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Dogfight Shaping Up in Jackson Probate

7/29/2009 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonKatherine Jackson's lawyer is officially squaring off with the two men Michael Jackson selected to handle his estate, claiming the co-executors are intentionally trying to keep Jackson's mom in the dark.

Londell McMillan just issued a statement making it clear -- he wants Katherine to become a co-executor. McMillan claims the co-executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are not letting Katherine see the agreement Jackson signed with AEG. ... which McMillan says could be a huge source of income for the estate.

McMillan claims the co-executors are imposing unreasonable demands on Katherine -- requiring her to make special promises of confidentiality for the benefit of AEG.

The co-executors have maintained all along they were the ones Michael selected to manage the estate and they are doing their job.

One thing is clear -- it's getting ugly.

Reps for the co-executors just issued a statement, saying the only thing the co-executors asked of Mrs. Jackson is a confidentiality agreement with respect to the AEG agreement but her lawyers refused. They also say it's apparent Katherine's lawyers want to "rewrite Michael's will to make Mrs. Jackson 'Guardian of the Estate' and have her appointed as an executor" ... the co-executors say it's just not what Michael wanted and he said so in his will.


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Michael Jackson    

Hey, Danger Baby. Do you have any children or other young relatives? I would like to invite them over to my house for a sleep over. Don't let the fact that I am a 65 year old man raise any danger signals. My intentions are completely innocent. HEH. HEH. HEH.

1913 days ago

What Am I Missing Here    


The estate will pay Katherine's bills.

1913 days ago


Baby Danger: Unlike Michael Jackson, you probably ARE a perv. No thanks. But if MJ asked, in a heartbeat.

1913 days ago

jana lalewicz    

#82- Nana- I'm just stating the obvious. Katherine Jackson says she is BROKE. Why should she be broke?? Does that make sense. And I don't think this is necesarily about Katherines greed but about Joe Jacksons greed. I believe without a doubt that he will end up with lots & lots of Michael's money if Katherine has ANYTHING to do with it. She is easily manipulated by this man. A man who she is still married to but has lived in Las Vegas for 10 years. The key here is SHE IS STILL MARRIED TO HIM. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT WHO IS STILL RUNNING THE SHOW?

1913 days ago

janie jenkins    

First of all, for you people who have the nerve to call this woman greedy and othr despicable names shame on you! Just as always the Black mother is good enough to be a "mammy" but she does not have enough sense to control the money that goes with the kids. Just another example of white folks "controlling black people by any mean necessary! The ugly comments should be directed at AEG for not considering that no self-respecting black woman wants to be controlled by some "white entity." They are in it for the money not katherine, common sense says if she has the kids she should be able to make decisions about their money too. Michael clearly did not want "Papa Joe" anywhere near his kids or money. That is why the executors were chosen, not because Katherine wants money.

1913 days ago

Karina from NY.    

Tito Jackson confiremd location of MJ body.He is at Forest Lawn.Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries in Hollywood Hills is where the Jackson family held a private memorial service. (Check

Love you dear Mickael and miss you with all my haert:((

1913 days ago


Jana - The City of LA paid for the Jackson memorial, not AEG.

1913 days ago


Katherine wants more money to give to the rest of the family when she dies. Get it? There are about ten kids who live there because thier dead beat dads (her sons!) won't get jobs to care for them. She knows if she kicks the bucket the 40% goes back to the kids. If she gets in control she can screw it all up and give more money to the family.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan you will realize that IS NOT WHAT HE WANTED. Get it- it's not what HE wanted.

1913 days ago


Does this not clearly violate the will? Didn't the will state if there was/is anyone who was contesting the will that person(s) would be eliminated immediately from the will? Do you think Joe is behind this? Can't his recording company and ex-felon partner support his wife?

1913 days ago


Jana - Also AEG stands to profit handsomely from MJ's death. They were covered by insurance, and will make tens of millions on a film or films from rehearsal footage would be my guess.

1913 days ago


Katherine Jackson is a F ing IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

1913 days ago


Stop calling Katherine greedy!!!! She has not worked in 30 years....she wasn't in the Jackson 5......I have never known her to sing......she was supported by Michael's money. The woman is probably broke. Michael is dead and he ain't coming back. She still has to live. I would rather Katherine and the kids get the money than some lawyers! TMZ, where is the tox report??????

1913 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Danger Baby

Get your facts straight. The city of L.A. did not pay for the Jackson Memorial. The city of L.A. paid for the police presence - nothing more. It was AEG that held the memorial. They own Staples Center. Do your research and stop talking out of your butt.

1913 days ago

jana lalewicz    

#98 R/E DANGER BABY- Yes they will profit. THAT'S THE BUSINESS!!!! Maybe it's not pretty & it seems even uglier because MJ died but the concert promoting business is NOT PRETTY! IT'S BUSINESS.

1913 days ago

What Am I Missing Here    

88. ABOUT AEG & THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!-I spoke with my husband who was an entertainment production manager at an arena here in Tampa, Florida for 10 years & was stage technician or "roadie" since he was a teenager(he is 46 now). I asked him if there could be anything to this & here's what he told me: These promoters take a huge risk & front all the money for these tours. They assume all the risk if there are poor ticket sales, if the entertainer becomes ill, dies, or for some reason cannot continue, accidents happen involving stage personnel or people attending the concerts. These are just a few of the things that could happen. THIS IS HUGE MONEY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE. Any one of these events should they occur can put put them right out of business. This is a business. AEG is not the performers "friend" or their "family". My husband said all the insurance is STANDARD in this business & not an attempt to conspire against the performer. After all the performer is getting pretty rich too let's not forget. My husband said he doesn't see anything here that would not have by any other promoter for any other artist. Let's face it, I loved MJ as much as anyone & it pains me to say this but MICHAEL JACKSON WAS NOT A GOOD RISK FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. AEG had no way of knowing that these concerts would sell out the way they did. THEY TOOK A RISK. On a personal note, I believe AEG has handled themselves very respectfully in regards to Michael Jackson. Let's not forget, THE JACKSON FAMILY DID NOT PAY FOR THAT MEMORIAL SERVICE, AEG DID!! They did not have to do that. The Jacksons were only too happy to let them too! It's their family member, they couldn't do something for the public to honor him??? IF THERE IS A SMOKING GUN HERE WITH AEG, I'M NOT SEEING IT. MJ picked his own physician personally. AEG didn't even want to take on the expense of a physician at all. By all the statements the AEG people have made(many who knew MJ for years), they liked & cared for Michael Jackson. THEY TOOK THE FINANCIAL RISK UP FRONT SO IF THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO RECOUP SOME OF THEIR LOSSES THEN THEY SHOULD!!!!

Posted at 10:57AM on Jul 29th 2009 by jana lalewicz


ITA. All this bladder about AEG is coming from Joe and his buddy, Leonard Rowe, who are pissed off that Michael and AEG didn't cut them in for a piece of the action.

It's over a month later and this family hasn't even buried Michael. AEG was instrumental in giving him a beautiful memorial service. What has the Jackson family done to honor Michael? It's disgraceful that he's not even buried.

1913 days ago
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