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Money, Custody on Line in Jackson Hearing

8/3/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Hearing4:54 -- During the lunch break John Branca said Jackson's estate has reached a settlement with AEG -- re: merchandising and rehearsal footage.

-- Katherine Jackson just withdrew her petition asking that she be put in charge of the estate. This petition was filed before she knew a will existed. The issue now -- will she oppose the appointment of Branca and McClain.

4:40 -- The Jacksons have all filed back into court and the judge has taken the bench.

3:00 -- The judge just admitted Jackson's 2002 will into probate. The will names John Branca and John McClain as co-executors. We know Katherine has a beef with that. The question -- will she challenge the co-executors or possibly ask that she be named as a third executor. Court is in recess for an hour-and-a half. Stay tuned.

-- The judge has ruled that AEG has to provide a copy of their contract with Michael to Katherine Jackson.

2:32 -- The judge has taken the bench.

2:28 -- Family members have begun to file back into the courtroom. The judge has yet to come back.

Michael jackson Launch photos

1:03 -- The judge has called for a 30-minute break.

12:55 -- The judge decided on the lesser amount because of concerns about duplicate expenses for the monthly allowance approved for Katherine.

12:42 -- The judge has just granted 83.5% of what was requested for the children's allowance. Specific amounts were not discussed.

12:41 -- The lawyers are now discussing the allowance for Jackson's three kids.

12:40 -- Debbie Rowe will have visitation rights with her two kids and will continue getting spousal support based on the agreement she struck with Michael several years ago.

12:39 -- The judge granted Katherine a financial allowance for six months retro from the time Michael died. The amount of the allowance wasn't discussed in open court.

12:37 -- The judge just named Katherine permanent guardian of all three kids.

12:26 -- Debbie Rowe's lawyer, Eric George, just said he won't object to Katherine being appointed temporary guardian, but permanent guardianship could be delayed. It's curious given the supposed settlement between Debbie and Katherine.

12:24 -- The judge just said Klein has no legal standing to lodge an objection ... that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents.

12:18 -- The judge wants to know what legal standing Klein has -- this could force the issue over whether he's the daddy.

12:17 -- Get this. Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Fed's lawyer) just showed up on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein. Kaplan says Klein has a long-standing commitment to Michael Jackson and has concerns about Joe Jackson being involved with the children. There are reports Klein is the father, but he hasn't confirmed or denied.

12:14 -- The judge is on the bench. He'll be dealing with the guardianship settlement between Katherine and Debbie Rowe first.

12:00 ET -- Rebbie Jackson, Michael's older sister, has just showed up. We're told, day to day, she'll be the one taking care of Michael's kids.

11:56 AM ET -- Katherine, Randy and La Toya were escorted upstairs to the courtroom. La Toya is wearing a black jacket, slacks, and a white blouse. Katherine is wearing a brown suit, looking calm ... and chewing gum.

11:46 AM ET -- Randy just showed up.

11:45 AM ET -- Katherine and the lawyers are inside the courtroom. Two of Michael's sisters and one brother are also expected. The hearing is expected to begin shortly.

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Cali MJ Fan    

Oh gawd.. Joe Jackson is wringing his hands wondering how he'll spend the money now!

Wonder why only 83.5% of what was asked for. Maybe to see how quickly they run through the money? Or it was such a large amount that there's no way the kids need THAT much money to be taken care of?

YAY Debbie still has visitation. Wonder if there's any comments about Joe Jackson in there.

C'mon Beckhoff.. appoint TEAM BRANCA!!!! So far, you're judgments are sound!

1907 days ago


WTF is Dr. Klein's lawyer doing there??? And why is AEG there???

1907 days ago


37. The real deal is that Murry should be charged with quite a few things starting with tampering with a crime scene
up to second degree murder. Murry found Michael unresponsive at around 9: am he quickly turned on the heat and started a fire in the fire place to change the temperature of the bodies core. He then searched through the second floor looking for money. Finally he called security they showed up and called rescue. (why did he holler for prince and security instead of telling the chef to call 911?) When rescue got there Murry refused to allow the professionals to do their job. The brought a defibrillator in Murry did not let them nor did he use it himself. When the paramedics realized Michael was dead Murry would not allow them to pronounce him dead. (That would make it a potential crime scene police would be called he ain’t no dummy.) In the ambulance he still would not allow paramedics to take over ( he didn’t want them to feel Michaels skin he was cold to the touch) Murry then disappeared from the hospital. He put some of the evidence into his sister in laws car. Something happened and he bolted leaving the car behind. The Jackson family went to Michaels home to secure his valuable collections and some of the children’s belongings. Prince told Latoya where Michaels safe was (they had not been there since he moved in several months before. When i arrived she saw that the safe was wide opened. And the things that Latoya was told was there were all gone. Michael often left the safe open when it was just the kids and himself in the home. Prince assured Latoya that there was "a bunch" of money in the safe. Also in Michael's top drawer rolled up in socks she found around ten thousand $ in hundreds. She and Janet took several art pieces they were afraid police would destroy (The police destroyed never land.) as they searched for evidence. We never entered Murry room they only went into Michaels and the children’s rooms. The moving truck was used to take Michaels $30,000. bedroom suite, many paintings and vases there were several things that the children needed/wanted (they refused to go back to the house) Janet had movers take both the children’s bedroom suits the trucks left and took all items to a rented storage unit. Nothing was touched in the room we were told Michael was in. No drugs were mess with. sometime people the media believes are stupid, do have some sense. Posted at 12:15PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by ???????????

