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Second Worker Dies -- Madonna Breaks Down

7/17/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna took a moment during her concert in Italy last night to pay tribute to the two men who died constructing her stage in France earlier in the day.

Madonna cried as she called the loss "tragic" and said she was "devastated to be in any way associated with anyone suffering."


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60. She is so stupid. She is not a good person and a horrible mother.
Posted at 12:13PM on Jul 17th 2009 by Tammy

Unless you know her very personally, you wouldn't have any idea what kinda mother she is. From
what I have heard and read, she appears to be a great mother.

Now some idiot who would say such a mean thing about someone they don't know, that
sounds like someone who is not a good person!

How many charities have you given millions to, as Madonna has?
Didn't think so!

1891 days ago


Sugarbee....Good points! It's about time good people start challenging these small minded people and letting them know that their hatred, unsubstantiated facts and immature mean-spirited attitudes will no longer be tolerated in society! Everyone IS entitled to their opinions, but when they're spewing hateful comments as facts and wishing undeserved harm on others, that goes beyond free speech and will no longer be tolerated! Good IS stronger than evil! :-)

1891 days ago


why is this no-talent in the rock & roll hall of fame? Hall of shame would be more like it.

1891 days ago


She is probably worried about her liability and how much dosh she may have to shell out

1891 days ago


Madonna please go away WE (The World) HATE you!

1891 days ago

chicken head    

SHE CRIED BECAUSE SHE WILL LOOSE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1891 days ago


Why the F is everyone clapping over 2 dead people? People in this world are really freaky!

1891 days ago


Madonna....... for heavens sake give it up.........Your washed up...even your husband couldn't stand you anymore...!

1891 days ago


It is not her fault that this happened. It was an accident. The people are cheering that she is recognizing the people that died. Yes, I would prefer it if she didn't stick her "cooch" out so much, but as far as this specific situation, I think it's unfair to criticize her.

1891 days ago


Too bad she wasn't on it when it collapsed....

1891 days ago


omg i never heard such bad comments about madonna B4....what the hell did she do so wrong? i guess its because shes rich and famous that these losers wanna judge her so critically!! i am realizing how bad these stars must have it, i always thought just because they have money nothing could ever hurt them..but now i the meaning "more money more problems" why do people have to be so freaking judgemetal...i would like to see what they have done so good in there lives that they can talk crap about such a very talented person who has acheived many things in her lifetime!

1891 days ago


Oh dear.... Here we go. Madonna's "heart goes out" to the families does it? Wow! That's a newsflash TMZ. Madonna has a heart!

Too bad it wasn't working when she ignored the please of David's Dad and just used her $$$$ and influence to adopt him anyway. That's also what she did when she adopted Mercy. I guess her heart was just what - MIA when those things happened? To posters who say "you don't know her so how'd you know she's not a good mother" - puhleeaze. Would you adopt a kid from a 3rd world country and send your assistant to "pick the kid up"? Would you deliberately and knowingly go AROUND the laws of that country to adopt? Would you be claiming you couldn't stop crying over MJ's death and then be photographed laughing your head off? Get real people. She's not a feminist. She's no longer an artist of any note. She's a FREAK.

She's "devastated" but the show goes on?

Why doesn't she age gracefully and simply retire? It's not like she needs any more $$$ or anything. Somebody just tell her to grow up or SHUT UP.

1891 days ago


Why does this article keep getting bumped back to the top of the TMZ headlines? Is this such a big deal? Or is it just a slow period between Michael Jackson headlines?

1891 days ago


Yeah...she's devastated. Maybe she should retire out of respect for the fallen stage hands and the terrible loss that their passing means to society.

One of them just might have cured so much...

1891 days ago


I I speak for everyone when I say "F you Madonna!" She buys her kids like Michael Jackson did, leaves them with nannies to trot around the world like she is still relevant and spread her legs. She has no soul so she buys kids to fill that hole. She is revolting and old and her songs have always sucked, not to mention she can't sing! Her husbands hate her and so does her transsexual daughter! We all hate you honey. Go crawl in a hole somewhere and croak!

1891 days ago
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