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Chris Brown

Apologizes for Rihanna Assault

7/20/2009 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained a video of Chris Brown telling his fans how sorry he is over the Rihanna assault.

Chris Apology
Brown says he wanted to apologize earlier but couldn't on the advice of his lawyer.


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1881 days ago

Kenisha Tillman    

I can't believe that the majority of people on this site are criticizing Chris Brown. I think that none of you haters were there when the whole thing went down so no one can be sure of what really happened, unless you are Chris, Rihanna, or the investigators. On the same note I think no one would care if he wasn't a celebrity. And someone mention Micheal Jackson but everyone is forgetting he was accused of child molestation and look how many still loved him. I think Chris Brown is and always will be a great enterainer and as soon as he gets himself straightened out then he'll be fine. I honestly think that his apology was sincere. Like I said before no one knows what he's been doing since it happened and what further steps he has been taking to ensure that it never happens again. I feel as though all the promos he got taken away from him and not being able to perform and do what he loves was enough punishment for him and that he truly learned his lesson. But for all those out there that still want to cast stones at him I say go sit down somewhere. In fact the reason you probably have a negative opinion is because something in your life really sucks or you don't have one. I just think society's answer to everything is jail time.......not saying some don't need it, but sometimes those who go in end up worse when they come out. If people want others or those who have committed crimes to turn around from their "bad ways" then maybe it's time we stand behind those who take ownership for what they have done instead of criticizing them when it doesn't turn out how we would have liked it to. In closing I just want to point out to those who wrote negatively that number one never did he try to make an excuse for what he did, and two, not that I condone hitting a man or a woman but where does Rihanna get any blame in this. Let's not forget it was stated that she hit first. I say if she isn't upset then neither of you have a right to be. Chris just want to let you know that I am and always will be a fan. All I hope is that you continue to seek counsel and take it to heart. When you're ready I look forward to buying your next album and screaming your name at your next concert. Much Love.

1881 days ago


What if he did read the apology? He had a lot to say and he didn't want to forget anything. After all...........Rihanna is the one he needed to apologize to, not us.

1881 days ago


Once a beatter alway a beatter, you can never be sorry for laying a hand on a woman.
Dont waste your time Chris, face it you lost alot of fans you'll never gain, thats including me.

1881 days ago

OC Javier    

WHAT A HOMO!!! It's not his fault though. He probably got beat up every day growing up. That's why he beats women.

1881 days ago


An open letter to Chris Brown

your little hip hop friends do you no good when they tell you 'she deserved it', 'it wasn't your fault'
I can tell by the way you said her name you blame her for 'the incident'
The misogyny and disrespect of women in the Black community makes this okay
all the snickering of 'whoop that trick' even turning it into song

What you can Do - good news
come up with creative ways to address this attitude of misogyny, shedding light on this epidemic in the Black community
man up maybe it is your purpose to help

But first you must come to terms with that attitude that made you have so little respect that you left her unconscious at the side of the road.
This was a slap in the face to all women affected by this
Black women are so used to being degraded - they are your biggest apologists it is normalized in the Black community, always with an excuse

You cannot listen to your friends that tell you this was an ooops they will do you no good.

Rise above being the man child society sees Black men as who can't be held responsible for not controlling their rage

sincerely, once your fan and hope to be again

1881 days ago


omg here we go again.. im tiired of every1 goiing after chris brown.. yu ddnt kno dha truth behiind thiier siituatiion all yu kno iiz wat dha mediia tellz yu..iif iit waz sum rando, guy on the street beating on a women nobody wuld even care.. juzz becuz iit Chris Brown n Riihanna every1 wntz to get madd n turn their backs on hiim.. iif yu were a tru fan yu wuld support hiim iin hiiz tyme of need.. fyi iim not a fan of hiim ii juzz liik hiiz muziic && ii dnt b hiiz albumz eiitha

1881 days ago


DAng....Give tha guy a break. Its not like hes the only guy thats ever hit a girl. I mean everyone is making it a bigger deal than it really is. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with him hitting Rihanna but atleast he is being a man about it and realizes wht he did was wrong. He probably won't ever do it again after he knows now what the consequence is. No one is perfect you know. Everyone makes mistakes, this was his and he learned from it. Also, don't forget Bobby Brown hit Whitney Houston and almost everyone forgot about that. He even apologized. It might sound like it from the heart from some people bu that apology sounds REAL to Me. People just need to get over it and give him a second chance.I LOVE CHRIS BROWN AND I WILL BE A FAN FOREVER.IF NO ONE DOESN"T LISTEN TO HIS SONG ANYMORE I STILL DO AND I ALWAYS WILL. DON'T WORRY CHRIS YOU STILL HAVE ONE FAN FOREVER SO FORGET ABOUT ALL THE HATERS AND DO YOUR THING. MUCH LUV CHRIS.

1881 days ago


i agree with #'s one step forward.he's getting help.leave him along.

1881 days ago


He had such a squeeky clean image. Everytime I look at him now, I think of the police pictures of his beautiful girlfriend beaten to a bloody pulp.

All men who beat women apologize. It's part of the cycle.

Chris wants to make more albums and dance in more commercials, but the vultures are already circling around his dead career. He's needs to pack his fancy Louis Vitton luggage and dance his way back to obscurity. He's finished.

1881 days ago



1881 days ago


I LOVE U CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

1881 days ago

Alfonso Sanchez    


1881 days ago


You can put a tuxedo on a pig, but it's still a pig!

1881 days ago


You can put a tuxedo on a pig, but it's still a pig!

1881 days ago
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