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Harvard Prof -- 'Yo Mama' Goes Hollywood

7/27/2009 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. got ready for his sit down with President Obama and the Massachusetts cop who arrested him ... by hitting H-Wood last night, dining at Beso, Eva Longoria's restaurant.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr: Click to watch


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Typical black racist behavior. Do something wrong, scream racism, charges are dropped. What an idiot! Obama's just showing his true colors. Is it 2012 yet?

1880 days ago


You ignoramuses!!

Prof Gates is actually not in "Hollywood" seeking media attention like Paris Hilton might. He is out in LA conducting work for an upcoming PBS series on immigration that you yahoos wouldn't know about or watch. It was scheduled long before you imbeciles last read a book.

Perhaps TMZ should stick to "crotch shots" and minute by minute MJ updates so as not to loose its feathery airy heads!

1880 days ago


This Professor doesn't want Equality, he wants payback. I hope he loses his job over the mess he himself created.

1880 days ago

fish taco    

How does he make it through the day being constantly abused by white people.
It must suck to think the white man is out to get you...
Get over yourself fame ho.
People have better things to do then follow your greasy ass around and keep you down.
Where is Sharpton and Jesse, they live for this kind of attention.

1880 days ago


but wait, he wants to use this vomit-inducing beer fest as a "teaching moment" for all of us ignorant racist citizens. He's the one who should be schooled not to treat white people like utter trash when they are only trying to help his sorry *ss.

1880 days ago


Boy when it's someone black making a racist comment we only focus on his "mistake." If President Bush had said what Obama did we'd be hearing a different story and how racist he was. As far as I'm concerned Obama's true self is coming out and we're only seeing a small part of it.

1880 days ago


As a Canadian I find this story very grating on my nerves. This professor sounds like the sterotype Martin Lawrence played up in "National Security." At least there it was (somewhat) funny. I feel bad for the officer.

1880 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

That guy needs to clean out a few mosquito-infested swamps to get his mind right.

1880 days ago


What a loser. Let me guess....he's here to do Larry King. What a douchebag, racist pile of garbage this man is. Doesn't Obama have anything better to do than meet with this guy and the cop for a beer? If Obama had any class he would have just apologized for being dead wrong about something he did not have the facts about. Obama should quit embarassing this country. Enough already. Get back to work you whiny bastard.

1880 days ago


I'm so finished with Obama. True colors come out! Having a beer with you is not going to fix it!! Why don't you apologize for stupidly calling out men who put their lives on the line every day for people like Obama, Gates and me! Instead of bashing them (without facts) the second you get the chance. OBAMA DID NOT APOLOGIZE!! HE SWTCH WORDS AROUND LIKE A LAWYER DOES.. ANd a lawyer ALWAYS is supposed to have the facts before he says anything. He is a bigot! I'm finished with Obama. Will not vote for him again. He sets a poor example! especially for blacks!

1880 days ago


This man is a goof
Loud mouth yes

The police officer was doing his job
Got there ALONE
and this doofus in the house
asked him for ID
and this idiot gets all in a pickle

for safety reasons the cop asks him to go outside

and this dim-wit yells RACISM

what a goof

and doesnt know both sides of the story
and blurts out racism
come on

1880 days ago

Harvard Grad    

I am from California; was lucky enough to attend Harvard as an undergrad on scholarship. Saw both sides of this equation during my four years in Cambridge - lots of institutionalized racism, particularly toward African Americans. Also got a pretty healthy (and revolting) dose of Prof. Gates' own brand of race-baiting. Gates' career and limited celebrity depend on racism - as a result he uses his own power to exacerbate the issue rather than work toward solution. Nobody in this whole sorry scene is looking particularly good at this point ... up to and including our President (who at least had the sense to apologize and admit he'd spoken out of turn.) Let's move in to real news, like genocide in Africa, nuclear arms in North Korea, and Angelia Jolie's latest trip to the Middle East. (You go, girl.)

1880 days ago


Number 17 - you are the ignoramous! If this famewhoring racist was merely here for a PBS show why on earth would he go to a paparazzi infested restaurant? Get over yourself. You need to go read a book. Maybe he should put on a skirt and let the paps get a "crotch shot" of him - that certainly would give this racist loser more attention. This man should be in jail not chasing down the paparazzi. Get real.

1880 days ago


Obama had to invite them to the White House--it's essentially a public apology because he made the idiotic mistake of getting involved in the first place.

1880 days ago


How weird many african american people pulls the "racist" card anytime it's convenient for them. Mr president fix the economy, fix the education, do not concentrate in such a stupid situation, we elected you to do things, not to foul around with disgusting people, like this son of his moma.

1880 days ago
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