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Beyonce's Sister's Hair -- Oh Knowles She Didn't!

7/23/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's sister finally found a way to set herself apart from her more famous family member -- she's the Knowles with the shaved head now.

She must have been sick of Beyonce getting all the good buzz.


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The Bean it just me, or does she look just like ORLANDO JONES now? TMZ, throw up a pic comparison

1918 days ago


SOULJA that yOU?

1918 days ago


I think it looks cute-- she wears it well.

1918 days ago


Yikes! Not a good look.

1918 days ago

My .02    

I think it's a terrific start! Natural hair is definitely the way to go! She looks better here than she did with tons of weave and chemicals.

1918 days ago


Solange needs to get a damn job and stop posting responses to the paps via her Twitter. If you don't care why the hell do you keep twittering about your Brillo pad hair. And for the record I don't have twitter but her updates keep scrolling on the TMZ website. I guess she's sitting here reading our comments on her weed whacker hair cut.

1918 days ago


Via Twitter
Solange Knowles
this. phase. of. my. life. i. want to spend . the time. the energy. and the money. on something else. not in the hair salon.

This girl is SO lame. She is actually sitting here reading what people are saying about her nasty hair. At this phase of your life you want to spend money on something other than a hair salon? You better reevaluate this decision because you look a hot mess. And what phase is this? The BROKE phase? She'll have a weave back in soon.

1918 days ago


Its all the Black women now screaming that she looks bad. I personally think she looks wonderful. Black women are very sensitive abou their hair, and always have it tucked away under a wig, or those dreaded braided extensions they wear. if you look close at a Black womans head, you could see the extensions knotted up to their real hair, it looks awful, because their hair does not match the texture of the extension. Their natural hair is usually less than an inch long too. Black women have a tendency to critize each other too, about the quality-grade of hair, as if one really is better than the other, its all nappy, kinky, curly. I am looking at the woman in the pciture, and to me she is beautiful. Her hair may be very short, but she is very womanly and there is no mistaken that she is a woman. I agree with the person who said tfo throw away all those cheaply made korean wigs,extensions, weaves and whatever animal fur you have. Natural is beautiful

1918 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

damn what did this crazy ho do...pull a Britney? Dumb azz idiot...who thinks she can sing...heard moose callings that sounds better than female version of tito jackson! shes one ugly skank!

1918 days ago



1918 days ago

Miss Jayne Jetson    

Honey......NO !!!! Maybe it's the wacky sunglasses that make this not work at all. Maybe with the right makeup and some lashes homegirl could hit a home run with this cut...but as it is??? No Ma'am!!! I'm a hairstylist who specializes in wigs, weaves and hairpieces and I love working with them By the same token I realize it is possible to look absolutely stunning without five pounds of extra hair. It IS possible but this pic is NOT an example of that. Let me say it again...."Solange, honey...... NO !!!!

1918 days ago


She looks GEAT! Very natural. Her sister,Beyonce, probably sports the same look under the wigs she wears. Also, seems as though her sister is more of a trendsetter. Going natural shows she is more hip thant her sisters over done glam look.

1918 days ago


i'm a 20 year old black female, and i've never worn a wig or "weave" in my life. My hair is past my shoulders. My hair is naturally straight, no relaxers or chemicals. Where did white people get the notion that all black women have "nappy hair" or wear wigs and extentions?

1918 days ago

ski-ball master    

^^^ cause thats what is in National Geographic.its like a high school year book for blacks

1918 days ago


OMG she looks horrible!

1918 days ago
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