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Harvard Prof 911 Call Contradicts Police Report

7/27/2009 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've got the 911 call that eventually resulted in the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. -- and it completely contradicts what cops say the 911 caller told them when they arrived at the scene.

Gates 911 Call

In the 911 call, the dispatcher asks the caller, Lucia Whalen, "Were [the alleged intruders] white, black, or Hispanic?" Whalen responds: "Um, well there were two larger men. One looked kind of Hispanic but I'm not really sure. And the other one entered and I didn't see what he looked like at all. I just saw it from a distance." She also said they were carrying two suitcases.

In the police report, however, Officer Crowley claims Whalen told him she saw "what appeared to be two black males with backpacks."

So the question is: Did Crowley fudge the report, or did Whalen change her story?


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what happened to free speech    

The stupidly acting police officer should have left Professor Gates home after he found out that Gates was not a burglar. A cop just cant make up a charge just because Professor Gates was stressed out already by the key not working properly, then being accused of being a criminal and not to mention the fact that the whole world is still grieving over the murder of Michael Jackson. Mr. Gates should get him a lawyer right away and file a malicious prosecution or abuse of power complaint against this officer. Mr. Gates is entitled to his free speech rights on his own property whether he was black, white or hispanic according to the first amendment and that is not based on race it is for every citizen. We the people have the right to speak up for ourselves. Did you think that Professor Gates should have said yes sir masta' police officer you right i am a criminal burgular? There has not been anything mentioned that Professor Gates was disorderly other than the cops conclusory statement but nothing to justify the false charges.

1911 days ago


Lol-the TMZ headline tries to hide the truth that this tape is actually negative on crowley
By reading the heading-one is made to believe that the PROF is at fault

what a bunch of slimy reporters twisting the story

1911 days ago


I listened to the 911 caller and here’s my take on this. The caller wasn’t sure if it was a breaking and entering. I understand the police has to use caution when dealing with this type of call because they don’t know. Here’s my problem, what robber would answer the door of a house they are stealing from. Also isn’t police officers trained to diffuse a situation that is getting heated. What would be the harm to say to that we received a call of a breaking and entering for this residence. I just need to verify that you are the resident of the house. Once that is establish I will leave this premises. My other problem is that what is in the police report, he stated in the report there was 2 black men carrying bags entered the home. That’s not true. The dispatcher would give all the necessary information to him. They are not going to send him into a potential danger without it. That report must be accurate and truthful because it would be used in court. I’m not going to sit here and say I might have reacted differently than Mr. Gates. Reason being is that I have not experience what he has been through or what he has seen throughout his life time. I know what I have been through being black in this country. If anyone believes that racism don’t exist in the US just because we have a black president they are fooling themselves. There are most cases of racism now than before. People are more likely to express their beliefs than before President Obama took office. Take it from someone who gets followed in a store, whose children has been called the N word more times than I like to count, whose heard comments from people at work, and someone who lives it everyday of their life.

1911 days ago


Gates had a lawyer the day of the incident. Someone form Harvard law.

1911 days ago


So the Cop Did Not know what to expect,
From that 911 call the Cop had no way of Knowing what Color the 2 men were .

So He was Just Doing His Job,.,,, and Thats all,.,,, No Need to waste a race card Here...
Put in back in you hand Mr Gates and Save it for later in the game...

Gezzzzzzzzzzzz ,, If the Cope were Black, no one would even have heard of this.

1911 days ago


Yes, it's a lie - and that's important. The police lied, that is very telling.

1911 days ago


Since when is identifiying an INTRUDER as being black, hispanic, asian, or WHITE,.. a "racist" thing to do?

It's simple IDENTITY!! Anyone in the situation would have done the same.. and she was even ASKED by 911 if she could identify the "race"!!?? What was she suppose to say.. "I'd rather not profile by saying so"?? C'mon!!!!!!

Take a long look at any statistics and you'll find the real "facts" Mr. President. Any city with a larger population of blacks is a rather HIGH CRIME city!!? More murders, domectic assaults, theft, and the like are perpetrated by blacks,.. or gang-bangers!! Even a harvard professor would KNOW that. There are simply more statistical records to prove this than there are to disprove it.

1911 days ago


Get over it Gates

If the cop had of been black., You would have had a drink and fired up your Bong and
laughed your ass off...

1911 days ago


Gates wrote on his Yale application:

"As always, WHITEY now sits in judgment of me, preparing to cast my fate.
It is your decision either to let me blow with the wind as a nonentity or to
encourage the development of self. Allow me to prove myself."

1911 days ago


To all black men and women living in America. Racism will surely disappear when white folks hear (just one of you ) make the statement.... " I'm going back to Africa and track down The Tribe's Men that SOLD THE BROTHERS to the White Man. We black people want ... justice." Then and ONLY then... will racism be put to reat. We 21st Century people never own a black slave and neither did our grand parents. So why bring up something that no one living today.... DID ?
Grant you... it's a dark period in American history that ALL of us would like to forget about. But to use something that your own people did to their brothers and sisters and blame everyone else and not your own people ? Is like saying... "My great grand parents were stared to death and your people did it so... I want Free Food forever." Snap the hell ...out of it and get on with living.

1911 days ago


Of those that have actually read Crowley's report- please tell me the crime. It seems at worse, from the report, that Gates was in his home yelling and yelling does NOT under Mass. law constitute disorderly conduct. Further if you heard the tape of Crowley talking with the station, Gates could be heard in the background, but not to the point of over-talking Crowley and he could clearly be heard on the recording of being able to talk to the dispatcher, ect.

It was my understanding that Police were supposed to deescalate a situation and not escalate it and clearly Crowley wanted to win. If he is a trainer for racial sensitivity, i would hate to see those he has to train. And while Crowley and the Cambridge police Dept are not stupid, this officer in this case behaved stupidly.

The only thing that the police report shows is a clear admission of false arrest.

1911 days ago


OK.....His 15 Minutes are UP....Time for this Bastard Piece of Crap
to go Back to Spreading his Radical Left Wing BS.

1911 days ago


The dispatcher asked "Are they hispanic, black, or white?", but he didn't ask if either of them were Asian! :) Listening to it, it seemed very innocuous. The lady was very calm, nice and friendly, and only seemed to call because an old lady who lived in the neighborhood had noticed the men, and had asked the lady who called in to do so. The dispatcher seemed very nonchalant and routine. I don't think the 9-11 call had much to do with anything. I think the overreactions by both the resident (Gates) and the officer (Crowley) were what caused the problems. They both need to calm down, check their ego by the door, and get some sensitivity training. Next case! :)

1911 days ago


This is good, two men entering in with suitcases, since when do crooks bring their clothes along to a break in. It sounds as if this cop is trying to cover his ass.

1911 days ago


The police just tazed and pepper sprayed a man that was deaf, I didn't even get the understanding why the police was called....................

1911 days ago
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