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Jackson Doc Talks Himself Into a Corner

7/16/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson DocWe've learned the doctor at the center of the investigation into Michael Jackson's death is in the cross hairs of the LAPD because of his own words.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray's statements to police on the Saturday following Jackson's death contained incriminating disclosures about his involvement. Some members of law enforcement are surprised he spoke in the first place and surprised at what he volunteered.

As we reported yesterday, the LAPD is already treating Jackson's death as a homicide and there have been multiple conversations between detectives and the L.A. County District Attorney's office, although the D.A. has not opened its own formal investigation.

And we've learned, although some of the toxicology results are not in yet, important test results already completed point to the anesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of death. Our law enforcement sources say the evidence is clear -- Propofol was the primary reason Jackson's heart stopped beating.

Dr. Murray's lawyer would neither confirm nor deny if his client administered Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

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but the Jackson's are going to sue the pants off of him!!!

Posted at 3:20AM on Jul 16th 2009 by Lori

There is no money to be made by the jacksons, this guy was broke before.

1896 days ago


Sneekers O'Toole.....stuff it where the sun don't shine.

1896 days ago


57. Good answer! MJ was dead without even knowing it already. He was doommed from the get go, whether he injected himself or not. The 911 call adds to it when the caller is asked by the dispatcher "Did anyone witness anything?" and the caller immediately asks the doctor "Did you witness anything?" No answer from the doc.. Did mike pass out on the bed or was he carried there by the two. CPR on the bed? Unless the mattress is made of solid wood, no way. I don't buy it. Too many wrong things that do not fit the incident. Thanks for that clarification. I still think that some how there will be finger pointing at the EMT workers for not evaluating the complete situation. The doc will go to jail if negligence is found. Too much of a high profile case and should set the groundwork for future incidents such as this.

1896 days ago


What happened to that guy Dr Tohme Tohme? He was also in the room when MJ died.

1896 days ago


In my English paper this morning we have a front page artical saying M.J. did father his kids as Tito Jackson said he did... even Blanket....I think all the Jacksons are on drugs those children are not even black (or maybe tito is blind) ..why the hell all this crap is still going on about the parents of the kids i'll never no...all they have to do is ask Debbie ..or maybe take D.N.A. from him an the kids .....but no i think thats an easy solution.. we all know that he never fathered any kids.. u Yanks are not that thick (or are u) a black man does not father 3 white kids.....

1896 days ago


As much as I love Michael....I can't help but feel a little sorry for Dr. Murray...his "opportunity of a lifetime" became his biggest nightmare! He has such an open friendly good face....this man really made some poor decisions and unfortunately he's going to have to fess up. Imagine the terror this man felt when he realized what had happened....the worlds greatest entertainer dead under his watch!

1896 days ago


It's interesting how everyone decides who MJ was...a person most people never met...and who's own family didn't know intimately. He was a human being, not some angel or gentle soul with one foot in heaven while on earth. He made mistakes. He did things he shouldn't have and paid the biggest price...his life..

The facts is if you do drugs long enough, you will die. Why is it always everyone elses fault? As far as the accident in the 80's, that's a convenient excuse. Many of us have had accidents or surgeries. We get treated with drugs for a period of time and we get off them. The decisions that killed MJ were his own. Isn't it time we took responsibuility for our own actions? Stop pointing the fingers at everyone else. MJ was hooked on drugs and he died...another E Hollywood story...Marilyn, Elvis, MJ and countless others.

1896 days ago

Australian Mum    

I hear the hammer coming down and the judge declaring a verdict of "GUILTY"!!

1896 days ago


Doctors take the hipocritical oath when they graduate. Greed takes over what might be categorized as the midlife crisis of the carreer. This is when they forget that oath and bank at all cost. He needs to fess up and deal with the consecuences. Yes, he might have contributed to MJ's death and he'll have to live with the knowledge that he did. However, it's still a criminal act to prescribe or induce a drug to a patient that it's solely mandatory to be administered in a hospital under constant supervision.

1896 days ago


If MJ used Propofol for an extended length of can bet that his tissue and toxicology reports are going to support that plenty. Prolonged use will be readily ascertained with these tests.

1896 days ago


Sorry, no sympathy here. I was completely creeped out by the life-sized boy dolls at Neverland! WTF?? I believe the testimony of the two boys who dared to speak out. They/their parents chose large financial settlements as a better choice than having their boys have to testify in open court.

Many of us have survived horrific events in childhood, yet chose the higher path. I have NEVER struck a child or a pet -ever. I am happy to say the my three younger brothers also broke the cycle of abuse, and are great Dads.

1896 days ago

TM in LB    

Why did Michael Jackson like K-Mart so much? Because boy's pants were half off.

1896 days ago


I read in the paper this morning that there thinking that it is murder, because his house had video a good video srveillance wich was on 24 hours a day and they said all questions will be answered in they see the tapes. The video tapes registrated what happend that day and a source told the national enquirer that the tapes are missing and that there are black holes in the video material wich also maby restrated on a computer. Anyway so is it murder? I think this Doctor is quilty and so are the others its does stink the whole thing. And I am sure that MJ could never had done all those 50 concerts. I mean come on 50 concerts that not normal. I hope they find out what realy happend that day and what or who killed MJ.

1896 days ago

TM in LB    

A Powerful Message from Stevie Wonder On Michael Jackson’s Death… ....... .. … … .. ….. .. . . … . . . . . .. . .. …. .. .. . … .. ... ... .. ... .. ... ... .... ...... ... ... ... .... ..... .. . .. . . … .. . . . .. ... . .... ... .... .... ... ...... .... .... .... .... ..... ..... .. . . .... .... . .. . . .. . . . ... ....... ... ... ... .. .. ....... ... .. .... ... ... .... .... . .. .. . .. .... .. . . . . . .. .. … .. .. .... .. ... .. ....... ...... ..... Deep stuff, eh? I nearly cried when he said “. .. . . . .. .. … .. .. . .... ....”

1896 days ago


MJ had drug abuse issues, and now the family and the public want to rightfully nail the dr. The doc should have thought about the ramifications of being bought ahead of time. You should only be able to get serious injections in a hospital setting but not at home when ever you want them (unless your under Hospice care). Where were all of MJ's friends back when he was showing up to court in his PJ's??? People can be so sickening.
I say the doc should be punished if the court finds him guilty.

1896 days ago
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