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K-Fed -- Big Cheapskate

8/1/2009 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's only one small thing about Kevin Federline these days: The amount of moolah he leaves for tips.

Kevin Federline: Click to launch
Brit's expanding ex was at Wasted Space at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Thursday night -- where he and his buds were hooked up with several free bottles of Grey Goose. Only problem: Sources very close to the situation tell is the dude tipped zilch!

Kevin Federline: Click to watchIt's not like he's broke -- Kevin pulls in $30K just to watch his own kids while Britney's on tour.


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1848 days ago



1848 days ago


Wasted Space is the appropriate place for him to be. He takes up a lot of it. He doesn't tip because he's used to getting everything for free. Britney spoiled that fat bastard.

1848 days ago


God he's fat! I wonder what happened to him

1848 days ago

my 3 cents    

Only people who win big in the Casino, or Noobies, or People who are celebrating a birthday or marriage will tip OTHERWISE NO ONE ELSE TIPS AND WE TAKE OUR FREE DRINKS.

1848 days ago

uh oh    

He's no worse than she is. Daddy has to dress her, make her take a bath, wash that balding patch of filthy extensions, tell her to keep the tampon string in it's place, and pray she doesn't freak out on him. She doesn't even know where she is half the time. This woman is the nastiest woman on the planet. At least Kfed and Victoria are clean. No matter how much money she makes, she is a cash cow. The lawyers take it, daddy takes it, why not Kfed? She deserves everything she gets and the kids deserve at least one decent parent, not one who parades them around for PR. She is too selfish to care about anyone but herself. She will go nuts again. It's already showing and I can't wait. Bring on the CRAZY.

1848 days ago

Frank Dillane    


1848 days ago

Linda Mott    

So many people in the limelight are just plain cheep. The waitress, valet, skycab, bartenders and other people that have to take low paying jobs, rely on tips to get a decent living wage.

1848 days ago


Team Kevin note that the no talent ho you refer to is laughing all the way to the bank. It takes talent to earn that kind of money and that ho has been working since she was four years old. Look at you TEAM Kevin you are a LOSER and the only lip synchin going on here is you kissing K Fat's Big A--

1848 days ago


Hootchiemama Your name say's it all. You are a disgusting filthy stupid COW. What do you mean at least Kevin and Vicki are clean ? KFat is as slimy is it get's. The kids deserve one decent parent who does not parade them around for PR. Idiot what do you think Kevin and Vicki were doing in Vegas? They are hooking up with VH1 to make a reality show starring the Kids you dumb sory excuse for a woman. Bring the Crazy on, I think it's on you. My3CentZ what can I say, 3 cents is all you got you broke a-- loser. Everybody tips, that is everybody with Class and Class is something that can not be bought , ask your wife Hootchiemama. LMAO

1848 days ago

Wanda W.    

So he was at a place called 'Wasted Space " huh ? How appropriate . This IS white trash as its worst . He just about has nothing to do these days, but drink and eat anyway, so why should he tip ? Hes saving all his money for a time when the gravy train known as that train wreck Spears is dried up, and he has to actually work for a living. Also hes saving up for all that therapy those sons of theirs will undoubtedly need when they grow older.

1848 days ago


1847 days ago


first of all~~>> 1.toofastforyou! is a loser for even typing first, get a life.. I know you work with tmz!!!!"admins"

Second ~~>> K-FED you're a fcking LOSER, get a job and stop mooching on brit..... someone needs to hand this guy a LOSER award 2009 before the year is over... hook him up TMZ!!! give him the award!

1847 days ago


He is self absorbed. Selfish greedy people don't care about others.

1847 days ago


It's funny... when a woman get 'all-a-money' or child support women chant 'good for her!' but when I a guy does the exact same thing they scream 'he needs a job!'.

Equal is equal, ladies.

I say it's high time you all had to sign up with Selective Service when you turn 18 and risk being drafted - just like the men you're EQUAL to.


1847 days ago
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