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Another Storage Unit Rented by Jackson Doc

8/3/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Dr. Conrad Murray has a storage unit in Las Vegas -- and there seems to be a growing connection between the doctor's storage rentals in Vegas and Houston.

Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Murray has a 10x20 unit at a Public Storage facility in Las Vegas. We've learned an employee of Dr. Murray's came to the unit as recently as July 30 with Dr. Murray's credit card number on a piece of paper and paid the rental fee. We do not know if items were removed or stored at that time. Dr. Murray missed the July 15 deadline to make payment and he was charged a late fee.

We're told one of the four people authorized on Dr. Murray's behalf to come and go at the facility is Stacey Howe -- someone who figured prominently when Dr. Murray's Houston storage unit was raided last month. Federal agents seized correspondence addressed to Stacey Howe, and we're told the agents asked the manager of the storage facility if she knew of Howe.

When agents raided Dr. Murray's Houston medical practice, they seized two Yahoo e-mails from Stacey Howe.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray may have had Propofol -- the drug they believe killed Michael Jackson -- stored in the various storage units for shipment to the singer, though as far as we know they do not have proof ... at least not yet.

We do not know if the Vegas storage unit has been searched pursuant to a warrant.


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191. What is this MURDER? Some of you people must have just been born.
I think not.
To prove murder there has to be clear intent, and motive.

This is what's wrong with America today, too many stupid people live here.
Learn the law before you go speaking on the law without a clue.....ARTOFWAR

Posted at 5:24PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by ARTOFWAR

It was Murder my friend.
Who said the "Good" Doctor did it?
I sure won't, because he didn't.

1874 days ago


176. Hi tellitlikeitis
Yes i found on Youtube are 14 parts, the interview was really long.
The link is:

Posted at 11:33AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Andrea from Brazil

Andrea you have a message at #112
happy reading and posting

1874 days ago


Since Dr. Murray seemed to like storage units, did he have one in L.A.? The chef reported that he came around 9 pm at night and left in the morning. Where did he hang out during the day?

1874 days ago


Nobody was mad....nobody distrusted.....I think tellitlikeitis got unexpectedly taken away!
There's nothing that needs fixing....everything's still OK.....just different....
not like the good ole days huh.......but maybe as good.
Yeah that cloning business is the pits.
I've been on a board before where that went.......really distracting and infuriating and frustrating!

It was really nice of this "I" to leave you guys a message.

See you around Del.....don't be shy!

Posted at 10:04PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by PastCanaan7


Not as much shy as busy last few days- gotta take care of home too...right?

watching too... just not as intently...up early right now.. trying to catch up. got a little time right now...

1874 days ago


It was Murder my friend.
Who said the "Good" Doctor did it?
I sure won't, because he didn't.

Posted at 10:25PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by PastCanaan7

If I read and think what i think..

I would go with annie wilkes and for lack of a better term dr. killjoy ..more befiting.. and years in the making. based on surprise appearance which seemed out of place at best ..

1874 days ago


Why is it that has not yet picked up on the following bombshell article that can be accessed at: (Note: The url says "dugs" and not "drugs".)?


Michael Jackson 'killed by drugs given by aide as doctor slept'
Michael Jackson died after receiving a dose of painkiller from an aide to his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, it has been claimed. By Matthew Moore Published: 11:34AM BST 03 Aug 2009

The King of Pop was given Demerol by the assistant after pleading for pain relief while Dr Murray slept, it is alleged. Jackson had earlier been administered his regular anaesthetic Propofol – which is sold under the brand name Diprivan – and it is believed that the combination of the two drugs may have caused him to suffer a heart attack. Dr Murray was the last person to see Jackson alive but has always denied giving the singer the drugs that killed him. His home and office have been searched by Los Angeles police investigating the 50-year-old's sudden death. "Murray would set up a system to give Jackson a steady intravenous release of Diprivan through the night", a source close to the case told The Sun. "But this time Michael woke up before Murray did and asked one of his aides for some Demerol. "The aide gave it to him but it was too soon after receiving the anaesthetic." The newspaper also claimed that monitoring equipment that should be hooked up to all patients receiving Diprivan to check their heart rates and blood oxygen levels was not found in Jackson's home.

Personal Note: If the above is proven to be true, it clearly demonstrates how grossly incompetent and negligent Dr. Conrad Murray was in his care and treatment of Michael Jackson, a known drug addict. There is simply no rational reason why Dr. Murray's behavior and actions can be excused due to the fact that an aide (under his guidance, control and direction) administered the Demerol shot that caused MJ's death. Neither can Dr. Murray be excused for administering Propofol (a powerful anesthetic known to cause sudden cardiac arrest) to MJ outside of a clinical setting without alarm-type heart rate and oxygen monitoring devices attached to his body and a defibrillator being on site. It was my understanding that MJ was regularly given a shot of Demerol at 11:30 a.m., which appears to be the time that he went into cardiac arrest on the day he died.

1874 days ago
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