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Paramedics: Jackson Dead When We Arrived

7/27/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell us when paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson's house he was already dead ... and it took them a while to even realize the victim was the famous singer.

Our sources say when paramedics got to Jackson's home he was flatlined. There was no electrical activity in his heart and Jackson showed no sign of life.

Multiple sources say paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted that the singer be transported to the hospital. Dr. Murray -- as a higher medical authority than the EMTs -- had the power to overrule them.

Paramedics didn't realize for nearly 10 minutes the victim was Michael Jackson. As one emergency worker put it: "It just looked like a frail, old, sickly man."

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If emt's worked on him for 10 minutes before they realized it was Michael and he looked like sick frail old man, who is the guy in the ambulance picture.He looks like a younger darker Michael Jackson.So who is lying?So who put on his make-up & his wig on.It was said he was bald with peach fuzz on his head.It seems strange if he was already dead why work on him for 47minutes,and again why put make-up on him and his wig?Remember when the ambulance in route to hospital did anyone notice how the ambulance pulled to the side driver got out it was said that they were still working on him why? If he was dead what's the point, you could not bring him back in 47 minutes.

1821 days ago


Very sad situation.

1886 days ago



1886 days ago


That just shows that the Dr. had to hide so much . This is too sad MJ life was so sad and lonely!

1886 days ago


how sad, he is better off now, no more suffering

1886 days ago



1886 days ago


In some states, if a person is said to have died in the ambulance, the state doesn't require an autopsy. Several states such as mississippi have this ding a ling law. Maybe Dr. thought that they wouldnt legally have to do one and he was cleared like they wouldnt do a autopty on Michael Jackson no matter where and how he died because of who he is and the money involved....I just learned this week about the autopsy maybe that was on his mind.

1886 days ago


JUNKIES look like frail old men....that is what the drugs do to them. Would everyone please remove this pedophile drug addict off the alter now?

1886 days ago


That doctor is going to jail for what he did. I can't wait till the whole truth comes out.

1886 days ago

Murray was playing with MJ's corpse for hours. They should make a movie called "Weekend at Murray's".

1886 days ago


He's at peace now. God knows he didn't have peace when he was alive. He couldn't even go anywhere with people swarming him, sad. People should leave stars alone.

1886 days ago


the Jackson Family has tried to manipulate the situation from day one.....the truth will be revealed that MJ was drug addicted and on his last legs...this image that he was about to make a big comeback and he was murdered is just BS...

Paramedics didn't realize for nearly 10 minutes the victim was Michael Jackson. As one emergency worker put it: "It just looked like a frail, old, sickly man."

1886 days ago


frail yes, old.....NO aside from looking thin he was looking fantastic compared to 2005...this story isnt new ive seen this before in the last week...god not even paremadics shut their mouths and respect someones privacy..this is all making me sick..DO NOT call me a paramedic if they think he looks like crap(he was dead though ffs) id hate to hear what they said about me lol..LOVE YOU MIKE YOUR THE BEST ALWAYS

1886 days ago


I know teenagers who became hooked on crystal meth and they looked like old I can image a 50 year old man who had been addicted for 25 years and what he looked like....hell....

1886 days ago


I think he was dead for a couple of hours already. Forget about just 30 minutes. Murray had telephoned his assts back in Houston to get items out of his storage shed at 9:30am so something obviously went wrong way before the paramedics were ever even called. It'll all come out in the trial.

1886 days ago
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