Your use of I and we mixed into your story is a bit creepy (or telling?). we can give benefit of doubt for all but the paramedic bit, have you ever worked with a paramedic? An EMT might be intimidated by an MD on
scene but not a paramedic, there is protocol with MD on scene to follow instructions but in NO way did they just stand there and not touch MJ. A cool body is not an indicator of death (not dead until they are warm and dead) and they worked 40 min on scene. They came into a situation where an MD was doing cpr and trying to bag claiming the patient did have a faint pulse and initially went into respiratory arrest. They asses, call into UCLA med who instructs them to follow
MD on scene and they do what they do in these calls and then got him packed and took off still working on him (photo shows, protocol stipulates). Nobody knows time of death yet or what status MJ was actually in. Each paramedic is different but many I know would draw the line at a body dead at assess and in full rigor no matter who is on scene. Otherwise it is game on. The engine number was shown in the photo from the tourists and these guys have a range that includes
quite a few hollyweird types and get some insane calls, it is their job to look past that and do their job and no MD is going to stop them from assessing and treating their pt.

1907 days ago


You forget that all of the expenses at Hayvehurst are paid by the estate and that includes staff and the other family members. She also just received life insurance benefits from MJ so the judge will probably review what changes need to made to her allowance after 6 months since she has gotten the insurance windfall.

1907 days ago

What Am I Missing Here    

It is surprising that Klein's lawyer showed up. That does imply that he's the bio dad. He does have no legal standing though.

It does put a crimp in old Joe's claim of them being "Jacksons" and the Jackson talent is in their genes.

1907 days ago

Justice for all    

Where did you hear that KJ is only getting an allowance for six months? If that was said, it may be because the Judge will want to revisit the support situation in six months after things calm down a bit, to see if the 83.5% of the amount requested by the attorney's is enough to support the three Jackson children. The Judge did not give the entire "allowance" amount requested by Katherine's attorneys.... so, this may be what they meant by a six month period of time....

1907 days ago

chicken head    

persecution ??? your god MJ brought that on himself!!!!!!!!!
he loved that!! that was his life!!! he was the one that made all of this happen!!
even when the PERV died he couldn't die like a normal man!!! he was the KING OF FREAKS!!!!
and his memory will always have in the background of him being a CHILD MOLESTER!!!!!!!
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H !!! even if it is not true!! HA HA ! he was a great PERV!

Despite much persecution and demonization, the music and the memory of the King of Pop will live forever in our hearts and in our minds. Just like Jesus, Michael Jackson's legacy will NEVER die.

Posted at 12:44PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by AprilKnowsBest

1907 days ago


Debbie Rowe and Dr. Klein are the parents of those two older children. They are the biggest snakes Michael could have had around him. They probably told him they were using his sperm and he thought so. Until he realized these children had no rhythm and could not get dark even after being in the sun for hours. It's too bad he had such low self esteem and was not mental lucid. I hope the family has some of the best lawyers around to help keep SONY and other vulteures hands off Michael's assets and investments.

1907 days ago



People fail to realize that not one person from MJ's family is in control of his Will and his Estate . Whoever is in charge of MJ's Will, will be in charge of his money and assets. Those people are the Executors of the Will and the Trustees of his Estate who conveniently are only Lawyers John Branca and John Mcclain, and Barry Siegal ( Whom may have pulled himself out). Why are they blocking Katherine Jackson from being a Executor and Trustee of the Estate of her own Son, Michael Jackson? Because the executors of MJ's Will and The Trustees of Estate(who are all the lawyers listed above)controls how MJ's Publishing rights, Neverland Property and any money is divided up, to whom his land and assets is sold too and how it is divided up. EXECUTORS AND TRUSTEES can even open up new companies of their own and close old companies without permission from MJ’s Mother or Father. If they lets say don't want to give his mom and children money, they do not have to because they are the sole controllers of the Will and the Family Trust. The most likely argument they would present through the media that MJ debts out weighed his assets by the way of undervaluing his assets and increasing his debts. This is why this WILL seems like a part of the Conspiracy that Murdered Michael Jackson. Because there is know way, MJ was in a sound state( free of drugs) of mind he would put only attorneys instead of his Mother (whom he loved so much) as the only executors to his will and the only trustees to his Estate. It seems Criminal that any court in America would not question this.
If you don't believe me that Executors and the Trustees control MJ’s Estate read a copy of MJ Last Will and Testament and The Michael Jackson Family Trust on the Internet or on CNN.Com for yourself !


