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Dave Chappelle

Who Knew I Was Famous?

7/15/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Chappelle attempted an impromptu stand-up routine outside of the Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland early this morning -- but Dave's ignorance of his own popularity ended up ruining the show.

For some reason, Chappelle wasn't expecting many people to show up, arriving at around 1 AM carrying a tiny amplifier. Turns out over 4,000 people showed up, according to

Dave ended up leaving at around 2 AM after explaining it was impossible to put on a show under those conditions.


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first bitches

1924 days ago


The link is not working...booooooooooo...LONG LIVE CHAPPELLE...I love Dave Chappell please come back!!!!!!

1924 days ago


We miss you Dave. Your stand up and show was both inventive and original. No one has been able to touch you on that. Come back soon. Just make it a better venue!

1924 days ago

Have no shame    

SMDH @ Dave Chappelle.

1924 days ago

First whores!    

First whores!

1924 days ago


LOVE Dave Chappelle!!!!

1924 days ago

First whores!    

I remember when Chappelle was funny.

1924 days ago


People that put "first" to try and be "first" on a blog are really dumb

1924 days ago


The correct link to the OregonLive story is here, and there's a really good video with sound:

1924 days ago

First whores!    

8. People that put "first" to try and be "first" on a blog are really dumb

Posted at 3:17PM on Jul 15th 2009 by madradder

people who complain about 'firsters' are gay. that means you bitch. write something pertinent to the subject or dont write anything at all. jerk

1924 days ago


Dave Chappelle is such an ass. Don't get me wrong I always enjoyed his comedy acts, but as a person he is a real ass. He lives not far from me (in Xenia, Ohio) and I work for a company who was at one of his neighbors house's doing some work. My co-worker (who had now idea Dave lived across the street) was talking with the homeowner about the work we were doing at his house. This homeowner's house happens to be laid out the exact same way as the house Dave now lives in. He started pointing something out on Dave's house, referring to how something was different and perhaps if we did the same thing it would solve his problem. The next thing my co-worker knows some man comes storming out of this house and yelling about how he moved here so he wouldn't have to deal with people driving by his house and pointing, being nosy about where he lived. My co-worker had no idea who he was and was completely confused. The homeowner explained to my co-worker that he was Dave Chapelle. So my co-workered proceeded to have quite a big laugh and explained that he was a contractor, that their 2 houses were laid out identically and that they were literally only pointing out something on the structure of his house. Dave just returned to his house. Talk about full of yourself, "Oh no, I'm super rich and famous and I think everyone wants to see me." I don't believe that he didn't think anyone would show up, the guy is full of himself. He probably just wasn't in the mood to work.

1924 days ago

Have no shame    


1924 days ago


I heard about it from a friend and headed down there at about 11 pm. We walked around the square to try to find the best vantage point. We ended up on some large brick blocks on the side of the square by the courthouse. I have never seen so many people in once place downtown in my life!! After 12:30 many people started to leave. I asked a cop what was up and he said "nothing anymore, the park closes at 12". Went back to my perch and at about 12:53 my friend was scoping the street and said "Why does that guy have a mike?", we all looked and at the same instant I recognized him, my husband shouted "It's Him!!!" I was about 10 feet away from him...would've jumped down, but I was wearing stillettos! The sound system was awful, but it sounds like he didn't expect so many people!! A once in a lifetime experience I am proud to say I was part of of!! Totally surreal!! I will remember last night for the rest of my life!! We miss you Dave, make us laugh again!!!! (PS Portland ROCKS!)

1924 days ago


He is funny.

1924 days ago


Who is famous.

1924 days ago
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