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Jackson Spent Last Hours in Doctor's Bed

7/31/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson Spent Last Hours in Doctor's Bed The reports that Michael Jackson spent the last night in his bedroom are not true -- we've learned Jackson spent his last hours in Dr. Conrad Murray's bedroom ... in Dr. Murray's bed.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell us Jackson did not want people going in and out of his room, so he used Dr. Murray's bedroom for his IV Propofol. We're told Dr. Murray administered the Propofol to Jackson hours before he died, while the singer lay in Murray's bed.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray may have been using his room almost nightly to administer Propofol to Jackson. Emergency workers found an IV stand, an empty IV bag and oxygen tanks in Dr. Murray's room. And as we first reported, the Monday after Jackson died, cops found a stash of Propofol and other drugs hidden in a closet connected to Dr. Murray's room.

We've already reported Dr. Murray left the room at some point when Jackson was receiving an IV drip of Propofol and may have fallen asleep. Cops believe by the time he awakened Jackson's heart may have already stopped beating.

We're told Dr. Murray was not in Jackson's house during the day. He would show up in the evening and leave in the morning. Law enforcement believes the doctor may have regularly gone to Jackson's home at night to administer Propofol so the singer could sleep.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray could have discovered Jackson sometime around 9 AM the day of his death. One theory cops are working under ... after discovering Jackson either in distress or dead, Dr. Murray called two employees at his medical office in Houston and told them to go to his storage unit and remove certain boxes. Both women told TMZ Dr. Murray did not call them but cops are dubious. The stories of the two women conflict -- one says a box of dirty needles was retrieved; the other says she went to retrieve a chair.

As for what may have been in the boxes, law enforcement is investigating whether Dr. Murray had Propofol delivered to his Houston medical office ... possibly put in his storage unit ... and then FedEx'd to Los Angeles as needed.

Dr. Murray rented the storage unit April 1 and the staff went back on 4 different occasions before Jackson's death.

We know when the DEA raided Dr. Murray's Houston medical office, they seized a rolodex card with FedEx information.

Dr. Murray's Click to view!Laquisha Click to view!


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I wonder what Murray was doing to stay awake (supposedly) all night while MJ slept? Didn't they find uppers in his Houston office? Maybe they need to check and see what he prescribed himself...well, I guess you would have to look under many names.

1909 days ago


You know.... you could be right..... lol

1909 days ago


I find it very interesting that everyone is blaming Dr Murray and no one is blaming Michael Jackson for this death. Seems they are both guilty! And I am sure that Michael, where ever he is now, feels great remorse and guilt that his reckless and arrogant behavior has now left his young children fatherless! Great talent or not, this is Michaels greatest failure in life.

1909 days ago


#18 thanks for that link. wow it really gives you another side of MJ that we really dont know. btw i really hate Joe jackson ..... more than i did a few minutes ago

1909 days ago

annie's ok    

I've said it before, and I'll say it again..... I think MJs up in Drug-free, Stress-free, Pain-free, Fear-free Heaven..... free at last, and laughing at all of us, and this speculation nonsense. At least, I believe, we're entertaining HIM now xxxx

1909 days ago


His kids seem fine.I love Michael.

Posted at 2:30AM on Jul 31st 2009 by Michelle

The thing that bothers me about the kids, is that the 2 boys didn't shed a tear at the memorial, and it's been reported that they haven't shed a tear since. Isn't that a little odd to anybody??? Even my 17 year old cries when he breaks up with his girlfriend. All I keep hearing about is how happy the kids are. Is that normal? When my dad died, I was a basketcase. I've dealt a lot with people grieving over their lost loved ones, and to show no signs of sorrow seems just a little creepy to me.

1909 days ago


An addiction to alcohol or cigs is something you can do to your self and you don't need anyone to procure it for you. Being addicted to anything medical such as pills or treatments, surely requires someone to do it for you! Some Dr's just can't say NO!

1909 days ago


There was one report circulating saying Dr. Murray found MJ with a pulse, can that be confirmed? What possibly happened between 9 and 12:30? The chef confirmed that Dr. M didn't go down to the kitchen to get MJ's breakfast as usual. Then there are the two employees of Dr. M who visited his storage unit at 9:30 to remove items. With only this information, it's easy to conclude something way beyond negligance occured. Even if Dr. M hadn't monitored MJ as he should have and MJ stopped breathing, why wait 3 hours to call 911?

On the other hand, if the Dr. found MJ around 9:00 am and didn't call 911 until 12:30, then wouldn't rigormortis have set in already and MJ's body would have be extremely cold? The pieces just don't fit together with such limited info.

1909 days ago


67. I believe this doctor could have rushed Michael to the hospital hours before the ambulance arrived. That is murder not manslaughter. The feds need to threaten his two assistance with time in the slammer so they own up to the truth.

Posted at 2:31AM on Jul 31st 2009 by Tamara Cannon
Well, if MJ was already absolutely dead, then I suppose it wouldn't have really mattered...but again, why was there an IV left in MJ's arm, if he passed away so many hours before?

1909 days ago


Maybe that is why the heat was up to keep him warm while he tried everything and anything to cover up.

1909 days ago


I am not a Jackson fan who is in denial, actually I have never been a Jackson fan at all. However, I do not believe that Michael Jackson would have had Propofol administered to himself, had he known exactly what it is for. I have usually a very good instinct when there is something wrong and people lie. I know what it is like to have sleeping proplems, Probably Murray made Jackson believe he was administering a fairly strong sleeping medication and not an anasthetic, Jackson would never have risked the side effects of Propofol, particularly not considering that he was into healthfood and wanted to be fit for the tour. Joe Jackson might be old and not fully aware of what is going on around him but I do think he is very right about the foul play.

1909 days ago


"Aww yes, from what's been reported, MJ was using propofol ALL the way back then too."

And from what's been reported by others, he WASN'T using propofol ALL the way back then.

POINT: Since the people in his life all seem to have their own ulterior motives, nobody can report diddly-squat that's factual about Michael Jackson's personal life except Michael Jackson, and he's not saying anything about his personal business at the moment.

It's scary how many people STILL believe what's "reported" about Michael Jackson, especially given all of the glaring inconsistencies in the media since his "passing." Even his so-called "friends" coming out of the woodwork in droves are clueless.

1909 days ago


The band Queen said it best......

1909 days ago



I would think MJ knew exactly what it was especially with the numerous surgeries he has had.

1909 days ago


(1) TMZ and its unnamed sources: "We're told Dr. Murray was not in Jackson's house during the day. He would show up in the evening and leave in the morning."

(2) Michael Jackson's personal chef
Kai Chase: "Dr. Conrad Murray had been coming over daily since I returned to the Jackson house in the beginning of June. He would normally arrive around 9 a.m. and leave shortly after lunch.
You need to read that story again. She said he would arrive at night at 10ish, then he'd come down in the AM to drop off O2 tanks and get MJ's morning meal of granola or a shake. So he came at night, put MJ out, then wake him up, take down the tanks, and bring up his breakfast. Then presumably he would leave.

1909 days ago
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