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Settlement Near in Jackson Custody Case

7/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're told lawyers for Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson are working out a custody settlement and the discussions are amicable. One source connected with the case tells us, "It should be settled very soon."

Micheal Jackson's KIds
As for what they're discussing, our sources say the custody of the children -- not money -- is the issue on the table, but that it looks pretty clear Katherine Jackson will end up with custody, assuming the judge goes along. As for what Debbie Rowe wants ... we're told she too is interested in making sure the children are okay.

We're told Rowe is still collecting money from an agreement she and Michael struck several years ago, around the time of the child molestation trial. That agreement was drafted so it will survive Michael's death.

As for additional money, we're told Rowe is not requesting that. In fact, our sources say lawyers for Jackson's estate have not even been consulted about the discussions between lawyers for Katherine and Debbie. If there were any issue of additional monies, the estate lawyers would have been consulted.

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53. Elizabeth - TMZ has your phone number!?! Look out, I think I just saw a camera flash coming from one of your air ducts! Get out, get out now while you still have a chance!

Posted at 4:22PM on Jul 17th 2009 by Deb

Fame comes with the territory. I gave it up.

1870 days ago


I WILL PRAY JOE JACKSON HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE SWEET KIDS. He is the reason Michael turned out the way he did. He is an awful human being.

1870 days ago


I feel bad for the kid called Blanket. First, they name you Blanket. Then they make you wear a mask for the first 7 or 8 years of your life. You don't know your mother and your father looks like a white woman and has a detachable nose. You aren't allow to go to school and hang out with other kids. Then your crazy looking father dies of a drug overdoses and your about to be handed off to Joe Jackson who beat the hell out of your father for about 15 years. For the next 10 years you'll be looking at some guy screaming Blanket at you while he beats you senseless. Your real biological mom doesn't want you to caller her mom and is trying to scam your relatives out of money. No doubt your relatives will figure how to spend the money your father who was called Wacko Jacko left you before your 18th birthday.

1870 days ago


no more birthdays or any celebration for those kids!!Debbie step in and get your kids!!!!!!!!!!

1870 days ago


Whenever they say "it's not about money", guess what?

It's about the money!!!

1870 days ago

First whores!    


1870 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Holla! It's about money. Please don't fool yourselves. It's not about custody and I doubt it's even about old man Jackson being "around" the kids, which he will be. I am sure he's not running around beating people. So again I repeat, momma needs to get a paycheck. The lawyers' conference call will get it all settled in a very gentlemanly fashion. And then send their bill to the Jacksons. And momma goes away. Get it?

1870 days ago

Go Katherine! Go Katherine! Go Katherine! Go Katherine! haha    

GO KATHERINE!!!!!! ;) GO KATHERINE!!!!!! ;) GO KATHERINE!!!!!! ;) GO KATHERINE!!!!!! ;) GO KATHERINE!!!!!! ;) !!! LMAO!

1870 days ago


Elizabeth - You are right, only you know if what you are saying is true or not. I am just jealous because I thought the voices only talked to me.

1870 days ago


Whatever anyone wants to believe is an entitlement. What is the truth is from God. Call me what you will, put down who I am, copy and paste me into another person's post to look as if I wrote it. I am a very happy soul when it comes to truth. That is all that matters on this earth. The rest of the bs never will be worth much.

1870 days ago

Very Proud    

I thought I heard on CNN - That a Chauffer drove Michael and Geller to a convention on Cloning......

The chauffer said he thought Michael had gone through with him being cloned.

When was that? How long ago?

Maybe Blanket is really MJ's Clone!!!! Just a thought. Maybe that is why there is no mother listed on the birth certificate.

Who really knows these days what money can buy you.

1870 days ago


[34. I would assume the reason she was paid large sums of money was for her to disappear and shut up!]

A few weeks(?) after the Paris was born (the one that MJ grabbed from the hospital and took home) MJ had DR meet the kids and get photos taken with them, including of them all together, so that in future when the kids asked about who was their mother that he would have pictures of their mother for them. Seems to me he acknowledged that sometime in later years they'd know who DR was and be curious and he wanted them to have the photos of her holding them and playing with them as babies. Thats not exactly making her disappear.

1870 days ago


For one thing Debbie Rowe is after money. The second time she sold the kids to michael she had already been paid, it is so strange how people can now believe that Michael is still paying her spousal support 10 years after they got divorce. They are calling the money she is getting part of that settlement. DEBBIE ROWE IS SELLING THE KIDS AGAIN, THIS TIME TO MICHAEL'S MOTHER. IT IS SO FUNNY THAT PEOPLE BELIEVE ANY AND EVERY THING ABOUT THE JACKSONS BUT SOME OF YOU BELEIVE DEBBIE ROWE, COULD IT BE THE COLOR OF THE SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1870 days ago


I honestly don't know who is best to raise the kids because I don't know any of the people involved. I just hope they grow up happy and well adjusted, although I think that is a daunting prospect when faced with the dysfunctional Jackson family. I also think it would be extremely difficult for them if they went to live with Debbie because I doubt any judge is going to give her Blanket, too, and splitting them up would cause more harm than good. I dunno...

1870 days ago
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