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Jackson Guardianship Hearing Delayed

7/17/2009 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe guardianship hearing in the Michael Jackson case has been postponed ... and our sources say the delay is because Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe are close to a settlement.

The hearing was set for Monday, but is now delayed to August 3.

As we reported, lawyers for Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have been hashing out a settlement and we're told an agreement is on the horizon. The discussions, we're told, is amicable and it involves the children -- not money.

Sources say it looks like Debbie Rowe will not object to Katherine getting custody. As for Rowe, she had an agreement with Jackson that was signed several years ago that gave her an undisclosed sum of money spread out over a period of years. That agreement survived Jackson's death and is unaffected by custody issues.

The court ruled Katherine will continue on as legal guardian until the hearing on August 3.


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Ok.. I am a Michael Jackson Fan, but seriously this has jus gone over the edge. These stories keep repeating themselves.

I am beginning to think that Michael is alive and will be performing with the Jackon Family in the Bahamas.. And that's why everything is delayed. He staged all this for our benefit for the publicity. He's been in the news for 3, no 4 straight weeks! EVERY DAyY!

That is a record! I mean, come on!

Like I said I am a fan.. I just want some cold hard facts.. not repeats..

I will wait for the news that he is alive and on stage with the Jacksons in sunny Bahamas!

1902 days ago



Is It True That Katherine Is Senile ? When Was The Last Time She Spoke On Tape ?

Which of The Jackson Family Members Live With Katherine ?

Every Single Member of The Jackson Family Has Bled Michael Dry For Years EXCEPT JANET !!!

Note To Janet:::: Save Those Kids From Your Blood Sucking Family !!

1902 days ago


Too funny...Rowe: sold the kids Michael Jackson was under the influence of drugs the entire life of these kids. Janet gave up a child for someone else to raise. Katherine was well aware of the abuse physical inflicted by Joe and did NOTHING. Kahterine has also filed for bankruptcy. NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE WITHOUT SERIOUS ISSUES. Welcome to the world of dysfunctional families.

1902 days ago


Thats so good.Its better to stay outside of court.Who knows how ugly this could have become.Do it for the kids.Keep them together,this way Blanket doesnt lose his brother and sister.Thank the lord.Always do it for the kids.

1902 days ago


Debbie Rowe is a no lip double chin douche that cares about nobody but her horses and Dr. Klein those to deserve each other there both con-artists.

1902 days ago

Hows Rummy Doing Cons    

Not since ROOTS has an ugly white woman sold her two Black kids for money! Rowe is a PIG!!!

1902 days ago


Where do you get all this MJ stuff?

1902 days ago

carlos cespedes    

Leagal issuies complicating and interfering with love and families,this kids will be more in their own environment in the jackson family,
Debie is just an agent is not a real mother who made kids in a love relation she made the kids in business or whatever you want to call it and for sure she gave out her rights.This is It! everybody wants a piece of the cake.Just follow the money to find the truth.It is human this kids with the jackson family.

1902 days ago



1902 days ago


Yay! The kiddos stay Jacksons and Debbie goes away (hopefully for good this time). If it went the other way, MJ would probably come back from the dead to rescue them! Perhaps that is why Debbie is not persisting . . .

1902 days ago

Billy Bogart    

Kashrine only wants those WHITE kids for exploitation and abuse. Pretty sick lot those jacksons....

1902 days ago

Jesus juice    

Oh PLEASEEEEEE stop with the MJ stuff already. Bottom line...the man was a junkie. Yes, the doctor(s) involved were just a part of this for ENABLING him. Can you imagine the kids though for living their lives with a drug addict??? They will be permanently scarred. Who knows WHAT went on behind closed doors when he went through withdrawal etc....whenever he couldn't get his fix. And what about possibly the whole time he spent with them....was it HIGH???? DISGUSTING!!!! No kudos for Debbie Rowe for most likely knowing that this man was a drug addict and allowing those kids to grow up in a drug addict household, and then alowing some old woman in a wheelchair to raise your own flesh and blood. I'm thinking DNA tests need to be in order. And I guess the only good thing out of it is that Old man Jackson is most likely salivating...thinking he can get a buck out of the new Jackson 3. SICK!!! While I admit, I remember listening to his first album while crusising around in my girlfriend's car at the age of 17, I NEVER bought one of his albums. Saw the sic k looking sores on his one leg the other night on the news......looked like gangrene/staph had set in from the retards use of drugs. WHATEVER. Drop it already....again, bottom line, he WAS A JUNKIE AND HIS KIDS? ARE going to be basketcases.

1902 days ago

Jesus juice    

# 32....didn't read your post until after I posted mine...........I agree....what a sick, twisted family!!! ALL of them. I bet those kids aren't even biologically related to Debbie Rowe OR MJ.

1902 days ago

MY offer is    

fans need proof that he paid his us copies.PUBLIC RECORDS also property tax,capital gains,ect

1902 days ago

MY offer is    

gross income compared to % to donations.???

1902 days ago
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