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Joe Jackson's Partner was a Crook

7/16/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Joe Jackson's Partner was a CrookWe've learned Joe Jackson's business partner for his new record label is a convicted felon.

Marshall Thompson, who Joe famously introduced during a news conference a few days after MJ's death, served 366 days in federal prison back in 2001 after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit extortion in Illinois.

Thompson -- a retired cop -- conspired with active duty officers to sell police badges to various businessmen for $1,000 to $2,500 a pop.

According to federal docs, the businessmen bought the badges so they could get the perks of being a cop -- carrying a concealed weapon, parking in restricted areas and "receiving discounts for goods and services" ... we're guessing that includes donuts.

Before Thompson became a felon, he was a member of the Chi-Lites -- a band famous for "Have You Seen Her" and "Oh Girl" back in the '70s.


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Michael Jackson    

Sure, I wouldn't have a problem having those two nice older gentleman being on my business mgmt team steering my career and making difficult financial and legal decisions for me.

1926 days ago


Janet J. says things were missing from MJ's house right after he died?........Did anyone think of flipping LaToya upside down & shaking her out? No telling what she walked off with. Probably had a screw driver in one hand & a phone calling a moving company with the other........

1926 days ago


I am just saying... if his wife is almost 80- how old is he?? That earring has got to go!! he looks mena now, can you imagine what he was like, when Michael was younger. I bet he was a mean bastard.

1926 days ago


if that joe jacksonisnt careful someone will take care of him for good. old bastard cares about no one or nothing but lining his pockets no matter what he has to do, who he hurts, but he is too stupid to know the law is watching him along with lawyers and chidren services.

1926 days ago


Uh, Oh....and the OLD mighty Joe was worried about who was handling Michael's business affairs. He should of been worried about who he was doing business with. Oh, well let me see....maybe this guy (crook) was an advantage to him. I feel sorry for Joe (NOT!!!). He is disgusting and a poor excuse for a father. He tortured his own children as we see it lasted all through Michael's life. Shame on him!!! Maybe he'll go back to Las Vegas far away from Michael's kids so he won't have the chance to destroy any more kids!!!

1926 days ago

Michael Jackson    

If it wasn't for Joe Jackson MJ would be in the GHEETO of Gary, Indiana unemployed skanked out on drugs on his knee's blowing a bum for a can of malt liquer
His sisters would be hoes with 10 kids each with no daddy's around
his brothers would be dead or in jail

You the man Joe!

1926 days ago


The so called "media" please respect MJ, MJ's family and his kids. Please don't hurt them as you hurt MJ!!,2933,533104,00.html?test=faces

1926 days ago


Makes me wanna eat some chicken and wash it down with a quart of Olde English 800 malt liquor.

1926 days ago


Saw an interview yesterday with Joe where he said Katherine used to slap Michael more than he did. At least 3 Jacksons brokered interview deals for lotsa money this past week. Some Jacksons say they tried an intervention with MIchael; some signed a notarized statement they did not. They can't decide on burial. They can't decide whether to put the Jackson 3 on tour; they can't decide which church they should attend - Jermaine says Michael converted to Islam and the kids should too. Katherine wants Jehova's schooling. Some want to sue AEG; some want to work with AEG to produce videos and such of Michael's concert practices. Joe says no Neverland burial, never. Others say Neverland yes. Joe says he and Katherine are going to raise the kids together, feed them, get them in good physical shape and put them on tour. Other Jacksons say no to Joe. How can these children make sense of all this bitterness and exploitation within the family. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jackson 5 tour is cancelled because they 5 are fighting too much to tour.

1926 days ago


I bet both are respectful to women.

1926 days ago


Does this really surprise anyone? Joe Jackson looks, walks and talks like a real life P I M P!! It's no wonder he's living the high life in Las Vegas. Katherine, take those kids and run, run, run...There is someting very evil about this man.

He should win the award for the World's Scariest Grandpop

1926 days ago


Joe Jackson is nothing but a pimp who can hardly wait to get his hands on those little white kids. If you think Mama Jackson is going to help them out - just remind you how she turned her back on her own kids when he pimped them. That whole J.W. religious crap is nothing but another story. The whole f'ing family is out there selling themselves and their stories for a quick $.

1926 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Did any of the Jackson kids go to college?
I mean I will be lax here, community college or even an online degree?

1926 days ago


They make a pretty pair. Joe looks like a flaming homosexual on parade and the whole world knows he's wildly unbalanced and did such a destructive number on his kids. What an ugly creep! Or is it just an uncomplimentary photo of an aardvark? TMZ, did you get your photos from the zoo trip mixed up here?

1926 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Why when I see ANYONE from the Jackson family I get this gut feeling they are going to steal my wallet and then shank me?

1926 days ago
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