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Lights, Camera, OctoShow!!!

7/27/2009 2:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her 14 kids wait for court permission to do a reality TV show, OctoMom stole the spotlight all by herself this weekend -- recording some solo shots near her new house in La Habra, Ca.


Just 24 hours before cameras were rolling, Nadya Suleman filed court documents in L.A. County Superior Court, asking the judge to allow her kids to work ... for basically peanuts.

If granted, the kids will make a reported $250k over the next three years -- less than $6,000 a year each -- less than $17 a day.


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People LOVE to HATE her. That's what makes her so popular. As long as they are addicted to her she will be in the news/have a TV show. Stop talking about her, she's go away.

1878 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

ew she's so yucky look at how emaciated she is, and what's that thing --down there--? It looks weird like a weapon of mass destruction bombed it or something.........guess having all them babies does a number on 'the area' ...........ew Y U C K.

1878 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

What's the federal minmum wage again?
And does this qualify them for SAG compensation?

1878 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Great. the least bit of publicity starts the circus all over again...

1878 days ago


I would imagine that the children's earnings were negotiated solely to provide Ms Suleman with as much money as possible for her own use. The amount that the children will make is openly stated in the media, but NOTHING is said as to what that woman will be, just why do you think that is??

1878 days ago


Boycott this show and all of the sponsors, and write to them and let them know you are boycotting their products because they endorse this god awful excuse for a mother. If your morid curiousity gets the best of you this tw@t will never go away.

1878 days ago


I REFUSE TO WATCH THIS OR ANY OTHER REALITY SHOW!!!! This is what is wrong with our society. There is no privacy. I WILL BE BLOCKING IT ON ALL THE TVS IN OUR HOUSE.

1878 days ago


I see mass murders and molesters get better breaks. Having that many children is not the best thing. She loves them. That is more then a lot of Moms. I wish them all the best.

1874 days ago


no comment :)

1871 days ago


It certainly isn't a crime to WANT nice things, If it was a crime I would have been a jail a long time ago..But my children always came first as did their needs. Family first. Mother's sacrifice for their children all the time so do ‘FATHERS’...AS it should be. If it's needed.

I'm not angry at her for wanting nice things, I am ANGRY at suleman for having one baby after another to fill her 'VOID.' you don't look OUTSIDE yourself or to others to 'FILL' your void, She knew how much work the first six were. But she chose to have another BUNCH of kids. It wasn’t FOR ANYTHING SO NOBLE, AS TO HER LOVING KIDS.' This is something psychologically wrong with HER.. My anger starts when I see her arrogant sense of entitlement. Her arrogant bold ass thinking the whole world should stop so we can all come to attention and 'CATER' to her 'WHIMS.' My anger starts when she has precious little regard for 'ANY' child or their needs..My anger starts when I see her begging for money asking for a certain size of diapers and wants the 'PUBLIC' to send her those items, WHILE on the 'VERY SAME DAY' she goes and gets yet another tattoo. The blatant, defiant, arrogance, of nadya thinking WE now OWE her something JUST because she NOW can't provide for her family is when my anger starts.. GET A JOB! Provide like you said you could for your family when you were interviewed by Ann Curry, Don't be asking ME for money..They are YOURS and YOURS alone..I had absolutely nothing to do with your decision to have 14 kids suleman. I raised my family without anyone’s help. MY "HUSBAND" and I provided for them, WE aren't EVEN related are we? Why do you suppose I should help? MY money never came easy,,I worked, Why do you feel entitled to my hard earned money? Why would you think I would watch 'ANYTHING' that exploits a child or 20 children? Why would you think IN your MIND that it's okay with me for people to exploit a child or 20 children? Why would you think I would condone your having 14 children while you can NOT take care of them. or have any way to support them, and you haven't worked in 10 years. WHY would you think, I would condone that kind of thinking? This is your doing. This is what you decided. This is what you PAID for. This is why you raped men into giving you their sperm, you have lied and cheated and deceived to have your way..NOW YOU HAVE YOUR OWN WAY. Why would you want to involve me in your life at all? What exactly do you think I owe you?

1871 days ago

Sean P.    

I think you are overstating your case --- please give us an example of a MASS MURDERER who has been caught and convicted who got a better break? If it isn't a death penalty state, they die in prison of old age. I don't think most child molesters get enough jail time, but they certainly don't get their own television shows, paid media appearances, magazine covers and articles, online media videos, and generous donations from the public (goods and cash).

This is the worst economic period in US history since the Great Depression, and with so many people losing their jobs -- many of who have worked their whole lives -- it just doesn't sit well with a great many people when an unemployed woman with no means of support (other than public funds) decides to have 14 children without considering how she will pay for them for the next 18 years of their lives. She wasn't able to support the first six on her own, so the question is. . . what psychological/emotional component within her compelled her to get more IVF?

1870 days ago


please people do not watch this show

1855 days ago

Sean P.    

I didn't watch, but read comments. I wonder what it will be like when there are 8 toddlers running around. . .

1854 days ago

tired of octo-lips    

I hear there were 4 million peps willing to waste thier night by watching this loser. Glad I wasn't one. Anyone with half a brain would have to realize it would be more enjoyable going to the dentist then to watch this women on TV. Now I must say that I tune into Jon and Kate and the Duggars once and awhile. The one thing that I can say about them is that their children are pretty well behaved and it's not total torture, but I hear that the same cannot be said about the octo house. Big surprise!!!!!!!!Let's just hope that the octo loser makes enough money to give taxpayers a break..............

1854 days ago
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