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Why is Michael's Mom Mounting Legal Challenge?

7/19/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's MomSources connected to Michael Jackson's family tell us some family members as well as lawyers for the estate are ticked off at some legal eagles who may be trying to start a legal war.

Attorneys Londell McMillan and Burt Levitch do not represent Michael's estate -- they represent Katherine Jackson personally. They filed legal papers Friday asking a judge to rule if Katherine can object to the appointment of the executors named in Michael's will and still collect the money her son left her.

Here's the issue. There's a "no contest" clause in the will, meaning anyone who files objections to the will automatically gets no money. McMillan and Levitch want to know if the "no contest" clause would apply if Katherine only objects to the executors Michael chose.

Here's what's bugging some family members and the lawyers representing the estate ... the will gives Katherine 40% of Michael's estate, so she can't be upset about that. The will names Katherine guardian for the children .. again, that's what she wants. And the named executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are Michael's longtime, trusted advisors and friends.

So why would Katherine object to the will or the executors? A lot of people who are in the middle of it all feel Katherine is being manipulated and doesn't really understand the implications of mounting a legal challenge.

So why are McMillan and Levitch kicking up dust?

Stay tuned...

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welc ome    

If she is executor then she can do with family trust as she wishes. She can embezzel millions from the children.

1921 days ago


Well MJ clearly knew what he was doing when he had his will drafted. He named his executors because he trusted them. It's my understanding they had been in alot of business ventures together. MJ knew they could take care of his estate, thus provide for his children for the rest of their lives.

So, Katherine and her lawyers are playing with fire, by saying anything at all!
I mean a NO CONTEST clause is just that, right?
Reckon it's just plain old greed on her lawyers and probably some Jackson family members!
Good grief-- the jackson's and their executors would run that estate in the ground! Leaving the children BROKE!!!!!!!!!

Michael was no fool! Why do you think he left his family (other than Katherine) NOTHING???!!

Those pitiful children! I fear they are/will be exploited just like their father was!

1921 days ago


I dont really know if those lawyers were real MJ friends...

1921 days ago


I think joe jackson is behind all that mess and kathrine is manipulated by him. They should accept the will and not start fighting over it. Michael should rest in peace now and get buried. greetings from germany

1921 days ago

Joe Schmoe    

Don't you think that she wants to be an executor (or control who the executors are) so that they can all continue the disastrous and profligate spending lifestyle they've enjoyed for so long? Yes, she gets 40% of the estate, but how long before the estate is settled and she sees that money? He owed millions and millions of dollars to thousands of people. It'll be years before she knows what 40% of the estate is, much less receives it.

Puff daddy got his pimp stick out ready to beat her if she doesn't bring home the cash NOW! His 80 year old wrinkly butt's not gettin' any younger!

1921 days ago



1921 days ago


This is really a no brainer. It's Joe and the rest that want her in control so the rest of the family has money too.

She has a life estate- which means it goes back to the estate when she dies. She can' will the 40percent away and there might be stipulations on how she can use it now or if it comes in payments. Bottom line, who pays for the rest of the family when she dies? They are trying to set the rest of the family up for life even though Michael did not do that. They need to get freaking jobs.

1921 days ago


For all of the Jermaine fans!
Good grief-- He won't even support his own children. His mother does, she gets her money from Michael!
Jermaine --- I definitely would trust him the least!!!

1921 days ago


meant to say CAN't Will it away.

1921 days ago

to little    

LOL@ the Michael zone posting more articles with out any facts. You have to stay tuned to get the facts so why even write the srticle

1921 days ago


It's so obvious it's Joe Jackson and Jackson brothers and Latoya. This is disgusting.

1921 days ago


Lyn, what's not to trust about the lawyers for Michael? They didn't write themselves into the will did they?
The will sounds a lot like the way Michael was- he loved his mother and children but wasn't very close to the rest of the family. He pust it in a trust so it couldn't be squandered away. Smart man.
Who here has a motive? The Jackson, not the lawyers.
Sure they get paid but they get paid either way. The court is watching them so how are they going to be shady? It doesn't work that way.

1921 days ago


Money can drive some people
Out of their minds.....



1921 days ago


Wow... this is plain greed on the Jackson part. Branca is a long time lawyer/confidant of MJ. He had been giving him great advise, 1.i. e creating the making of the video Thriller to pay off the cost of the video production which was over $1M...also he facilitated the ATV catalog purchase. He's been with MJ and knew the business well. I think MJ had a promonition that he reinstated Branca as his lawyer a week or so before his death.

She wants to know if the she will lose her inheritance if she contest the "no contest will" ???? wow...I hope the judge follows the wishes of MJ. May he rest in peace!

1921 days ago


I don't understand why she is doing this. What part of a "no contest" clause in the will, meaning anyone who files objections to the will automatically gets no money does she not understand? Do as the Will states and get what you get or get nothing at all if you object. Seems simple enough to me. So sad all this bickering, I pray peace comes soon to everyone...

1921 days ago
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