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Another Storage Unit Rented by Jackson Doc

8/3/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Dr. Conrad Murray has a storage unit in Las Vegas -- and there seems to be a growing connection between the doctor's storage rentals in Vegas and Houston.

Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Murray has a 10x20 unit at a Public Storage facility in Las Vegas. We've learned an employee of Dr. Murray's came to the unit as recently as July 30 with Dr. Murray's credit card number on a piece of paper and paid the rental fee. We do not know if items were removed or stored at that time. Dr. Murray missed the July 15 deadline to make payment and he was charged a late fee.

We're told one of the four people authorized on Dr. Murray's behalf to come and go at the facility is Stacey Howe -- someone who figured prominently when Dr. Murray's Houston storage unit was raided last month. Federal agents seized correspondence addressed to Stacey Howe, and we're told the agents asked the manager of the storage facility if she knew of Howe.

When agents raided Dr. Murray's Houston medical practice, they seized two Yahoo e-mails from Stacey Howe.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray may have had Propofol -- the drug they believe killed Michael Jackson -- stored in the various storage units for shipment to the singer, though as far as we know they do not have proof ... at least not yet.

We do not know if the Vegas storage unit has been searched pursuant to a warrant.


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35. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32. for #31
I totally agree with you 200%

Posted at 3:08AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by justice for MJ!!!

Posted at 3:12AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by PMS

i agreed with number 25 not you!

1843 days ago

Wasn't this guy a pimp ??    

OH MY GOD , why do you keep posting under different alias' trying to defend your selfish actions by all you same clowns posting incessantly over and over ???
This is obviously CHICO, the disease and rot of TMZ Michael Jackson threads.

39. I hope Chico, Della, tellitlikeitis, and all the others stay on these MJ boards! I used to come post a line or two and then leave. Since I have been following their posts, I come back to this site over and over to read what they have to say! I do wish they had a "mute" or "disregard this post" button on here for some of the others who obviously are only here to cause trouble.

Posted at 3:18AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by I

1843 days ago


This is an interesting link. It shows all the drugs that can potentially interact with propofol. It seems pretty thorough...

1843 days ago

fish taco    

MJ blow up Boy Dolls are on Ebay now.

Designed by MJ for lonely Celebs.

Lotion included with Jesus Juice order.

1843 days ago


Lori ... it seems as though everything is on that list .... I had to check ... demerol was there .

1843 days ago


They already found propofol in MJ's closet. Dr. Murray already admittted giving it. What else do they need? This physician seems one step ahead of (and with a certain arrogance) the DEA. Also, what was the state of MJ's body according to the paramedics by the time they got there? Was he cold, pulseless and apneic? You can usually tell if someone has been dead for a couple of hours in contrast to minutes etc.

1843 days ago

Wasn't this guy a pimp ??    

Very interesting Lori , notice how Demerol is listed as only a " modearte " interaction with Propofol

44. This is an interesting link. It shows all the drugs that can potentially interact with propofol. It seems pretty thorough...

Posted at 3:28AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Lori

1843 days ago


6. So shut the hell up until you have evidence. Don't keep us hanging on from word to word. We wanna know if this doctor is going down or not. From what I've heard, he pretty much is guilty of murder. So stop beating around the bush already TMZ.

Yes, TMZ will take care of that for you pronto, right after they expel Judge Dredd from our society

1843 days ago


OR look up propofol infusion syndrome, a bit sketchy for someone taking steroids and antidepressants, which some reports claim.

1843 days ago


this is another HUGE??????

Murray is a cardiologist-- and diprivan was all 'new' to him-- so another doctor/s would give him the low-down how to get to it and what to do.. this must be what the FEDS are mainly after..getting all these records.

as we know diprivan can be purchased by medical staff.. so there's something 'fishy' here why Murray had this stash.. he was being 'clued in' what to do..

boy! this is getting murkier & uglier.. no wonder that lawyer Meeserau was saying-- he wondered why did MJ surround himself with such dubious people.. NOW WE KNOW.. he was too far gone on drugs to care.. frankly.. even IF he wanted to get out of it-- he was powerless. The drugs totally got him.

now, see why-I was/am outraged with Klein?Rowe giving him all those demerol injections??! Michael was the last person who should have been prescribed that sort of drug.. being so easily addictive.. surely,IF HE HAD AN OPERATION.. there was other ways to prescribe him something else.

1843 days ago


Why would Dr. Murray send one of his employees to a public storage facility with his credit card number written on a piece of paper ro pay the rental fee? This in itself is very strange. Wouldn't it be much easier just to call the storage facility and pay the bill over the phone using the credit card number instead of visiting in person - or sending someone to do so?

Also, why would Dr. Murray give someone his credit card number? If it was his personal credit card, it seems strange that he would give the number to anyone - including employees - and if it was a credit card used strictly for his practice to pay bills and order items, it would seem the number would be on file in his office for his employees to use as needed and pay via phone or online. As a former office admin, I was responsible for ordering/billing and these things were done via phone or internet and paid by a company credit card. There were a few times I would have to pick up an item and pay in person, however on the rare occasions I did so, I used the company card to pay.

There's no way any business here in Chicago would accept a credit card payment from a credit card number written on a piece if paper.

1843 days ago

fish taco    

He was the bests singer ever.
I mis you MJ...
Everytime I touch myself Im thinking of you, and it makes me cry.
I cry all day long... and only leave my bed for feeding time....
Im over 300 pounds now....

1843 days ago


46. Lori ... it seems as though everything is on that list .... I had to check ... demerol was there .

Posted at 3:35AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Tstorm

47. Very interesting Lori , notice how Demerol is listed as only a " modearte " interaction with Propofol
I've bookmarked it. It'll be interesting to find out exactly what other meds were found in his system. I hope it seriously doesn't take them 8 freakin months to make the autopsy results public. I had read an article today that says the reasons for the delay is because there were inconsistent results with some of the tests. I'm not sure if the inconsistencies are between tests run by the coroner, or if it's the results between the coroner and the autopsy the Jackson's had done.

1843 days ago


hmm.. I SENSE a lot of fancy BEVERLY HILLS DOCS quaking in their KNICKERS.. TONIGHT.. lol..
I wonder why???!!!

bubba will be busy!!!

1843 days ago


Chico and Dell: Hear to check out this storage post and will be here awhile...

But sometimes when you go to AEG backed concerts, you really need to "watch" (there's another word for that) because the kind of "makeup" she's wearing is the real thing, and it's always good to know that "watching protectively" can really teach you how to pull the threads behind these scenes.

Now see if you guys can make sense of that....if you'll need to go back and reread....I'll help you as much as I can without putting too much at risk. Good luck. If you have questions.....I'll be open to discussions later. I'll answer you as directly as I can.

I can't just "spill" this to you.

Right now I'm gonna read what's going on at this board.

If you have questions right now, I'll answer as best I can. But straight way.

1843 days ago
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