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Lights, Camera, OctoShow!!!

7/27/2009 2:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her 14 kids wait for court permission to do a reality TV show, OctoMom stole the spotlight all by herself this weekend -- recording some solo shots near her new house in La Habra, Ca.


Just 24 hours before cameras were rolling, Nadya Suleman filed court documents in L.A. County Superior Court, asking the judge to allow her kids to work ... for basically peanuts.

If granted, the kids will make a reported $250k over the next three years -- less than $6,000 a year each -- less than $17 a day.


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Real People    

17 dollars a DAY... They would still qualify for WELFARE MEDICAL assistance.. OCTO is not stupid.. She still wants to collect medical cenifits for the 14 kids and what other state funds and ssi for the autistic ones... 17 dollars a day, 6000 a year, they would still be able to collect state benifits with that income. Dumb as a Fox that octo..

1884 days ago


I've got to figure out what I can do to get rich the way she is... I'm too old for having babies, so will have to think of something else.

Let's see, I have 12 chickens, 2 parrots, 2 dogs, and 2 greenhouses and 3 businesses....does that count for anything! :-) I've got to come up with something darn it!

1884 days ago


As a healthcare worker, I want to know if this welfare bee-otch is going to pay back the millions of dollars the texpayers spent on her hospital billa, for neo-natal care.
What do you all think about that?/ She risked their lives, left it upon public health care to keep them alive, and now cashes in!

1884 days ago


This report is misleading. The kids are only working 36 days the 1st year for $125,000, 21 days the 2nd year for $75,000 and 14 days the 3rd year for $50,000. This suggests this is not a series but a special show with updates. This could turn into a show, but this does not suggest it. So she may not be the best mom in the world...but this report is very misleading.

1884 days ago


Oh..and I forgot to mention my cat and husband too.... c'mon someone please discover me!!

1884 days ago

Real People    

Medical Benifits for 14 octo kids would be 100Ka year if she had to pay for insurance.... At 17 dollars a day INCOME, thats enough where the kids can still collect Medical benifits from welfare and the state. She is slick..

1884 days ago


#3 I thought the exact thing. This woman was already in bankruptcy and she knew that getting pregnant with octoplets she could get a reality show like Jon and Kate + 8. I don’t understand why these people can’t see this. And $17 a day is a rip-off, not even working for a fast food place do you make $17 per day. This is an outrage!

1884 days ago


She should be on the SyFy channel.

1884 days ago


And this useless whore is also facing court today in Orange County where Gloria Allred and an ex child actor will be pushing for financial custody of her kids. Likely they'll get it since Octomom is a raving sociopath.

1884 days ago


Doesnt this nasty woman understand just how despised she is, or is she simply stupid? The only reason this show might get off the ground is due to human nature feeling compelled to watch something trashier than oneself. There is nothing she can do, through clever editing or acting, to ever reprive herself from the labels she so rightly deserves. But I doubt she cares, its all about the money and getting her ugly little face on the screen.
It saddens me that these innocent children are being raised by this leach on society and by someone who seems so lacking in even basic maternal instinct, morality and common sense.

1884 days ago


The producer is originally from Holland and the news here is that the kids are not followed 24/7. So they will make more than 17 dollars a day. May be the american government should adopt the same child labor laws we have in our country, where a child can not work for more than 10 hours a month and may not be on tv more than once a month!

1884 days ago


I don't agree with any of this, but I'd like to know how the hell she got her body back in shape that quickly.

1884 days ago


putting your kids in the spotlight works so well just ask the jackson family, or jon and kate, this is sick and it can be dangerous as many of the kids are special needs, isnt there a privacy right for the children i mean god this isnt right.

1884 days ago

steve allen    

I don't get it...Berta get me another drink...and make it a double...I wish I could get my own show...

1884 days ago


Sadly, all of my tax dollars that Nadio scammed, will never be returned. The money those babies make should pay for their birth and be returned to the taxpayers. Nadio still depends on Calif tax dollars for medical. Even with the millions she has already made, she still figures ways to successfully scam the system.

1884 days ago
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