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OctoMom's Kid Rushed to Hospital

7/17/2009 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. County Fire officials tell TMZ one of OctoMom Nadya Sulemen's children was just rushed to the hospital.

We're told a two-year-old male was vomiting after ingesting an unknown substance.

He was transported to St. Jude Medical Center.

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I guess Children's Services won't finally intervene until one of this stupid bitch's kids are dead. Shame on them. It's obvious she is unable to properly care for these children.

1921 days ago


I just pray that the baby is okay...God heal him now!!..Amen

1921 days ago


I hope and pray that the baby will be ok.

1921 days ago


maybe the kid munched on one of the baby's poop balls thinking it was a peice of chocolate!

1921 days ago




1921 days ago


That didn't take long, but it is tang too long for these children to be placed into a safe environment and not with this unfit nut.

1921 days ago


CPS needs to take these kids away from her fast. First one kid chases his grandmother with a steak knife and now another ends up in the hospital after ingesting an unknown substance. Whats gonna happen next?

1921 days ago


Leave the woman alone. If any of you are a parent , you know, with all your good intention , accidents happens. If you are not going to help than fine, that your right, but let the woman live her life and raise her her children.

1921 days ago


Shame on some of you- This is an innocent little child- Some of you are SO COLD HEARTED!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you even know what compassion is- I hope and pray that this child will be ok- Unbelievable how so cold hearted some people are in this world- Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1921 days ago


Is anyone really surprised by this? I'm sure this will be a very dramatic episode of her reality show in a few months. The really sad part is this managed to happen even though she has a film crew at her house and an army of nannies - can you imagine how many of the kids would be dead or maimed if it was only her caring for the kids? IF she can allow something like this to happen with nannies and an entire film crew on hand I can only imagine how bad thing would be if it was only her trying to care for her litter of children. This woman is just disgusting and I will never watch the freakshow on TV.

1921 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

People who know Marianne Chtter Chatter know that I'drather cut off my left hand than say something bad about someone, but I have to say this: The Octomom is a freak who probably fed her child drain-o to get in the new. I mean that in the kindest way possible and I wish them all well, but I had to say it.

1921 days ago


Keep poisons and chemicals put up retard! Why dont you have a few more? I hope the kid is ok, but Holy Crap! I guess the only way to get anything is to have a million freakin kids and get on TV and she who gives a damn! the neighbors down the street from me also has a child that went to the hospital. How come that didnt make the news?

1921 days ago


She and the doctor involved in her in-vitro fertilisations should be prosecuted if we're going to prosecute doctors for dealing drugs. Neither she or Kate Gosselin deserve monetary attention they are receiving for (voluntarily) having litters of human offspring.

1921 days ago


She's so psychotic she could have made the kid swallow something herself. Writing a story about a Beverly Hills girl whose mother did just that (won't say what it was and its a background part of the story Cutting Confessions) and this witch is way off balanced. I'd really like to see her in jail anyway or at least be forced to pay back the money she swindled from various state agencies that was supposed to be for her kids care and instead spent it on insane plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie, getting her nails done and all sorts of other crap-not to mention that jerk Beverly Hills doctor and her baby implants. She's a completely useless human being. Whatever happened to the hearing where Gloria Allred was trying to act as the kids financial guardian so she doesn't spend the money on herself?

1921 days ago


They should make a reality show and on each episode it shows a different man living for one month in the house with Nadya and her 8 kids as the stand in dad.

Call it

Whos Your Daddy?

1921 days ago
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