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Dogfight Shaping Up in Jackson Probate

7/29/2009 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonKatherine Jackson's lawyer is officially squaring off with the two men Michael Jackson selected to handle his estate, claiming the co-executors are intentionally trying to keep Jackson's mom in the dark.

Londell McMillan just issued a statement making it clear -- he wants Katherine to become a co-executor. McMillan claims the co-executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are not letting Katherine see the agreement Jackson signed with AEG. ... which McMillan says could be a huge source of income for the estate.

McMillan claims the co-executors are imposing unreasonable demands on Katherine -- requiring her to make special promises of confidentiality for the benefit of AEG.

The co-executors have maintained all along they were the ones Michael selected to manage the estate and they are doing their job.

One thing is clear -- it's getting ugly.

Reps for the co-executors just issued a statement, saying the only thing the co-executors asked of Mrs. Jackson is a confidentiality agreement with respect to the AEG agreement but her lawyers refused. They also say it's apparent Katherine's lawyers want to "rewrite Michael's will to make Mrs. Jackson 'Guardian of the Estate' and have her appointed as an executor" ... the co-executors say it's just not what Michael wanted and he said so in his will.


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Let katherine keep screwing around and trying to be greedy, shes gonna die of a heart attack What is wrong with this woman? Trying to go against her sons wishes, which were clearly put in writing. My goodness, the Jackson family needs to get a life, and move on. I sure hope to hell none of them see a penny of his money!!! Except for his beautiful children

1891 days ago

chicken head    

i love Prince too!! can't wait to have him in my bedroom!!!



Posted at 10:03AM on Jul 29th 2009 by DD

1891 days ago

Howard Hughes TOP banana SON    

TMZ sucks thier wages out of baby DOG butt$$ they killed MJ for the dime

1891 days ago


#31 Justice, #33 strawberry, and # 35 Joi, I agree. But I think Miss Katherine, although it's not a popular idea on these baords, is a naive home maker type--one of those mother hen types, who wouldn't know a contract form a cake, because that's just not where her attention was. I'm thinking it's a sort of "my baby," thing with her, and she is truly being green. MJ left Branca and McClain in charge for a reason, and I just fear if anyone else got their hands on that estate, it would end up not having a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I BET the attention MJ's estate needs would just be out of Lodell's league. His lips were twitching nervously before the Today show interview, and he struck me as small time. So many folks need to just sit down and hush, and stop trying to get their 20 minutes of fame and attention.

1891 days ago


that family hasnt been able to bury their own son that supported their lifestyles in the first place,they cant control their own money they were bankrupt and now the greedy cow thinks she should control the money that should be kept for his kids? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE someone put this family in a frigging mental hospital and leave them there! they are way not normal! And jehovah can blow it! thats a poor excuse for saying someone should get their hands on the money or overturn a will,she cant even repsect her own sons wishes for his children??? PATHETIC YOU SCREWED YOUR SON IN LIFE AND YOU'RE STILL DOING IT! evil thats all you are.

1891 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

This should become really interesting.

You don't screw Philip Frederick Anschutz and get away with it.

1891 days ago


Oh come on. You KNEW this was gonna happen. HIs mother was salivating to get her hands on any money that is there and so is his father. No one can see that it's not really Kathrine pulling these strings, it's Joe. The lawyer was even hired by Joe so come one. I think the judge needs to do some investigating and so does the media and find out exactly what this lawyer is up to and if the kids loose the inheretance b/c of what Joe and Kathrine are doing.

1891 days ago

jana lalewicz    

#45-How long have they rented coffin by Sand D- That's HILARIOUS!!!!! It's sickening isn't it. God at least get him in the ground SOMEWHERE!!! They're waitin on that Neverland permit!! DISGUSTING!!

1891 days ago


Wow , Mrs Jackson want to see the contract AEG gad with MJ and they wont let her , they will let her see it if she agrees to a confidentiality agreement , thins is because thay lied on the contract MJ did not agree to 50 shows and if they show the contract it will prove it and leave room for motive with doc murray for silently killing him for insurance

1891 days ago


Mrs. Jackson and her tactics disgust me.
Bury your son. The estate is in good hands. Give them a chance. Don't try to sabotage them WHILE THEY HAVE REAL WORK TO DO RIGHT NOW with these obstructive requests. Londell is a tool.

I hope the judge is stern with her. SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO SIT AT THE TABLE AND HAS LOST any sympathy from me. Her actions speak of DESPERATE GREED.

She wouldn't be inheriting a DAMN DIME if it weren't for Branca.

1891 days ago


If Katherine Jackson gets control over the estate, none of Michael Jackson's creditors will ever see any of the money he owed them. They deserve their money first. Unless Michael borrowed money from his mother, she needs to wait her turn. She should have financially prepared herself for a day like this by saving some of the money Michael had given her. Hey, Katherine can sell that 5 million dollar home. She sounds as financially irresponsible as Michael was.

1891 days ago


PEOPLE! why r u all bashing Granny Jackson when she's only trying to protect her deceased son's best interests? Those two executors were FIRED by MJ a looong ass time ago and he didn't want anything to do with them! The will is OLD! If i were Katherine i wouldn't want my child's estate to be in the hands of those two. SHE'S NOT GREEDY! Greed has nothing to do with this, it's about justice!

I'm just hoping the police won't stop at doctors and investigate into the AEG as well. They're the real murderers. No doubt about it. I want to see that damn contract that MJ "signed" for 50 concerts!

1891 days ago

Chester the CPA    

Like someone said before now:
"I can't believe this 80-year-old lady is scrambling for control of her son's estate when he left it in capable hands. Her lawyers are pushing her because THEY want a chunk."

Mondell & Co..are tthe lawyers running around sqwawking like chickens with their HEADS CUT OFF.. ..

By the way I don't give no preference for AEG live either, but MJ chose to lie down in bed with them too. Somebody has been financing MJ's lifestyle all this time.. His judgment whether clouded or drug induced or not was his judgment. ; the rest of you hangers on.. other then Janet may have to go out & get JOBS or something.. soon...

Welcome to what the rest of the world has to deal with; the gravy train is about over...

1891 days ago

ms black diva    

listen up mj haters mrs jackson is his momma she has every god dm right to estate she spit him out that's her baby so shut the f'''k up and eat sh'''t and die

1891 days ago


Get the kids away from Katherine Jackson. She is a greedy, old woman and will use the children and anything else to get money.

I hope the designated executors hold tight to what Michael wanted. If he had trusted mom with the estate, he would have put it in her control.

1891 days ago
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