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Jessica Simpson --

Dates Cowboys,

Is An Indian

8/2/2009 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson insists she is not an Indian giver -- but that she is, in fact, an Indian. Huh?

Jessica Simpson -- play video
Simpson angered some Native American groups when she told us earlier this week she wasn't an Indian giver -- after we asked her if she would take back a boat she bought ex-BF Tony Romo as a gift.

When we asked her about the comment last night outside of Katsuya in Hollywood, she told us, "I am Indian, alright?"

Her Indian name would be She Who Does Not Speak Good.


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you must stupid    

Good Lord, and Harvey actually wonders why no one takes him seriously

1906 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jessica was there with John Mayer and John is still
dating her once a cheater always a
cheater. ;))))))))

1906 days ago


Indians are stupid. Why do they have that dot on their forehead?

1906 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

Let me guess .. she says she part Cherokee right?? Almost every white person i know says that .. but they have no proof of it .. i seriously doubt she any kind of Native!!!

1906 days ago


cracker :5 ausually disparaging : a poor usually Southern white bcapitalized : a native or resident of Florida or Georgia —used as a nickname

honky :usually disparaging : a white person


1906 days ago

you must stupid    

Just further evidence that the little Nazi minions that Harvey Hitler employees are nothing more than retarded high school dropouts, since anybody with a lick of sense wouldn't be stupid enough to appear so hypocritical.

Jessica is an open Conservative, so therefore the Nazis at TMZ attack her. Tim McGraw is an open Liberal, so Harvey smokes his pole any chance he gets. If the below video of Tim's 'Indian Outlaw" song isn't offensive to Native Americans then I don't know what is.

Sweet mullet btw, Tim

1906 days ago

you must stupid    

43. After reading alot of the posts, it sounds like most of you idiots need to be educated. Sounds like all of you are bigots and a bunch of racist honky's.
as for jessica, she should sell the boat , and donate the money to the Native Americans, since all of their land was stolen but the f*cking white man.

Posted at 12:41PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by Miia

The same land that your fat ass is currently residing on and enjoying I might add. Btw Miia, you know your last name really isn't your last name, it's the surname of your ancestors owners. :)

1906 days ago

you must stupid    

cracker :5 ausually disparaging : a poor usually Southern white bcapitalized : a native or resident of Florida or Georgia —used as a nickname

honky :usually disparaging : a white person


Posted at 12:43PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by FYI JUNE

Genius, obviously they are not that offensive since you're able to type them out and post them on this blog for all the world to see and the racist at TMZ let them stand. Yet if I were to type out N***ER my post would be taken down within seconds and more than likely my e-mail address blocked from ever posting again.

Some might call that, hmm...a double standard?

1906 days ago

you must stupid    

dumba$$ liberals,

LOL!!!! OMG I have completely forgotten about that song and video!!! It really took me back, lol, and you're 100% correct!!! That is far more offensive than Jessica's little comment that was created to insult white people to begin with!!! Tim McGraw is such a putz!!! Classic and great post! Thanks for the vid!! LOL!!!!

1906 days ago

you must stupid    

So TMZ accuses Jessica of being a bigot while making a bigoted comment of their own in the article? Are you serious? Your insensitive comment about her "indian name" was far more offensive. And just so you know, the fat black chick on your show that claims to be indian (laughable) doesn't mean you have to right to insult REAL indians with your spin and bullying tactics to attack others.

1906 days ago


#36 Sally you a tramp get off this site

1906 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

Me want see you naked & no talk, ok?

1906 days ago


Seriously, there is nothing wrong with trading goods back and forth. Indians used material things for not only gifts but for currency, the world would be in a lot better shape today if we in fact used something tangible for goods like Gold or basic things.
No doubt the Europeans looked down on those type of transactions as opposed to trading but I feel sure a lot of people that lost everything on paper would see the Indian way differently now.
The Indians took better care of the world than anyone else because they respected basic things and knew the value of basic things.
You would never see elderly homeless people because they respected wisdom and knew the importance of life experience where as now days many have arrogant attitudes about what they have to offer and a sense of entitlement with little respect for nature and the value of good clean water and preserving the environment.
Native Americans are the only natives of America and we should treat them with respect and better understand their ways.

Posted at 1:35PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by Whaaat

You just earned MY respect with that post; that's for sure. Not a better way to put it than you did and I appreciate it. (And I AM Cherokee and wasn't offended by that idiot Jessica's remarks. She's dumb as a stump with a nose to match, and she's no more Native American than Charlie the Tuna....which she knows NOTHING about, either...ignorant butt lesion)

1906 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    


She does NOT have to speak good, with a pretty mouth like that ! Her oral expression is communicating in nonverbal ways (and I love it). Maybe I'll take her to Vegas. Show her how to get that BIG MONEY.
"Indian Style", just like the California casinos at the reservation. Safer than Russian Roulette and guaranteed to get it wet.

I'm just sayin'. I ain't playin'.

1906 days ago


Give it a rest people. She meant no harm with the term. It is common slang in the American language and 99.9% of the the people that use the term do not intend any disrespect.

1906 days ago
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