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Why is Michael's Mom Mounting Legal Challenge?

7/19/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's MomSources connected to Michael Jackson's family tell us some family members as well as lawyers for the estate are ticked off at some legal eagles who may be trying to start a legal war.

Attorneys Londell McMillan and Burt Levitch do not represent Michael's estate -- they represent Katherine Jackson personally. They filed legal papers Friday asking a judge to rule if Katherine can object to the appointment of the executors named in Michael's will and still collect the money her son left her.

Here's the issue. There's a "no contest" clause in the will, meaning anyone who files objections to the will automatically gets no money. McMillan and Levitch want to know if the "no contest" clause would apply if Katherine only objects to the executors Michael chose.

Here's what's bugging some family members and the lawyers representing the estate ... the will gives Katherine 40% of Michael's estate, so she can't be upset about that. The will names Katherine guardian for the children .. again, that's what she wants. And the named executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are Michael's longtime, trusted advisors and friends.

So why would Katherine object to the will or the executors? A lot of people who are in the middle of it all feel Katherine is being manipulated and doesn't really understand the implications of mounting a legal challenge.

So why are McMillan and Levitch kicking up dust?

Stay tuned...

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I hate k fed    

WHY? The lawyers representing Mrs Jackson want a legal challenge so THEY CAN GET PAID MORE MONEY. An estate worth approximately a BILLION dollars is at stake. I can't believe a gossip website run by a lawyer would ask such a silly question.

1925 days ago


This is the reality of the Jackson family. They saw Michael as a meal ticket. How can you say that you are a devout Christian and yet you can't make due with 40% of a billion dollars? If the Jackson's have their way Michael's children will be left with nothing. The state of California needs to assign a permanent state appointed guardian to these children and make sure that they are not being taken advantage of. You would think that Janet could step in to take care of them since she has $200 million and won't need to use them for money. Maybe one of his exes Brooke Shields or Liza Marie Presley can step in and take them since their mother seems to want nothing to do with them.

I just heard on television that Michael was going to bring his children on stage with him at one of his shows and present his children to the world for the 1st official time. It's so sad. I hope that everybody learns from this and really sits down and take the time to think long and hard about who you want to raise your children if something happens to you and be specific about how you want your children to be raised. I think this is a wakeup call to every parent out there to get some people in your life who are trustworthy and can step in your place if something should ever happen to you. This has opened my eyes for sure.

1925 days ago


Mementos of Jackson buried
Sunday, July 19, 2009 » 10:57am

Two vaults filled with stuffed animals, photos and other items in memory of Michael Jackson have been buried.

Two vaults filled with stuffed animals, photos and other items that were put outside Detroit's Motown Museum in memory of Michael Jackson have been buried.

'Detroit was where he was able to capture that star, hold it in his hand and put it in his heart and become who he became,' John Mason, a radio personality and Detroit Pistons announcer said at a brief remembrance at the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Police led a small funeral procession that included two hearses packed with items from the museum to the cemetery where there were two donated plots, vaults and a granite headstone engraved with a tribute to Jackson. About 40 people attended the ceremony.

Mason said the hundreds of people that gave flowers, letters, cards, photos and other items to a temporary memorial outside the Motown museum wanted to share 'pieces of our love for Michael.'

Many felt 'as if a family member... had died without us having a chance to say goodbye,' he said.

Tracy Fowlkes-Elijah, area director for Woodlawn Cemetery, suggested to museum officials that the items be buried at the cemetery because of its link to Motown and she wanted to see the mementos treated with respect.

'There (were) people there at the museum tending to this shrine... every day, fixing it,' she said. 'It's no different than when you see somebody that gets killed in a car accident and you see a shrine at that corner. People go where they feel they can memorialise.'

The 50-year-old Jackson died June 25 in California. He signed to Motown Records in the late 1960s with his brothers as the Jackson 5.

Woodlawn is the final resting place for several high profile musicians and public figures, including Rosa Parks, three original members of the Four Tops, Temptations lead singer David Ruffin and family members of Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder.

