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Katherine and Kids Need Money -- STAT!

7/23/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's estate, along with Katherine Jackson's lawyer, went to court this morning, seeking temporary financial allowances -- and Katherine claims she needs the money to live.

The matter was put off until August 3, when lawyers will all appear in court.

Lawyers for the estate wrote in a written declaration, "We are informed that Mrs. Jackson was also financially dependent upon Michael Jackson and that other than extremely modest social security benefits, Mrs. Jackson has no independent means of support."

The declaration continues: "Michael Jackson died 4 weeks ago. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the Special Administrators to be authorized to pay family allowance for the benefits of Minor Children in order to ensure that the Minor Children's needs for maintenance and support are met."

The document also says other than social security benefits which the kids have not yet received, they are totally dependent on the estate for their care and support.

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So are people saying that Michael never worked a day in his life and that is why he ended up on drugs? Many dancers end up with spines and legs that are so out of placed. Our spines are not meant to do the things that dancers do. Especially what the dancers have been doing since break-dancing. Many end up on drugs due to working in their field. As I would imagine, you have noted that Micheal was not buying from your local dealer!!!!!

1823 days ago


I guess Katherine should go get a job. She I am sure "used" Micheal for money. But he loved her. She also has other grandchildren at the home. Tito;s wife died and she raises them too. So I think that make 6-7 children already. You have read lately other news besides just this story. There is a problem out there called a Recession/Depression (matters who you listen to.

I cannot see those kids going to a public school right now. Some bully would be listening to parents that rant like some of these posters. You sound like Joe put the kids to work so another generation can support the freeloaders.

1823 days ago

First whores!    

I like little boys also.
BTW - First!

1855 days ago



I Love You, Michael!

1855 days ago


Wow....the freezing of an estate after someone dies is a good and a bad thing. For Katherine to have to ask for an allowance until probate goes through is pretty humiliating.

1855 days ago

charles sloan    

what would happen if the cement of the money fell away?

1855 days ago


Before his death, wasn't there all this stuff about ow broke he was??

1855 days ago


Show me the $$$$$$

1855 days ago



1855 days ago


IF Michael wasnt a Star and had NO money, she wouldnt get squat anyways
She has the money to care for them

1855 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

How broke are the Jacksons, because they sure are worried about money. Even Michael blew threw his money. What is wrong with all of them? And Katherine was worried about the will the night her own son died. Geez.

1855 days ago


There is no reason WHATSOEVER, the executors can't authorize a small advance to each one of the children such as $50,000.

1855 days ago


Those poor kids aught to be able to buy what ever they want right now to comfort them...
And I hope another Jackson has a coin that they can loan them till the court gives em some real cash.
I can't wait to see that little Paris splurge, Im sure she has more style than Madonna's little girl....
But here's an idea since Madonna loves adopting why they just don't let her take the kids? Whats wrong Madonna, they're not black enough for ya?! LOve you Michael RIP

1855 days ago


allowance whats that mean 1000 a day?

for those not getting money like that check save 20% use rep code AE31753

1855 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

To the first poster... you are sick!
I do believe Katherine and the kids should be getting their money now. She careing for them and keeping a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. There will also need to be tutors as well as these are Michael's kids and they cant go to public schools. I just cant believe this poor woman has to go threw so much red tape just to fufill her sons wishes. This is so tragic! I just wish Aug. 3rd would get here already so all this mess can be over ,... its all to sad... and back to the first poster'

You are one sick S.O.B and your joke ( if it is one ) Isnt funny at all!!

1855 days ago
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