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Why is Michael's Mom Mounting Legal Challenge?

7/19/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's MomSources connected to Michael Jackson's family tell us some family members as well as lawyers for the estate are ticked off at some legal eagles who may be trying to start a legal war.

Attorneys Londell McMillan and Burt Levitch do not represent Michael's estate -- they represent Katherine Jackson personally. They filed legal papers Friday asking a judge to rule if Katherine can object to the appointment of the executors named in Michael's will and still collect the money her son left her.

Here's the issue. There's a "no contest" clause in the will, meaning anyone who files objections to the will automatically gets no money. McMillan and Levitch want to know if the "no contest" clause would apply if Katherine only objects to the executors Michael chose.

Here's what's bugging some family members and the lawyers representing the estate ... the will gives Katherine 40% of Michael's estate, so she can't be upset about that. The will names Katherine guardian for the children .. again, that's what she wants. And the named executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are Michael's longtime, trusted advisors and friends.

So why would Katherine object to the will or the executors? A lot of people who are in the middle of it all feel Katherine is being manipulated and doesn't really understand the implications of mounting a legal challenge.

So why are McMillan and Levitch kicking up dust?

Stay tuned...

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Enough with the Michael Jackson "news".

1920 days ago

The Clergy Ark    

Let the man moon walk in peace.

1920 days ago

Cam Hamon    

Branca was only hired by Michael days before he died. I dont think they were friends. Michael has fired him several times.

1920 days ago

welc ome    

Isn't aksing if that applies , challenging the will. good gawd Kathrine. Hope you don't get a Judge in a bad mood.

1920 days ago

Sean Rules    

The Jackson family are all vultures.

Michael should have given his estate to his kids and friends and let his money hungry family sit an watch with NOTHING.

1920 days ago


If she contests anything - ANYTHING - she should get nothing! The 'No Contest' clause is there for a reason, respect the wishes of the deceased - or else!

1920 days ago


Seems to me like the Jackson camp is more concerned with the will, money, etc... than Debbie Rowe is...
Let her have the kids, Katherine can keep her 40%, and everyone else can blow...If Katherine is being guided in the wrong direction due to the clause in the will, then that one is on her...She certainly seems capable of finding counsel that will not try and manipulate the situation...
Hey Harvey, what ethical ramifications are involved for whatever idiot lawyer is feeding Katherine full of crap?...

1920 days ago


Hey #5,
Branca was named an Executor when the will was drafted in 2002...Genius...

1920 days ago


I think there is joe jackson behind that . the kid should get everything and some of michaels organisations for lost children should get the money and nobody else.

1920 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Appears Mikey didn't love his kids, otherwise he would have dumped all drugs.

1920 days ago


The 'No Contest' clause is there so it’s crystal-clear what Michael wanted, otherwise the clause wouldn’t have been there. I don’t think any judge ignores that so everybody should just accept the will as it is written and stop questioning Michael’s final wishes.

1920 days ago


Papa Joe is probably behind her ass..manipulative bastard,i know how men like this hungry good for nothing flop of a man..She's been so far one of the silent ones after MJ's death,which is understadable yet Papa Joe has jumpedat every chance to be in the publics eye,i reckon he's either threatening her..look at the man..thtdisgusting smurk on his face in his public appearances and interviews pffff...he'sthe type of manthat shows the word a different story but behind closed doors he's a devil..he accused katherine of smackin MJ morein his iterview..yeah right,if that's the case MJ wuld've mentioned this in the interviews he did,not once have i heard him say anything negative about his mother..only about hiis evil father..make me sick when i see Joe sitting there laughing i wanna throw my remote at the tv..poor thing for sure is thank ggod he didnt out his fathersname in the will,i only feel sorry fo rKatherine,its alot to handle especially with such a domiinant manipulative man controlling her..i know they are still scared of him..i know what it feels like,i've been through similar things like Michael..Michael will not be in pecae till his kids are attended to till the judge makes the final decision,as for the money and estate i know as long as Mjs kids are taken care off he will be happy Michael was always a giver,and still after this tragedy he's still my opinion i always thought Janet should take care of the kids..even Jermaine,to me Janet,Jermaine and Katherine are the only genuie ones fromthe family,decent and loving and cared alot about me they were and still are the only ones who believed in Mj through the bad and good,they encouraged him and supported him..God Bless them..and i'm prayng for Michaels 3 beautiful children...Love from Australia

1920 days ago


It would seem that Katherine and Michael shared a very strong element of their character together. They are/were both easily manipulated.

1920 days ago


I think that Katherine doesn't have a clue what is going on OR she is very greedy. She has been awarded 40% of the estate which is equal to the 40% that Michaels 3 adorable children will recieve combined AND she has been designated as the person that Michael wanted to see have custody of his Children. If awarded custody of the Children she will effectively control 80% of his estate. WHAT MORE DOES SHE WANT????

1920 days ago


I happen to like Katherine Jackson. But Keith #14 is right. Branca and McClain will run the estate so that it gets the maximum amount of profit. Katherine Jackson knows nothing about this, and I doubt any lawyer knows more than Branca when it comes to this kind of estate. Branca is the lawyer that brokered the Sony catalog for God's sake! Katherine needs to back down and take care of the kids.

1920 days ago
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