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Jessica Simpson --

'I'm Not an Indian Giver'

7/28/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says she isn't going to take back the $100,000 boat she got ex-BF Tony Romo for his birthday -- but we're guessing the Native American community won't be too pleased with how she phrased it.

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It seems to me that Simpson has taken the high road in all her breakups (or at least the public ones). She is not commenting on the relationship or saying mean things. So Romo took her off the access list in his gated community. That's sort of the same as asking for your keys back, which is something most people who break up do. Friendships usually take a little time to establish after a break-up. Way too much is being made into headlines with these two.

1920 days ago


Indian Giver- That is what you call someone who gives something to someone and takes it back, just what the white man did to the indians. The "reporter" is an idiot.

1920 days ago

Just sayin'    

I feel no pity for her and her lame @ss getting dumped.

She broke Nick's heart. They were married, not just dating.

Nick was the only guy who loved her for her dumb self. No one else will put up with her mindless crap.

What Goes Around Comes Around Jessica. It's called Karma, baby!

1920 days ago

Just sayin'    

Jessica bought someone a boat?!!!

What, a row boat ? LMAO!

1920 days ago


lol, once again people making a big deal out of nothing.

I am a "Native American" and living on a reservation I know ALOT of "Natives"
1. Noone really cares that Jessica Simpson used a well known phrase that we have all used at some point.
2. Really whenever we talk about ourselves we just say Natives, to everyone i know it's not that big of a deal.

1920 days ago


I heard that Dr. Conrad Murry wrote her an Rx for Stupid Pills.

1920 days ago


If the guy had any class at all he would give it back without being asked to....He rode her coat tails to make a name for himself...that last chick wasn't quite famous enough to garner the attention he wanted...and as far as the whole "indian giver" was a harmless statement that has been around for as long as i can remember.........for the love of have to be careful about every single thing that comes out of your mouth for fear of who your going to pee off...YOU CAN BET SOME RESERVATION SOMEWHERE IS FILING A LAWSUIT AGAINST HER RIGHT NOW.....SICKENING...

1920 days ago


Leave Jessica alone, she's a sweetheart and Tony is a A-HOLE....

1920 days ago


Well actually the term Indian was given to the people here by Christopher Columbus, cause the dummy thought he had reached India by a western route from Europe. Dang all yall is dumb.

1920 days ago


Tony the Tomato Romo, that was funny. Man, I wish my girlfriend would give me a 100K boat.

1920 days ago


"Dring out back" I dont even know what that means.
Yes Jessica isnt the smartest girl, but she has nothing to do with the "Native American" and "American Indian" topic. That comes from people posting on here. All she did was say a phrase I've heard sooooo many times. Some people are just soo uptight and sensitive and have to complain about everything. GET OVER IT!!
There are soo many worst things going on in the world and like Edward James Olmos said the only race is the HUMAN RACE and we are all apart of that.

1920 days ago


Last I read, Romo was going to give her $100,000 as payback.

1920 days ago


pish tosh. The phrase is not insensitive.

Stop picking on this sweet girl.

1920 days ago


Tony Romo is a sack of s**t for breaking up with her the day before her birthday! Give her back the boat!

1920 days ago


Bring it here and say that, you worthless to say it to our faces.....EH?? EH???? EH???? Friggin' moron! Keep your crap up north and stop driving through our eastern states and constantly getting busted because your stupid azzes can't drive!

Posted at 11:50AM on Jul 28th 2009 by Carl

Okay "Carl" - don't get your knickers in a knot over a dumbass posting ... This is just the opinion of a MINORITY of Canadians. So keep your generalized Canuck comments to yourself and ignore the ignorant pricks.

1920 days ago
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