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Chris Brown

Apologizes for Rihanna Assault

7/20/2009 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained a video of Chris Brown telling his fans how sorry he is over the Rihanna assault.

Chris Apology
Brown says he wanted to apologize earlier but couldn't on the advice of his lawyer.


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He is a joke.    

689. “Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!! That explains why 98% of you all voted for a party that created the KKK, wrote the Jim Crow laws, fought to keep segregation legal and also for the party that MLK hated. You do realize MLK was a Republican, right genius? LOL!!!!”

@Leroy…I’m not American (thank goodness). Furthermore, I don’t trust politicians. I don’t care what color they are. Alright smartass? LMAO!!

Posted at 2:05PM on Jul 22nd 2009 by Tres

If you aren't American, and you are in America, how about getting the h3ll out?

1922 days ago


"If you aren't American, and you are in America, how about getting the h3ll out?"


I don't live in America dumb ass!

1922 days ago


I recently saw on a nightly talk show.A segment on Michael Vicks and later a segment on the apology from Chris Brown. They believe Vicks deserves no playing in the NFL,again. Now,he served prison time,house arrest,lost basically everything.What he did was awful.Chris Brown,they feel he should be allowed to prove himself and continue with his career.He served no time,no house arrest and has all he had before the beating of a human being. What each of them did was awful.I do not believe in laying a harmful hand on a animal or a human being. But after watching that program I wondered what do we value higher animals or human beings. Do we value one human's life more than,another?Chris Brown cannot even say he is sorry from his heart in his own words.I saw him still out partying and living life big.Chris,you think that was what Vicks was doing behind bars?Now,Ican say I do not know if I ever saw Vicks play.I can also say I know not one song from Chris Brown. My statement here was and is based on the fact that one should be punished for life and one we should give a chance to.That is according to segments on the show I watched.Once again, I saw that EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL SHINE THROUGH.

1922 days ago


# 692 -hahaha yall ppl is crazy i will beat rihanna tell fah chris brown.she wrong.freak dha rest chris brown dha best.why do ppl hate so much dang yall need to mind yall own business.haha personally i do not care bout rihanna r chris brown r u ppl leaving des retared comments dey r yall aint puttin close on my body.haha.yall worried bout dha wrong thang own care if chris brown was reading it 4rm dha scrip he had dha balls tew get up der n read.kus i wouldnt even apoligize.stamped:dha baddest!!!!!!!

Instead of kissing Chris Brown's ass...why don't you go back to school, learn how to spell and how to right a correct sentence! CHRIS BROWN IS A DOUCHBAG MORON!! HIS MUSIC SUCKS!

1922 days ago

different kind    

I think chris brown is full of his self right now. He has a new album coming out so he doesn't want his fan rates to go down. He knew what he was doing he probably have hit rihanna before but there's really no telling. He lost everything else he don't want to lose that money! the whole video looked like it was a fake he looked like he was reading off of something he just crap once you hit someone that bad as he did rihanna(if that was his first time) he sure is going to do it again!

1922 days ago


This is really none of our business, but we seem to think so. Chris has already apologize to Rihanna and she already forgave him. Chris really didn't have to come out and apologize to us either.I guess some of us think we are GOD and have all power in our hands to make or break a person.KEEP DREAMING ON PEOPLE! Some of us never heard of Chris Brown until now and never listen to his music. Some of us sing his songs on the radio and dont even know its a Chris Brown song. Chris wrotes songs for other artists to. Chris sings with other artists on their albums to. Either way you will put Bread in his pockets. Money! Money! Money! Money! He really doesn't have to sing or dance anymore and still rack up, so his career is not over by a long shot. Acting career will continue no matter what. Chris can write songs and he is excellent at it. THIS IS A FACT NO MATTER IF YOU DONT LIKE IT. Artists will use his song/ buy, you will listen to it and he will rack up and make a profit period. Some of us need to stop lieing to ourselves talking about I'll listen to his music but not buy it.And by the way: People really think he would have someone else write his apology like his lawyer. NOW THATS FUNNY! GET A LIFE!

