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Joe Jackson's Partner was a Crook

7/16/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Joe Jackson's Partner was a CrookWe've learned Joe Jackson's business partner for his new record label is a convicted felon.

Marshall Thompson, who Joe famously introduced during a news conference a few days after MJ's death, served 366 days in federal prison back in 2001 after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit extortion in Illinois.

Thompson -- a retired cop -- conspired with active duty officers to sell police badges to various businessmen for $1,000 to $2,500 a pop.

According to federal docs, the businessmen bought the badges so they could get the perks of being a cop -- carrying a concealed weapon, parking in restricted areas and "receiving discounts for goods and services" ... we're guessing that includes donuts.

Before Thompson became a felon, he was a member of the Chi-Lites -- a band famous for "Have You Seen Her" and "Oh Girl" back in the '70s.


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Hm, and LaToya and Janet are claiming a lot of stuff was stolen from MJ's house the day after he died.

Possible culprit?

Then again, there are reports saying that LaToya was paid to do that "Michael was murdered" interview. And she admitted to lying about what she said regarding the MJ molestation case in 1993. So LaToya can't really be trusted it seems.

1890 days ago


Ok Joe whipped micheal's butt, told him no, made him stop playing so he could herease,....But, look at the big picture those boys names never appeared in the tabloid when they kids or about attending wild parties or having a bunch of babies all over kingdom come. no jail records, So in essence Joe did his JOB as a Father.... and if he didn't would they be famous today.... shucks raising nine kids is no picnic. So thanks Joe for being a stay around dad. whipping ass when you needed to... Micheal just didn't like himself look at his choice of friends...

1890 days ago


Silly girl should have Joe jackson throw her up against the wall cause she didn't write that comment good enough. Joe the uneducated womanizing brutal guy. The Brutal Joe who thought the way to control his son was to beat him. LaToya accused him of sexual assualt and physicial abuse. The man Michael tried to distant himself from most of his adult life was placed by the Greedy Jacksons ay Michaels Memorial right next to Michaels eldest son. Brutal Joe the man who beat the man in the coffin was seated next to the son of the man in the coffin. I vomitted at the site of that outrage.

1890 days ago


Never mind his business partner, JOE JACKSON IS A SLIME BUM.

1890 days ago


Chewy I pity you . You must be much like Brutal Joe to think its ok to beat your children. as long as they end up sucessful. Jon Gossilen you got something against homosexuals? Your comment only proves to your readers that you ignorant have a low self esteem, probably not sexual adept, prejudice and if you have any children God protect them from your ridicule. Joe would tell Michael that there where people in the audience that wanted to shoot him and if he didn't move fast enough they would kill him. This verbal abuse started when he was five years old.

1890 days ago


Joe Jackson is a life long criminal! He associates with nothing less. He should be in jail for the abuse he inflicted on Michael,and heavens know who else! I just hope the IRS get him like they did Capone! He is the poster child of mental illness as all the Jackson clan!

1890 days ago

Kelly T: Bill Hicks Fan, TMZ junkie    

WHAT?!?!? A convicted felon record producer? What would Suge Knight think? Next "scoop" you'll drop on us is that Biggie Smallas was a crack dealer or the members of Cypress Hill have smelled burning marijuana before! SAY IT AIN'T SO?!?!? Hollyweird is supposed to be the land of the righteous & true is it not? Oh wait... what? Oh, TMZ is just blowing smoke again. My bad.
I do love how you'll print a rumor one day "LA cops treating MJ case like murder" then state is as fact a few days later preceded by "we recently learned". Yeah. You did learn it... FROM YOURSELF! Goofballs.

1890 days ago


as the old saying goes "birds of a feather .........................................

1890 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Awesome job TMZ. The more dirt on Daddy Joe and his cronies the better. I don't think there are many on this planet that want him near those beautiful children.

What about some footage from the Vegas nightclub with Joe dancing with a crew of 20/30-somethins?

(ya, I know this is a pathetic post but it makes me ill every time I hear Joe say "Katherine and I should raise those (MJ's) children. He just wants money!)

1890 days ago


With all his money and fame all he wanted was the childhood that was robbed from him by his brutal Father. He was exposed to his brothers constant teasing about his nose, had sluts push upon him by his brothers and his FAther when he was very young. His brother where jealous of his talent. Joe would beat Michael to remenber that he was no better then his brothers everyone had equal talent. This everyone knows was not true. Michael was the only talent in that Family the rest are leeches. Maybe Joe will be able to sign Michaels children to a contract with his new venture. Joe will steal their souls and corrupt their spirits as he did Michaels. He will put them in their place with the crack of his belt.

1890 days ago

who the hell    

Who do you believe? I believe Michael who told the world that his daddy dearest beat the hell out of him after performances. As far as I am concerned it is Joe Jackson that is the crook the other guy did his time. Now the man thinks he is going to have a shot at turning MJ's babies into another MJ act. God I beg you protect those innocent kids from Joe Jackson!!!

1890 days ago


Big surprise....a couple of crooks dressed like pimps.............."wher da chillin's?".......... "We wants to puts dem on da stage"

1890 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Why when I look at that picture of those two I have this gut feeling they are going to car jack me and steal my wallet?

1890 days ago


Because chances are they would.......

1890 days ago


Former Lover of MJ's Dermatologist on Jackson Infertility @

Says that Joe Jackson damaged MJ's testicles TWICE while beating him

1890 days ago
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