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Jackson's Mom Keeps Option Open to Contest Will

7/17/2009 9:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's mother Katherine filed legal papers setting the stage for a fight over the singer's estate.

Katherine's lawyers are not willing to accept that the will presented by Michael's lawyer, John Branca, is valid. In the papers, Katherine's lawyer writes about the "purported will" Branca filed.

Katherine's lawyers note that the 2002 will has a "no contest" clause, meaning anyone who mounts a legal fight over the will gets nothing.

Katherine's lawyers want a judge to decide if that clause would apply if she fights the appointment of the executors under the will.

Katherine's lawyers are hedging their bets, saying they are "continuing to collect and review relevant information."


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Please Diana R. make a move and stop this mess ;-)

1933 days ago


Sounds like that, Child beating Joe Jackson has his in hand in the cookie jar with Kathern

1933 days ago


Please just give it a rest. There is a will and for the lack of another, honor it, just of greed coming out now!

1933 days ago


I wonder if the will can be thrown out, since he could of been under the influence, so he might not of been in the right state of mind. There has be a legal clause some where.

1933 days ago


Mama Jackson was quick to dash to the courts to to try an get a legal hold on Michael's estate claiming no will was available. Now she's making a dash back to the courts to try again to get her paws on Michael's estate but first she wants to make sure that she won't suffer the No Contest clause? That is so sad :( Money hungry just like the rest of them. Get those poor kids to a loving family who will love them for themselves, NOT for how much they might be worth !

1933 days ago



1933 days ago

Billie Jean    

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>And the other shoe has dropped......the sideshow begins..................Is he buried yet? or still in the basement?

1933 days ago


Mama Jackson may be a Jehova witness, and she may have raised all of her kids as Jehova witnesses, but we all know the end result, she never did have a backbone against the likes of Joe Jackson. It does not matter if she walks around the neighborhood proclaiming her devotion to Jehova, her devotion was to Joe and she let Joe abuse and dominate the family horribly, she may be devout but she will screw it up for Micheal's kids again because Joe is still in control.
She will run the business to the ground like she did with the bankruptcy because Joe had his hands in it. They always have to live beyond their means, everything is for show, instead of being a true believer in Christ , Katherine the almighty dollar the "King" and lost control of her good sense. (she really never had any senseletting Joe touch her)

1933 days ago


Sounds like something a Jackson member would do. The family is all about how much money they can get. Instead of thinking about her son she's thinking about her self again. Michael was clear with what he wanted...I wish they would just accept it! Those poor kids...I'm sure they can't wait until they turn 18 so they can live a normal life, insead of with the Jacksons...Debbie Row would have been any better.

1933 days ago

welc ome    

The only way to protect those children's interest is for Debbie to go and get them away from her. Katherine wants to get her hands on the way the childrens inherietence is divied up.

1933 days ago


Maybe Katherine knows something we don't know. She never struck me as a money hungry person. I doubt Joe Jackson could talk her into looking like a greedy idiot in front of the whole world in open court. People need to keep an open mind, and quit being so quick to judge. She may be contesting the will because Branca was only re-established EIGHT DAYS BEFORE MICHAEL JACKSON DIED. Doesn't anyone else find that strange? Coincidence? I bet Katherine doesn't think it is.

1933 days ago


meant to say Debbie Row would NOT have been any better

1933 days ago

just curious    

I don't blame her why let strangers get his estate, better to keep it in the family.

1933 days ago

welc ome    

He was re-established because MJ needed a laywer for his tour. And all those people who labeled Debbie Rowe as money hungry, Cash cow. Now we see True colors here. She won't let the media tramble her. Good for her. But OMG Katherine Jackson takes the cake here.

1933 days ago
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