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Jacko's Kids Get Booked

8/3/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's sons Michael Jr. (in red) and Prince Michael (in blue) and their entourage were spotted going to an L.A. bookstore this weekend.


On Monday, a judge named Katherine Jackson permanent guardian of all three of Michael's children.


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.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Please don't hound these kids like you did their father.... they are just children. Leave them alone!

1910 days ago

Sand D    

they look much better, healther and clean maybe they have a chance now

1910 days ago


Hate to say this but very True- All the Kids now are FREE from wearing those Stupid Silly Masks, they don't need to hide and can finally have some normal in there life. Of course the Media will always follow them but at least they can be KIDS.
I don't however, agree The Grandparents should have Custody. They are Old folks in there Old ways and these kid are probably very hip and styling, need Younger type of Parenting, and God Pray Mr Joe Jackson doesn't disipline them like he did with his Precious Kids, hahaha.

1910 days ago


They are totally his bio-kids. It's great that the g-ma got permanent custody

1910 days ago

you must stupid    

MJ isn't their biological father, nor did he ever adopt them. So how exactly are they his "sons? "The real question should be what was he doing with 3 children that weren't his in any way in the first place.

1910 days ago


It's so nice to see the Jackson kids without masks as I am sure they are glad to not wear them.

1910 days ago


Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) can use a haircut. He is starting to look like Cousin IT. Just Sayin....

1910 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

who cares who the "biological" dad is... Michael WAS and will always be their daddy. He loved them.. put clothes on their back.. he loved them un-conditionally.. thats all a father has to do.. not pass a paternity test. I know they must miss him :(

1910 days ago


Thank God for the Peace i see on their faces, Blanket (lol) know what the deal is looking straight at the camera. Please let them be! IN the Name Of JESUS!

1910 days ago


I agree with 1 to leave the children alone that the reason why Micheal cover their faces from the media.

1910 days ago

secret ninja    

they are his kids whether you like it or not, if you don't like him (Michael) then don't comment about him. Period, and to 'notthemomma' what do you mean they look 'nicer and cleaner'? they've always been nice, and clean, and well taken care of by their daddy, Michael Jackson. They've always had a chance, he put masks on their faces to shield them from photo coveragae, and now look, their little faces are all over the internet and magazines. I hope as well that media will leave them alone and not hound them like they did their father. good grief. get a life people!

1910 days ago


Lord, Bless these children and keep them safe. And, may the grow up ignoring all the negatives said about thei father, whom they so love.....Amen

1910 days ago


Please leave the kids alone TMZ.

1910 days ago

I think it's sawful that the world now knows what MJ's kids look like. Now, they will never have any peace.

1910 days ago


TMZ stopped calling him Jacko, don't you people have any respect for a dead man. SHAME on TMZ staff.

1910 days ago
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