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Dr. Murray's Home Searched

7/28/2009 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DEA and other law enforcement officials have just arrived at the Las Vegas home of Dr. Conrad Murray. They have a search warrant in hand for Michael Jackson's medical records.

UPDATE 3:30 ET: The agents are now leaving Dr. Murray's home.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, just released this statement:

"We can verify that at approximately 8am, Officers from DEA, LAPD and various local agencies began executing a search warrant at Dr. Conrad Murray's Las Vegas home and office. The search warrant authorized investigators to look for medical records relating to Michael Jackson and all of his reported aliases. Dr Murray was present during the search of his home and assisted the officers. Investigators left Dr. Murray's home around 12 noon, seizing cell phones and a computer hard drive. As of 2pm, the search at Dr. Murray's office continues."


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thanks for the livefeed TMZ!! i was hoping you might do this!! love you michael!!

1912 days ago


He knows he's going down....... What a jerk.

1912 days ago


wtf tmz are you guys hanging off someones roof or something? lol your the best

1912 days ago


Do you think these doctors would have gotten rid of any evidence pointed at them?

1912 days ago

seeking the truth    

Michael was possibly killed for his music catalogs I bet, check him out here talking about how he and Sony hated each other...

Anyone else think the police are too slow and he has had enough time to destroy evidence.... he'll go down for a little bit and then disappear and live off money those who set this up give him in a swiss bank a/c - just watch and see

1912 days ago


This is so sad. I really hate this! It should not have happened! :(

1912 days ago


How do they keep finding stuff, is this guy stupid? He had a month to get rid of everything, he still had access to his house and practice all along (it's not like he was monitored 24/7 or under arrest)... It's beyond me....

1912 days ago


Would this guy REALLY be so stupid as to put MJ's medical records at his home? How did this guy ever graduate from high school, much less medical school, if this is the case. Geeez!!!!!

1912 days ago


A Las Vegas TV station just said, "Harvey Levin is on the scene himself." WTF? hahah

1912 days ago


Just because someone is a icon doesn't mean that you should be a yes-man and forgo your ethical oath. I loved Michael dearly, and I keep going back to his last photoes looking for signs of drug abuse, and they are all there. I am so sad that he surrounded himself with yes-men who knew it was wrong, but they wanted his money. His family should have been alerted a long time ago. they should have forced him to get help. Its funny how he had been doing this so long and as soon as This Doc come on the scene his lives another month or so. I believe his lazy butt fell asleep and woke up to a dead Michael long before he reported it. RIP Michael.

1912 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

It takes time to get warrants.. they can still find stuff on hard drives, etc... the FBI is smarter than this loser doctor

1912 days ago

Sand D    

Is this the fall guy because he was the last man about all the rest of the emablers and Dr's and his family.......but more so what about MJ and the role he played in his death ......hmmm

1912 days ago

King of TMZ    

- How would Dr. Murray just check MJ breathing while MJ was sleeping if he didn't indeed administer him with Propofol which require such checking??
- How would he not know the address of MJ while he went to it by car himself??
- How would he do CPR on a bed even if it's a firm bed?
- Why does he have relations to AEG & $ony both which benefited and still benefit from MJ's death?
- Why just disappear and get a lawyer with a lawyer's lawyer... Instead of counselling the family for their loss and explaining to them what happened?
- Why pressure AEG for payments the next day of MJ's death (reported $300K by PerezHilton)? Isn't this an indication that greed and money was the prime motivation of this Dr???
- Why hide info if he has nothing to hide?
- Why negate demerol and oxicontin yet remain tight-lipped about Propofol???
- Why would it take 30min to reach security in MJ's house given that he could have just went out to reach security? A man walking would spend 30min for more than a mile! So imagine a man supposedly "running" in a small mansion???

Answer: it's all clear, this doctor killed MJ, used and still using time to cover up his a$$.

1912 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

someone is in big trouble..........also find out which pharmacy released this dangerous drug, which should be used in a hospital and charge them and anyone else who helped enable a junkie.....all should be in jail!!!!!!

1912 days ago



1912 days ago
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