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Chris Brown

Apologizes for Rihanna Assault

7/20/2009 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained a video of Chris Brown telling his fans how sorry he is over the Rihanna assault.

Chris Apology
Brown says he wanted to apologize earlier but couldn't on the advice of his lawyer.


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oh right he should of apologized for releasing those pictures of here naked. i hope someday something horrible and humiliating happens to him.

1918 days ago


Wow i cant believe what the world has come too this is just way too much how small minded people are and how they talk about others to make themselves feel better to put other people down i feel sorry for you i trully do because if thats what your life consist of is talking crap about people in the darkness of your room on ur computer than good luck with life you talk about black people and what they are doing but what are you doing everyone is their own person just because some people act like idiots doesnt mean thats how every black person is just like how there is a lot of white trash in this world who look disgusting and dirty doesnt mean all white people look like that i just cant believe that this is real. that people are really like this.. the world will end soon because of peoples mentality which is sad how could you have so much hatred for a person you dont even know because of the color of their skin something a person has no control over this will be my last time reading this my heart is broken by this the founding fathers would be disappointed ...see you all in hell

1918 days ago


it's time this story comes to an end.
im tired of hearing about it.

he hit her, he's sorry & i believe it.
so can ya get over it & stop slurping him ? thank you

1918 days ago


he said SORRY not just to rihanna but to evryone what more can he do? sorry is enough for me!

1918 days ago

B-Rad H    

I noticed it looked like he was reading cue cards too

1918 days ago


I understand the hatred for Chris and what happened, but it happens everyday to women as well as men. Not making any excuses, what he did was wrong. Children who grow up in violent homes, drug addicted home and so on think that is how life really is and most times raise their families the same way until someone with love in their heart teaches the right way. I grew up in a home just like that and I learned that we can Change. We can Stop the Violence. We can all learn from others mistakes. Who are we to stand in Judgement. God knows His heart and I pray for Chris as well as Rihanna. The bible says we are to Forgive. I am asking for everyone instead of hating start praying and start loving.

God Bless Everyone who reads this!

1918 days ago


sure sure, he is sorry!!! Looks like he was reading off the teleprompter. I dont believe one single word he said

1918 days ago


what a sorry excuse of a "man"...he is done! LOSER!

1918 days ago

jana lalewicz    


1918 days ago

Go Away    

Go lay by your dish.

1918 days ago


This sounds rehearsed...

1918 days ago


Chris Brown went out and bought himself a large "BLING" trinket to satisfy the whipping he took in the public eye. He is the lowest of low and his career shoud tank until he realizes what a low life punk he really is, but those that are narrssistic never do, There are far more better singers out there to listen to or buy their records. He belongs in jail!

1918 days ago


Does he REALLY think this joke apology changed ANYTHING?? What a punk; spouting insincere, meaningless drivel that he actually had to READ! He could not even speak from the heart! And you know why?? Because he is NOT SORRY except that he ruined his career! Punk a-- bit--! It is OVER, you are DONE, go AWAY!

1918 days ago


He shout get Bi*ch slapped for this sh*t WOMAN BEATER!

1918 days ago


alittle too late dont ya think, maybe it would have been more affective if it was right after it happened, and oh yeah not read off of cards writeen by his publicist

1918 days ago
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