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Senator Al Franken

Attacked by Baby Biter

7/28/2009 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Freshly minted Minnesota Senator Al Franken may have edged out Norm Coleman by the hair on his chinny chin chin ... but it's his nose this baby couldn't resist at Reagan Int'l Airport.

It's hard to tell if little Katie already has a distaste for Democrats ... or if she finds Sen. Franken simply irresistible.


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cute baby :-)

1915 days ago


The baby is a better judge of character than half the population of Minnesota,

1915 days ago


Hahaha, that precious one (baby) is very adorable

1915 days ago


@ Lisa WOW this coming from someone who probably voted in George Bush as president twice. LOL!!!!

Obviously you don't know much about Judging so I'd shut the f*ck up.

1915 days ago


Better get that baby and AIDS test.

1915 days ago


# 5 Robbie is a moron & he is exactly whats wrong with this country today

1915 days ago


# 5 Robbie is a f*cktard

1915 days ago

republican mensa    

Al franken sux I know I'm from minnesota hate him

1915 days ago

republican mensa    

Taurus01 u suck too what the hell do u know u liberal loven hippie freak! U r what's wrong dumb ass

1915 days ago


Taurus01 u suck too what the hell do u know u liberal loven hippie freak! U r what's wrong dumb ass

Posted at 3:06AM on Jul 28th 2009 by republican mensa

i know 3 things you a@@hole, i'm not a liberal, i'm not a conservative, nor am i a hippie. i think for myself & don't need a 2 faced conservative "bush lover" telling me anything. you & your kind are gonna be the death of America. You're the dumb ass you piece of trash. why don't you crawl back in your cave & drool over Ann Coulter some more

1915 days ago


Al Franken is an idiot...end of story. I personally like this kid, she is way smarter then half of minnesota. Thing is I dont know how Al Franken seriously won, must have been all of the idiots in the cities who dont know their a** from their elbow who voted for him, and stupid teenagers who dont give a sh*t about government. I honestly dont know that many people who voted for him but oh well whatever the U.S. government is filled with a bunch of losers already so it doesnt really matter anymore.

1915 days ago


This is just proof that if you keep trying and you finally pay enough of the wright people off you can win any seat in politics. Whey too go all you minnesotan"s get ready for him to start working on taking your guns away from you.He suck on SAT live and he will suck doing this public service for you as well.What a bunch of moran's.You get what you deserve.

1915 days ago

Linda Mott    

How unsanitary.

1915 days ago


# 10 taurus01

Are you telling all of us that BO is taking this country down the right (sorry-correct) path?
Your misdirected anger and rage is frightening. Now that you cut down republican mensa, are you a bigger person?
BO's socialist agenda will be the downfall of this country, my friend. Try to have an intelligent conversation without insults or profanity; you negate yourself and your viewpoint with both.
Oh yeah, Nancy Pelosi & friends are doing a great job up there, too. I mean it. Great work. Keep it up. Hey, didn't Biden pen the original draft of the Patriot Act? That darned GWB!!!

1915 days ago

Wanda W.    

As anyone who has ever had a baby can tell you................ babies are spontaneous . They bite , pull hair/jewelry, spit up, fight,crap, pee, annoy,anytime, unknowingly . Until they grow up and become teenagers , then they do the same just to piss people off................

1915 days ago
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