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'Power Grab' in Vegas Over Jackson Case

7/29/2009 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayA turf war between Las Vegas law enforcement on one hand and the DEA and the LAPD on the other could have compromised yesterday's raids on Dr. Conrad Murray's office and home ... according to multiple law enforcement sources.

We're told the DEA and LAPD wanted to conduct simultaneous raids in Houston and Las Vegas to maintain the element of surprise ... but the Vegas raids were delayed 6 days.

Sources say the D.A. in Vegas threw up road blocks and delayed for days before going to court to obtain a search warrant ... A member of the D.A.'s office told us it's routine for prosecutors to be "careful" in securing warrants.

But sources in other agencies involved in the searches scoff at the D.A.'s concerns, claiming this was nothing more than the D.A. wanting to call the shots.

And several sources say the Vegas police slowed things down by trying to take the lead over the DEA in executing the warrants.

One top law enforcement official says, "There was more than enough probable cause to get a warrant." Another law enforcement officer called the actions of the D.A. and police "a power grab."

The Vegas raids were conducted yesterday ... 6 days after the Houston raid. That gave Dr. Murray more than enough notice that the other shoe was about to drop.

The Las Vegas D.A. would not comment. As for the Vegas PD, a spokesman told us "We're not aware of any feud over the action involving this warrant."


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lawry, from France    

Were the DEA and the LAPD racing for fame?

1912 days ago


There'll be a power struggle in prison far as who gets to bend him over his cot first!

1912 days ago


Michael u never will be alone ! JUSTICE !!!

1912 days ago


If this comes to trial it's going to get OJ-ish. His defense lawyers will be all over the problems with the searches including not yellow taping Michael's house immediately. Going to be a mess prosecuting. I hope to heaven L.A. doesn't blow this one.

1912 days ago


They are screwing up the investigation, AGAIN!!!!!!!!

1912 days ago


Geez, there's been enough probably cause on TMZ for Murray to just plead guilty already.

1912 days ago

The Nose    

This just keeps going and going and going

1912 days ago


Obama was wrong, they are not stupid, they are IDIOTS!!!

1912 days ago


this man better watch out! Michael had alot of fantical fans.
He killed Michael. Somebody will get him. I pray they will!
He deserves it. I hope he rots in hell forever! I know Michael
was doing this for awhile but he should have been watching him
but he wasn't! If he was staying with Michael like he should have been
Michael would still be alive. i hate that man to death!!!

1912 days ago


Sounds to me like they really don't want to bust this guy. Every turn Law Enforcement dropping the ball. Dr. Murray, you just might get away with this.

1912 days ago


I think they all waited too long to do the raid regardless of who got their first. Come on, the shady Dr. Murray knew it was coming before they arrived. He had plenty of time to destroy evidence or anything incriminating.

1912 days ago

Jerry Martin    

They better not have screwed up their chance to put this quack in prison!

1912 days ago


Howard still runs the strip.VOODOO is gettin SHIPPED OUT to some island to get back to his witch doctor ways

1912 days ago

Harvey Rocks    

That so-called doctor knew weeks ago that he had to cover his trail, so the delay wasn't even a factor. Even without any media attention, he knew his days were numbered to conceal evidence. But I'm sure they have an idea of how to prosecute and re-create the hours leading up to MJ's death.
But, I'm sitll hopeful that this is a well-contrived hoax, and MJ's alive and well, watching all of this unfold as he planned.
Now, if we could just make medical school harder for those who are downright moronic.

1912 days ago


This whole thing is just a screwed up mess. They seem to wait way too long to do anything. There is probably so much evidence that has disappeared you could choke an elephant with it. Time is essential and too much of it has been wasted.

1912 days ago
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