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Jessica Simpson --

Part Indian,

Part Mysterious

8/3/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson
When Jessica Simpson looked into our camera this weekend and claimed, "I am Indian" -- she wasn't kidding around.

Jessica's rep tells TMZ the singer is 1/16th Native American "on her mother's side."

So far, Simpson's peeps have not revealed which tribe Jessica is descended from.

Of course, the revelation only came to light after Jessica started receiving criticism from Native American groups after she claimed she wasn't an "Indian giver" -- regarding a gift she bought Tony Romo.


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I'm not sure how the little indians song is a stereotype because there are little indians and it's not insults it's just a kids song. Asking about building a teepee isn't a stereotype because i'm sure a real indian knows how to build one. Since when do cowboys date indians isn't a stereotype and technically her ex boyfriend isn't an authentic cowboy so who cares. I don't think you need to research indian giver I think you need to research stereotype. A stereotype is a type of logical oversimplification in which all the members of a class or set are considered to be definable by an easily distinguishable set of characteristics. don't get your feathers ruffled - it's not good for the headdress isn't a stereotype that's like saying dont get your panties in a bunch is a stereotype against women.

1909 days ago


She is about as "Native American" as I am Chinese!!! give me a freaken break! This heffa looks like she is either polish or Jewish. I would bet JEwish. She really, seriously look Jewish. I always also thought she was silly, ignorant and butt ugly
This hillbilly is so typical!

1909 days ago

Mary Worth    

Real Native Americans have it as bad as the African Americans. They get stopped by the police for being colored. They get hateful stares from certain caucasians, hispanics, asians, etc! They are given bad service for their money by these same groups. They are stereotyped worse than the above groups, who still think John Wayne is the epitome of an American.,
Well, I hate to bring the bad tidings, but John Wayne was well known in the movie biz for having young guys come to his trailer on movie sets.
In fact, a friend of mine who is from the state of Washington, (the eastern part) told me that he saw John Wayne in a house that he bought for the purpose of having male guests.
But I digress; and with good reason, I might add.

WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES! That is what we all can learn to do with those who are different. I have had the pleasure of learning about people all over the world, and you know what? PEOPLE ARE THE SAME, EVERYWHERE!

There are caucasians who know more about Native American culture and history, than most Native Americans. I've seen it over and over.

Non-NA's don't know about the 5 NA ballerinas who gained world-wide fame in the '40's and '50's. They don't know about influential jazz/pop singers in the history of pop music who are part NA. The list included some who are known as African American.
They never heard about Billy Mills, whos stunned the sports world when he came out of nowhere to win the 10,000 meters race at the Tokyo Olympics.
They have no idea who Jim Thorpe was, or what he accomplished!
They don't know that NA's have the highest percentage of any racial group who have served in the Armed Forces.

There's so much more, but one has to overcome their ignorance by researching or talking to historians.

1909 days ago


How ironic that people can't stop long enough to read the posts ... "Indian giver" is a derogatory comment to the US government for the way the mistreated the native Americans by 'giving' them their own land and then taking it back! In fact one of the icons of the US, Mount Rushmore, exists on STOLEN land.

Give it up people, Jessica Simpson and the whole TMZ team simply made derogatory comments about their own stupidity!

1908 days ago


"INDIAN GIVER" refers to the white settlers who gave Native Americans blankets infected with small pox.
Anyone who screws over someone with the pretext of helping, is an INDIAN GIVER.
It is not a term that insults NATIVE AMERICANS.
In fact, Native Americans should be happy that their victimization is forever remembered by the use of this term.

1908 days ago

Just an ordinary native    

Oops! It was supose to say "DOTS OR FEATHERS" haha

1908 days ago

smoothie from az    

And that's how I'm taking this remark. She not literally being an Indian Giver. Who cares it used to be funny when Bugs Bunny would make fun of Indians, why can't it be funny now? Being 100% "Indian" i don't take offense to it. everyone makes semi rascist jokes.

1908 days ago

you must stupid    

Since TMZ lies more times than not, I doubt there are any REAL "indian organizations" that are upset at Jessica, but even if there are, who the hell cares? These are the same crackpots that get upset with crayons if there is a brown that is too similar to the same color of their skin tone. They're sensitive bitches that need to get on with their lives and enjoy the fact that they don't have to pay a single cent of taxes.

1908 days ago


Osiyo (hello),
I am Cherokee, a direct descendant of Chief Moi Toi... From the Love clan, and shaman line....

I don't know what tribe she's from... but I can guarantee you anyone who respects their native american heritage would NEVER.... I repeat NEVER.... use that godforsaken term!!! I pray to the Great Spirit she does not belong to us... what a disgrace.... such ignorance! She's not an indian, she's an idiot! Sorry, but this really pishes me off!!!!! She needs to learn some respect for her tribe... and elders! Can somebody who knows her slap that bitch for me, please? Thank you!!!

Wado (buhbye)

1908 days ago

red diablo    


1908 days ago


Sheez...I guess it's not politically correct to be a plain white person. Jessica needs to just shut up for Christ's sake. I wonder how many Natives have Barbie parties for their birthday???

1908 days ago

Linda Mott    

I am about 25% Cherokee and I didn't take offense. Americans are becoming too sensitive to everything. I do find the N word offensive and I don't have to be black to be offended. I think this is an old expression not meant to hurt anyone.

1908 days ago

you must stupid    

It's hilarious how TMZ is so desperate to paint Jessica as a racist or some crap, yet they turn a blind eye to our racist President and Vice President and all the offensive comments they've made over the years. Typical

1908 days ago

you must stupid    

Just another example of how minorities are wearing out their welcome with their constant playing of the racecard. Granted I trust the TMZ propagandists as much as I'd trust Michael Vick to dog sit my pooch, but still, the whole "evil white man" bs has run it's course. Get some new material.

1908 days ago

Midnight Joe    

I was told that calling someone an indian giver is not a slur against indians. Indians were not known for taking things back. White people were indian givers since they "gave" things to indians and when they became valuable they took them back from the indians.

1908 days ago
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