1921 days ago


Chris writes songs for other artists. (Correction) Sorry but that is a FACT. Even old school songs, the artists did domestic violence and etc... We still buy their music and listen to it as well. Yes I said you are a LIER! Stop waisting your energy holding grudges. Chris Brown is going to live his life regardless and he is not going to suffer not one bit.No! No !No! Stop waisting that energy for nothing. I guess the sales of his next album will prove that without a shadow of a doubt. Smile you are on candy camera!

1921 days ago


beside being a chris brown fan, i truly do belive that he very sorry for what he done.what i think everybody should do is just leave him alone,let him live his life.yes what he did was wrong, but at least he was man enough to not only aplogize for what he had done but he also amitted to what had happend instead of just saying "i didnt do nothing". so with all these "chris brown gave rihanna the swine flu" is just really stupid. so what people need to do is just stay of his d%#*k and get a life instead of getting mixed up with his,i mean while everybody lookin and watching what he is doing, what about rihanna? i really dont think he is just going swing off rih-rih just for no reason at all.they was driving and she was being an adverage female snapping off because saw that another woman had text him so she swung offf him! he's chris brown, what woman or girl would NOT text,call,chat or even twitter him?so if she wasent being such a black woman this would have never happen. i rather there be one beaten pop star and arrested pop male star then two dead smashed pop stars in the car.but dont get me wrong, as a chris brown fan im am very disapointed in what he did and truly hope that he wont never do this again. so i say this, i truly do love you chris brown and this is one chris brown fan that you will never lose
-kingurl93 chi-town baby

1921 days ago



1921 days ago


What a loser and a fake!@!!

1921 days ago


@Tres who responds to people she can't stand

Why do you keep following this commenter?Yes, SOME of what they say is ignorant and down right irrelevant to this topic.I think if you were to show this person how intelligent you were you would have done one thing:


1921 days ago


I believe Chris shouldn't have made an apology at all. It seems like he felt pressured to make the statements he did.He really does not owe his fans an apology for what he did to Rihanna ,it is not that serious.If he wanted to make his fans know that he cared about what they thought of him then why didn't he say this stuff in the April video with Bow Wow promoting his music?It makes him look really fake and also desperate for his fans to buy his music again.This is the worst tactic ever!His management is not so smart.Chris needs the common sense to know that when you do things at the wrong time it will either have no effect or a huge effect[terrible].If you really were a fan you would know that Chris wanted to thank y'all [during the week of his conviction]for uplifting him and supporting him during his rough time going back and forth to court dealing with his legal issues.

1921 days ago


""651. I think he wasnt thinkin at the minute it happen. But if he gets her back it would be some big changes in the both of them, i think they need to give one another one more chance. Love cant end that fast. Yal really did make a cute couple. Ill get back on that gurl!!! Like for real. But chris brown i was so like disappointed when i heard that i wanted to cry so bad. That actually touched my heart!!! PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER. JUST DO IT FOR ME.

Posted at 11:11PM on Jul 21st 2009 by lajuan feaster""""
This is why I SMH.You the poster is a complete moron.This is the most stupid comment I have ever read in the history of blog comments.Reading that from you should be very ashamed.You said Rihanna and Chris looked CUTE together,that was all a front. In case you didn't know it wasn't some little break up, he beat the sh** out of her.You must be 10 years old or something because I never heard of someone wanting someone to stay with their partner because they thought they looked cute together.SMH.The bitch wasn't even happy with him and REAL relationships aren't based on how cute[a couple]looks on the outside but how they feel about the other person and how happy they are with them.

I honestly believe Rihanna did not love Chris and wanted nothing to do with him and the same goes with him about her.If I know that now [and always knew that]why would I wish them to get into the same situation again?You obviously hate them both. SMH.Naive little twit.

FYI-They are not getting back together so you can keep crying!

1921 days ago


Chris, please listen to the song apologize by one republic... it's fitting you sooo well right now!!

1921 days ago


he's reading it!!! what an a$$... if he really was sorry... he wouldnt have a prompter or notes or whatever... ugh,i hate this guy... once a hitter, always a hitter...

1921 days ago
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