Again i ask why tmz have none of the stories up on the site..I'mstillwondering when MJ wil lfinally be rested..poor man

1925 days ago


To Chico...Amen

1925 days ago


29. Look Creepo - when a family member dies and you loved them - normally when you are grieving you go to the gravesite to feel a sense of closure - say a prayer and perhaps leave some flowers - it helps to get over your loss of their company - Michael's poor kids have no where they can go to get that - it's so selfish of the Jackson clan not to bury Michaels body for his kids sake -

1925 days ago


Clearly lawyers are involved. They are known to suck the flesh of the dead for nourishment. And the living.

1925 days ago


Wow, what a hypocrit. Does his muslim brothers know about this tidbit of video of their brother Jermane? Hey Jermane you got some repenting to doooooooo.

@28 WTF @ that time stamp? O.o it's Sun 3:30 AM EST by my time when you posted that... >.>

1925 days ago


I heard this scenario in another article, not sure from where, but that the family is upset with Katherine's lawyer Londell McMillan, as he seems to be the person trying to get Katherine to get more control and become executor. As it states in the will, the executor can name a replacement if needed, that Londell McMillan is trying to get Katherine to name him as the backup. Yeah in HIS dreams! Its already a long shot already; I mean Katherine has NOT even stated WHY she would object to the executors in the first place. She knew they worked for him in the past and have been appointed as executors in his previous wills...I would like to hear WHAT the objection is about....

I honestly think her lawyers are trying to pull the rug our from underneath her as the family (all of the siblings) were stated as saying that they did not like HER lawyers. Londell McMillan is a lawyer more infamous for handling all the "babby mama drama-I want alimony" cases....

She should leave this alone, or that "No Contest Clause" will get her and she wont know what to do to take back this objection and her lawyers split-What will she do then???

1925 days ago



1925 days ago

What Am I Missing Here    

Londell McMillan was Michael's attorney for a short time. He was hired by Raymone Bain, Michael's former publicist/manager. When Michael fired Bain he also fired McMillan. Bain went on and tried to sue Michael for $44 million in a bogus lawsuit shortly before Michael died.

Londell McMillan now represents both Katherine and Joe Jackson. McMillan knows there is no way Katherine can handle the estate herself if she became the executor and would have her name him instead. It looks like Joe and McMillan are using Katherine to get their hands on Michael's estate. It's doubtful Katherine understands what's going on.

1925 days ago


@32 LOL, Lisa Marie Presley? Are you kidding me? Lisa left Michael when he needed someone that loved him the most. She said in an interview that Michael was manipulative and didn't even want to have kids with him. Lisa just wanted to get into Mike's pants and 'pop of kings' the cherry, if yah know what im saying? I wouldn't trust any of that bunch with a goldfish... Praay for Michael's kids, pray that God will protect them...

1925 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#21 No brainer,and others,I TOTALLY AGREE.
When you say Katherine Jackson,it is reallyThe Jackson family is guradian of the kids and the
That 1 billion will be after all a few years off.Sooooo,40%of,lets say,right now,500 million =how much?
KJ willl divide her 40% with her 7poorer kids like Randy who is a mechanic.Janet is worth a few million.She better get married and have some babies.Does Joe Jackson's outside daughter get any?
G R E E D!!!!

1925 days ago


@28 WTF @ that time stamp? O.o it's Sun 3:30 AM EST by my time when you posted that... >.>

Posted at 3:52AM on Jul 19th 2009 by Dirty

I'm in Australia

1925 days ago


Money Grubber I agree with you...they are trying to be leeches and take Katherine as a fool.

This is sad to say, but I HOPE the judge DISMISSES this recent admission from her lawyers and reiterates the fact of the "No Contest" Clause so that stupid questions and crap like this cease.

The kids needs closure and need to bury their father and get on with their lives as they are trying to be normal-the Jackson family have other things to deal with...

WHY cant people leave what Micheal stated in his will as is? Greedy people can't let this man's fortune stand as he stated?

1925 days ago


Make no mistake Katherine wants to be the executor of Michaels estate because the family was suing Michael for $44 million - only 2 weeks before he died - Michael owns the house they live in - and they cannot get any money from the estate until its probated which will take quite some time - But if she was an executor she could get money for all the family to continue on being parasites on Michaels estate as they always have been - So that's why she wants to be executor -
Also make no mistake - once the autopsy results are given - Joe and Katherine will launch a lawsuit against AEG - for wrongful death and a civil suit against the doctors - they are money hungry - greedy parasites!

1925 days ago
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