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Miranda's Kerrves

Supermodel Goes Topless

7/27/2009 2:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This happened somewhere in The Caribbean this weekend ... can't focus ... qdi;vuh...



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who dat    

Fat women always say...that girl needs to eat a bla bla bla. Lose weight, you chunky monkeys.

1812 days ago



1812 days ago


Daddy must be so proud of his little girl showing the world her tities.

1812 days ago


Would you PLEASE remove those damn stars?!?!?!?!

1812 days ago

Ana Banana    

VS doesn't allow tan lines so she has to tan topless. Oh and how the hell do they make her boobs look like C cups on the catalog... makes my small breasted ass feel better about myself.

1812 days ago

Ana Banana    

Miller has skin cancer. and looks like she was born in 1962 not 1982. Fox does look old for her age, I was surprised to learn Kerr was born in 83.

1812 days ago


Wow. It's sad when A cups are saggy. :-(

1811 days ago

LA Guy    

She looks great to me, and doesn't look like any 12 year old boy I know. She a thin girl and has small boobs. Some guys (like me) actually like natural looking women. There are a lot of jealous women on this site.

1811 days ago


yeah, saggy, you jealous beyotches. You pathetic, no self-confidence havin' haters.

If she passes the pencil test (which I'm betting she would) she is not saggy. It's called nature. If your boobs were so amazingly bouncy and perky, why aren't you getting paid millions of dollars to model bikinis? Hmmmmm?

1811 days ago

James III    

Miranda looks pretty here. Feminine for a skinny au naturale (no breast implants/inserts or nose job) model. Youthful looking but obviously not a little girl, so get over it. She's not "saggy" either. Very pert breasts for a 26 year old.

The posing in this picture is likely the main factor in some thinking otherwise. Miranda is shrugging her shoulders up (as she grabs hat) and smooshing her right breast in with her arm. This distorts things. I could tell this right off the bat (bad picture for judging breast pertness) but I looked at the uncensored cover shoot which confirmed she is pert.

Don't be too quick to judge people's looks from tabloidesque publications as they often pick the worst or most controversial photos. Furthermore, you can't even see her right nipple in the uncensored picture (blocked by arm) and the censoring "star" is placed lower than where her actual nipple location is, once again creating the illusion of her breast "sagging".

1810 days ago


Kinda pathetic on some of you guys for making fun of her chest size.. She has the money to get implants, but natural breasts are way sexier. For those who are calling them saggy, you need to stop watching porn. That is NOT what breasts should look like...

1809 days ago


And this is exactly why I get along with men way more than woman! No pettty BS and drama!
For the most part all woman on here are hating on her because she looks a million times better than you ever will! Why not appreciate and compliment someone when they look good instead of getting all insecure and negative. Here's a thought - step away from the computer, put down the chips and "diet" coke and better yourself instead of ripping on those that already do take care fo themselves!
And just because someone is thin doesn't make them anorexic or look like a boy, etc. I am 5'1, 110lbs, have boobs that fit my frame and have an appetite like you wouldn't believe, but to look at me you wouldn't know it. Fast metabolisms, a good diet and regular exercise can work wonders! But no you lazy people would rather not want to move a muscle and pop a pill to transform you - so delusional!
Kudos to you Miranda for keeping it REAL! So refreshing to see what a woman's body should look like and not one that is all deflated and fake! :)

1809 days ago
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