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Michael Jackson's Kids to be Raised By Aunt

7/23/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebbie JacksonMultiple sources in the Jackson family tell us even if Katherine Jackson gets custody of Michael Jackson's kids, Michael's big sister Rebbie Jackson will raise the children.

The 59-year-old singer, who shares a home in Las Vegas with her hubby of over 20 years, has kept a low public profile, but privately she has been deeply involved in the lives of Michael's children.

We're told Rebbie is currently living with Katherine at the family's Encino home and is caring for the kids day-to-day. As for the kids ... they all adore her.

Although the family is divided on many issues involving Michael's estate, we're told there's no argument when it comes to Rebbie caring for the kids. Whether she eventually becomes the custodial parent in name or not, she will end up with the primary responsibility of raising Michael's three children.

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The Truth    

The SAD thing about the kids is they will never grow up knowing what it's like to have a PARENT raise them..Their Mother is a piece of crap and know one knows who the fathers are .Sad way to come up in this world today..

1884 days ago

Joe Schmoe    

The state of CA is not running a contest for best parent and then just assigning parental rights to the winner.

There are 2 people with parental rights here, and both have standing to stake a claim in court -- Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe. If they both sue for custody, the court will investigate whether it's in the children's best interest to be with Katherine, Debbie, or some combination.

I'm sure Rebbie, Janet, Grace, etc. are lovely human beings, but none of them have any standing to request physical custody. If Katherine really did go into court and say she would be sending the children to live in Nevada with Rebbie, if she won custody, that would be a strong negative for her, unless that was also Debbie Rowe's wish.

No disrespect to Jehovah's Witnesses, but the religion that both Katherine and Rebbie follow faithfully would count against them, too. Those kids are accustomed to having and attending birthday parties, elaborate Christmas celebrations, and dressing up for Halloween and going Trick-or-Treating. Rowe could also argue that it's contrary to their heritage since, being the children of a Jewish woman, their heritage is Jewish.

It will be messy if custody is disputed at all, so I hope that in the interest of the children Debbie and Katherine can come to an agreement before Aug. 3rd. They have been through so much, and their little lives will never be anything like they were when they were the center of Michael Jackson's life.

1884 days ago


really i saw the song, i think there were some awards or someth and she was performing after michael. i don't rem the song but it was magical. love you

1884 days ago


Yea,,,,poster number #11, just the way MJ would like someone else to raise them.....But first they would have to be a drug addict, and be put to sleep every night throu intraveinously means,,,,,MJ, just bought the kids so he would have toys at his beckon call....He has messed up the lives of 3 innocent children,,not knowing who their REAL parents are, and probably never will. Doesn't anyone have any common sense when realizing just how "messed" up those kids are going to be..What a shame he had to buy children...They were nothing more than an accessory to him..........Yes,,, a drug addict sure is a reAL GOOD PARENT,,,,, ARENT THEY???????? There are some simple minded, ignorant people on this blog.........I hope the money left to them can afford the kids some good therapy,,, they are going to need it.

1884 days ago

justice is mine says the lord    

Do y'all remember back when Pricess Diana died, there was a public outcry to make sure that the Tabloid press left her two sons alone? And, pretty much they did. Even in the US there was a concerted effort on the part of news magazines, and celebrity magazines to keep them off the cover and only do minimal update type stories. One of the larger Grocery store chains in OHIO even refused to have the RAGS that did have them on the cover be displayed in their check out lanes.
If they could do that for the children of the Princess...why cant it be done for the children of the KING OF POP. There has been enough damage done to that family as it is. For all that Michael gave to the world in his music and his charity work we should repay him in respect and protection for children. Ribbie will be the perfect parent, I hope this is also true!
TMZ was right about the HOMICIDE investigation, so you are probably right about this too. THANKS....

1884 days ago


you really astonished me, with Rebbie. i know Michael was so close to her, he loved her and so does she. wel, i was asking myself why she doesn't perform. i understand, now

1884 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

Ok, let's get the facts straight: My Opinions Only... Your be the Judge.
The Encino Compound is owned by Michael Jackson.
Katherine and Joe Jackson filed Bankruptcy in 1999 in the amount of 24 Million dollars.
Michael wouldn't agree to the the paid for view on the May 18th 2009 meeting at the hotel.
Joe Jackson was very upset with Michael that night. It wasn't related to the difference between the pound and the dollar.
Michael and the Jackson Family were being sued by All Good Entertainment June 11, 2009. 40 Million Dollars
Dr. Murray was being paid $150,000 a month. Why would he want Michael gone?
All cell phones records made by anyone in the house should be investigated. ALL CELL PHONE
The Jackson's knew that Michael had a Will and they made sure they got to court within days of his death.
All property taken from the home needs to be recovered.
Debbie Rowe is the Mother of the two oldest children. The " Love of a Mother ", can't be bought!!
Michael's and Debbie children need a normal environment to grow. Mentally and Spiritually. Michael wasn't raising them JW.
Joe Jackson lives in Las Vegas in the home that they claim Janet bought but they say, Michael was the one that really paid.
Question? Did Joe Jackson know Dr. Murray? What calls were placed to Las Vegas the day of Michael's passing?

Joe Jackson wants to use the children for profit.
2010 tour with the 4 Brothers with a Hologram of Michael floating in the background singing Michael's music and he new material.
All written songs were to be left to his son's.
Intervention: Never done. Why? Money? Security for the family.
The Jackson extended family is not entitled to his property, Michael loved his Mother and wanted her taken of... Not them!
Michael supplied the family with enough during his life and he was tired of all the hand outs.

If the craziness continues the FAN'S need to start Boycotting. All performances and music sales. Everything!!
They say the person with the money has the power, but sometimes it's who you know that's important.
Michael knew his fans and I'm sure their not happy with the way Michael's name is being dragged in the mud and used for profit.

So really, The Fans have the power.

My Opinions Only..............

1884 days ago

just sayin    

yay!!!! good thing i love rebbie and she's been married for over 30 years so it's a good thing if she can help raise the kids. people need to stop taking sides with debbie she was simply a surrogate and she even said it herself that she never wanted kids she was just an obsessed fan who thought she could permanently attach herself to mj by having his kids

1884 days ago


FANatic : Fanatic implies unbalanced or obsessive behavior, insane

1884 days ago


This makes sense. First, she's in a stable marriage. She's low-profile. She's a mom. And she won't be hassled by Joe, who seems to have a hold on Katherine.

1884 days ago


I enjoied very much her unique style. it gave me every time special occasions. I love you so much

1884 days ago

Debbie in NYC    

Doesn't Joe Jackson live in Las Vegas????? I hope Rebbie can keep him away from those children. Joe Jackson is a manipulative, selfish creep. Look how quickly he has tried to cash in on MJ's death. No wonder Michael left him out of the will. I also hope Rebbie is not influenced by the two family relics, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. those two show up for every dog and pony show!

1884 days ago

Tamara Cannon    

Rebbie has been married for over 40 years TMZ. Get it right. Who is proofreading tonight?

1884 days ago


i love you, i liked it so much. it is written just in the right perfect style. it is great

1884 days ago


Is Rebbie a Jehovah's Witness? I hope not. They don't celebrate any holidays. That would be sad if the children weren't able to celebrate any holidays. As for Michael's death investigation. It sounds to me, like it was an accidental death.. No one put a gun to Michael to take Proprophil or however you spell it.. It's sad, though, he won't be here to raise his kids....

1884 days ago
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