show before. Those people are full of what makes the grass grow green - trying to take advantage of a popular show where you know there is a lot of money. They also waited a durned long time to come forward; the show's last season ended quite a few weeks ago, and the next season doesn't start 'til - what, September?

Also, a previous poster is correct; DWTS is ABC, not CBS. I think this whole article is full of hooey.

1926 days ago
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