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Dr. Murray's Employees Tell Different Stories

7/30/2009 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two women who allegedly went to Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston storage unit and removed boxes just hours before Michael Jackson was pronounced dead are telling inconsistent stories about what was taken from the storage facility.

Dr. Murray's Click to view!Laquisha Click to view!

We spoke with LaQuisha Middleton and her sister, LaQuanda Price, both of whom worked for Dr. Murray at the time. LaQuisha is the office manager. LaQuanda was laid off within the last month.

The manager of the storage facility tells us the two sisters came to Dr. Murray's unit at 9:22 AM Los Angeles time the day Jackson died and picked up 3 - 5 boxes, in addition to other items they carried out by hand. The manager says she personally spoke with both sisters at the facility.

But Wednesday -- outside Dr. Murray's Houston office -- LaQuanda told us she stayed in the office the day Jackson died and did not go to the storage facility. She says her sister went and retrieved one bio-hazardous box -- filled with used needles. She says Dr. Murray did not call and direct either of them to go to the storage facility. As for why they would pick up a box of used needles and take it back to the office, LaQuanda says they were just moving things around in the office.

LaQuisha told a totally different story. She says the only thing she picked up was a chair. She also says Dr. Murray did not direct her to go to the facility. As for why she went, she said "I always go."

They also don't believe Dr. Murray administered a fatal dose of Propofol to Jackson.


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both these women are stupid. they either think the whole world is high on socks or they have been taken the drugs they got from dr murray too. they were just high and dont remember what they did that morning

1856 days ago


Accessories to Manslaughter. I would charge them. Should be an interesting trial...

1882 days ago

Bobby Knight    

I guess if your name begins with the letters LA you can get a job...

1882 days ago


LaQuisha and LaQuanda. You have got to be kidding me?! ROFLMAO.

1882 days ago


Dumb and Dumber!!!!!!!!!!!

1882 days ago


First..... Why are they covering for him? The police need to bring them in and give them a REAL interview, dripping water, the whole nine yards. They are lying through their teeth for some reason. Could they be afraid of what he may do to them? Do they have something to hid?

1882 days ago


LaQuanda? Who names their daughter LaQuanda? It's practically grooming her to be a hooker...and Laquisha? ug..Ghetto. My opinion of Dr. Murphy has been going down down down...he apparently has like 6 kids out of wedlock...this guy can't keep it in his pants. He's a mess. Frankly, the world will be better off with him off the streets.

1882 days ago


omg..out of all the names in the world, why or why..this is going to make a interesting movie one day

1882 days ago

Thank you for the Joy Mr. J    

Hey by this time they should have Murray's cell records from that day you would think ?
If not, why not ?

1882 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

"I don't know nuffin' 'bout nuffin'. He don't even stays around here no mo."

1882 days ago


Used needles? How ridiculous is that? Those go directly into sharps containers and are mailed to a facility that destroys them.
Wow. You would think that they would have a plausible story ready by now. After all they've had a whole month to think about the lie to tell.
Hope Murray can live with himself. It has to be a huge burden to know you killed Michael Jackson.

1882 days ago


Why wasn't the third listed SheNayNay available for comment?? Huh?

1882 days ago


These people work in a hospital? God help all the people that go to this clinic because they are probably receiving some cheap ass treatment. They both seem stupid as hell. And why exactly are they storing used needles in a storage facility? That makes no damn sense. Why would anyone be collecting used needles. And the storage facility manager said they both were there and removed several this chair she speaks of..was it in several pieces and packed in different boxes with used needles cushioning it? These people are all useless and have no business providing medical care to any living being. These people probably couldn't even keep a house plant alive.

1882 days ago


Do we have to keep hearing about every little thing to do with the MJ Case I am sick of hearing it and seeing it on this site

1882 days ago


Where in the world do Black people come up with these dang funny! Anyways, these two know more than they are willing to admit....Moving around used needles, from storage back to the office? Now that in itself is crazy..Oh wait that other sister LAshuntanaynay, said she was moving a chair...alrighty now....which LaBimbo is telling the truth?

1882 days ago
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