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What Can Brown Do for Dr. Conrad Murray...?

7/28/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a blockade ... law enforcement all over the place ... special agents with ski masks and guns -- but one determined UPS delivery man somehow got through it all to get his package to Dr. Conrad Murray's house.


Rocking a pair of sporty shorts for agility -- and with his "I-mean-business" sunglasses covering his face -- our hero rolled up right in front of the Doc's Las Vegas home during a freaking DEA raid today -- determined to fulfill his obligation to a customer who put his trust in the big brown shield.

But after knocking on the Doc's door, the UPS man was forced to take his package back -- for some reason, no one was available to sign for it.

With his options exhausted, the fearless delivery man once again mounted his brown steed and rode off into the harsh Nevada desert ... until tomorrow, when he will make "Delivery Attempt #2."


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I wonder if that UPS guy knows that right this very moment in time....he's the most famous man in the world!

1883 days ago


That UPS box could very well contain a bulk supply of Propofol....

1883 days ago


go ty you the man....make that least you had your seatbelt on....lmao.....they had you on the news too...

1883 days ago


Dr Conrad Murray, your mother didn't raise no fool. Run while you still have a chance. Don't be a fool, you are looking at 25 years to life. Run man, run. You are damned, that's why you keep getting in trouble every where you go. Run man run.

1883 days ago


OMG who is the jokester who writes these write ups??? I'mlaughing my ass off! well...not that I have much of an ass.... but it's funny as hell and I was drinking when reading it and actually had some come out my nose LOL

1883 days ago

Call Me    

The oldest trick in the book: make a fake delivery, carry empty box to house, fill box with "items" from house, then carry the loaded box off the property. great job!!

1883 days ago


tmz is genius. you guys and girls are so funny. no one capture the irony like you!!!!!!!

1883 days ago

Buck Farack    

Now THAT is company loyalty! I say give the guy a 10.0 AND a raise!

1883 days ago


Too dang funny.

Close up of the UPS man please---that guy looks kinda hot, please confirm

1883 days ago


Come on UPSers say it with me now...

This guy is NOT using his Power Zone!

Someone's gonna hear it from management in the next few days.

1883 days ago


This UPS guy could even deliver a package to Tony "Scarface" Montana while he's shooting up his boys at the mansion. Say hello to my little friend, oops hold on a minute, gotta sign for the UPS box.

1883 days ago


I'm fairly certain that this guy could have left the package on the back porch in a place that he deemed "safe" and "out of view from the public". I wonder why he chose to take the package with him?

1883 days ago


How did the police know there wasn't MJ files in the package. And if Dr. Murray was at home why didn't he sign for it?

1883 days ago


Who wrote this!!! Yall are wrong as hell....that was the first time I was able to laugh so hard during this horrific time! I loved the whole "ROCKING A PAIR OF SHORTS FOR AGILITY!" Priceless...ROF LMFAO!!!

1883 days ago


Dr. Murray was buying a disguise so he can disappear.

1883 days ago
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