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Katherine and Kids Need Money -- STAT!

7/23/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's estate, along with Katherine Jackson's lawyer, went to court this morning, seeking temporary financial allowances -- and Katherine claims she needs the money to live.

The matter was put off until August 3, when lawyers will all appear in court.

Lawyers for the estate wrote in a written declaration, "We are informed that Mrs. Jackson was also financially dependent upon Michael Jackson and that other than extremely modest social security benefits, Mrs. Jackson has no independent means of support."

The declaration continues: "Michael Jackson died 4 weeks ago. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the Special Administrators to be authorized to pay family allowance for the benefits of Minor Children in order to ensure that the Minor Children's needs for maintenance and support are met."

The document also says other than social security benefits which the kids have not yet received, they are totally dependent on the estate for their care and support.

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welc ome    


1887 days ago


You Jackson haters are the epitome of jeoloused crackheads. What you all fail to realize or even accept is that it was Michael Jackson who provided for his mom and the kids, at least of what we DO know. Regardless of his reasons for doing so, HE loved whom he loved. All the rest is none of your damn business or concern of who he did or did not support.

MJ fans, do you really think that by going against his family that you're doing him "justice" in his death? He is not here to defend his family. You're a disgrace. You don't know anything!

For MJ haters, nothing wrong or right that MJ did or his family did or will do will make you happy.


1887 days ago

Michael Jackson    

B.I.H. (Burn In Hell) Michael Jackson.

1887 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

Posted at 2:36PM on Jul 23rd 2009 by I Don't Know the Jacksons Personally

65. None of these idiots know that Jacksons. They have no idea what goes on within this family. They just read the headline and respond. They read the inquirer, Nancy Grace, JVM and get all of their world news from TMZ. These are the idiots and ill informed of America. Because people, unless you have a wire, a camera or a spy within the Jackson home, you don't know balls about what's going on behind closed doors. All you do is speculate and assume.

Of course she's going to request an allowance to pay Grace, pay for clothing, pay instructors for home schooling and whatever else the kids need. It's their money, why not ask for it. When my cousin passed away and his mother took his three kids, she had to request money from the trust. It's not that she and my uncle didn't work or have money to buy the kids something but three additional kids will tax the household income. Especially if you have to keep them living like Michael had them living.

1887 days ago


I'm finding it difficult to imagine Katherines' hardship when I'm looking at a photo of her wearing high-end Chanel sunglasses and designer clothing on TMZ page 3. When times are tough you need to pare down; it's not that hard and many of us are doing that right now. If he was indeed supporting her as well before he died, then a small allowance should be made to her but this money should go specifically for the childrens care and nothing more. That does not include her ridiculous spending habits and large home that she has lived in for 35+ years or whatever. She has been all over this will thing since the very day he died, anyone else suspicious of that? She's not letting go, either.

1887 days ago

welc ome    


1887 days ago

haven here    

How ridulous is this????????? She asked for three of Michael's bank accounts and received them a few days after his death. Why can't Janet, Old Joe, or that sniveling Jermaine cough up some money. Anyway, it is plain silly for an adult parent, loved or not, to expect to be permanently supported by a child. Let some of them sell their Bentley cars and some of their ghetto fabulous trappings. Debbie Rowe doesn't need or want any money to support the kids. Let Katherine have the money and give Debbie the kids. When Katherine spends all the money than let her and her clan of hanger-ons live on the street where they belong. The police need to raid all the Jackson's homes for evidence in Michael's death. Forget the doctors the Jackson's probably killed Michael. They are quick to make allegations and quick to point fingers at others. I am amazed that Michael did not have a trust fund set up for Katherine which dispersed a standard amount each month for her expenses. From what I have read the family was always after Michael for more money. Maybe they should teach some of the many that live at the compound to clean and cook. Michael cooked for his children and cared fully for them for awhile according to Geraldo"s interview. WHAT is even more astounding to me is that people on this site are defending Katherine Jackson's actions as though it is right and proper for her to believe she is entitled to Michael's assets, NOW. What could the children possibility NEED that requires more money than Katherine received from the three bank accounts. No wonder Michael finally broke ties with his family. I doubt it was over an intended intervention. SO, again I ask what was Randy Jackson, the seemingly disposable Jackson family member, doing at Michael's house when Michael was found near death? DAMN these people already received their 30 pieces of silver and the sacrifice of the man's life, is there no shame in the character makeup of Katherine and the other Jacksons?????????????Obviously NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

1887 days ago


...and does this surprise anyone????

1887 days ago


The children are entitled to SS death benefits because they are minors. I wonder if Kat applied for those yet.

1887 days ago


The Jacksons make me SICK. Period. No wonder Michael was in bad shape, NO WONDER! I feel so sorry for Michael now, I wish I had known what I know now. I completely understand why he took all those drugs, look at his family!!!

1887 days ago

Double M Texas    

This whole Family has so much TALENT!!! Michael was their son,Father, Brother
If it were my mom and children I would hope that they could live in the manner I worked my but off to give them

1887 days ago


well, maybe Jermaine plastic hair should help out since all his kids and ex wife are living with Katherine. Jermaine makes his mommy take care of his family.

1887 days ago

welc ome    

The Encino home is probably paid for. Only thing that is needed from the Estate is taxes, insurance and now that the kids are there the monthly bills. Start shutting off lights when you leave the rooms.

1887 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

Isn't that just a shame... now they will have to survive the same way

The house is paid for by Barry Gordy, but they are so dumb they
mortgaged it to support their "N GR rich" life style.

Looks good on the on the outside, but on the inside they are just


Why, because she knows they are LYING!

1887 days ago


Maybe this lazy bitch should get off her ass and get a job. She could also sell those kids off into white slavery.

1887 days ago
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