Executors are SUPPOSE to be in charge. That's their job.

One very good reason why Katherine should not be an executor, HER SON WOULD HAVE NAMED HER AS ONE IF THAT'S WHAT HE WANTED. He fully knew that had she'd been one, Joe Jackson would have ran everything into the ground. This is one of the best and smartest decisions that MJ ever made,

1907 days ago


Tito: “Prince looks just like my grandfather. There’s no question they are Michael’s."

and look what I've found. (Prince and his great grandpa)

Tito: “They are all his children. Blanket is Michael’s, I can tell. THOSE EYES DON'T LIE. Them eyes are Michael over again. I see a lot of Michael in him."

yea Blanket's eyes are identical to Michael's

and look at the pic of Mike+Blanket

1907 days ago


If Michael wanted his Mom to be executor of the his estate he shouldn’t named Branca as executor in his last two wills, he should have named his Mom.

1907 days ago


Here's a long quote from the last few pages of Taraborrelli's biography of MJ (published in 1991). Enjoy.

"The biggest misconception about Michael is that he has lived his life sheltered from "the real world," and that this is why he has practically withdrawn from society. In fact, Michael has had more extraordinary experiences than most people twice his age. An immensely gifted performer, he has traveled the world many times over, entertaining people of all colors, races, and religions. He is intimate with the exhilaration of a thunderous ovation, of a standing room only crowd. He knows what it is to be "special," to be able to make demands and expect them to be met because of who he is. He knows what it's like to have great wealth, to be able to give his mother a million dollars so she won't have to work. he has experienced the pleasure of giving, of being charitable, of seeing the faces of deathly ill children light up just because he is who he is.

If anything, perhaps he's withdrawn not because he's been sheltered from the real word but rather because he wasn't sheltered enough from life's dark side when he was a child. He has memories of seeing naked women performing in a lewd manner when he was just a boy, when such sights were confusing and unsettling. He recalls watching transvestites in perfomance before he had any understanding of sexuality.

Michael Jackson seems paralyzed by his fear of relationships, his mistrust of people, and his confusion about intimacy and love It's no wonder. Look at what he's seen in his own family.

As a youngster, he watched helplessly as his father enjoyed extramarital romances, betraying the mother to whom Michael was devoted He knows the heartbreak of an illegitimate birth within a marriage. He has cringed for years as his brothers treated women as sex objects and has protested their actions by having conversations with prostitutes instead of sex with them. He's seen domestic violence time and time again.

When Michael speaks so softly that he can scarcely be heard, when he can barely look a person straight in the eye without shifting his gaze downward, when he comes alive -- truly alive -- only onstage, exorcising his many demons, it seems that Michael Jackson is crying out for help. But rather than reach out for it, he retreats into his own world of children, animals, cartoons, and other play things at Neverland Valley in Santa Ynez, where he feels safe, where he can experience simple, isolated joys. The innocent child playing in a world full of mean spirited adults -- that's been Michael's image for years, and, indeed, that's really how he sees himself.

Michael Jackson continues to transform his face so that he can be a different person, a perfect person, perhaps one with an ideal life, and then he looks at the man in the mirror after each surgery to see if things have changed yet...but they don't change. Nothing changes because inside, Michael Jackson is troubled.

Observed Joyce McCrae [former employee of a Jackson production company] "This is a person who has seen a lot of hurt and a lot of pain suffered by -- and caused by -- people he loved dearly and deeply. And he's the most popular entertainer in the world to boot. How can he ever be a truly joyful person? His hurt is too overwhelming, too consuming. He's built a wall around himself to protect himself from more hurt."

WE all build walls. First they are ankle high to mark boundaries. But ankle high walls do not keep people from cutting across our corners, trampling our flowers, and disturbing us when when we're trying to sleep late on Sundays.

So we add a few more bricks, a smidgen of mortar, maybe a little bit of broken glass. Sometimes -- like Michael Jackson -- we can't even get out.

We become afraid and claw at the walls. We scrabble, our fingers rasping stones with a sound like dried leaves along pavement.

Sometimes we are lucky. Sometimes someone hears this faint sound, recognizes it as a cry, and can say "I can reach you," and does so with love.

But, so far, despite whatever has been rumored about his friendship with David Geffen, it would seem that Michael Jackson has not been so fortunate. Enmeshed in his myth, he is vulnerable, suspicious, and often seems paranoid. Years of playing show business politics -- and of finding himself exploited at the hands of his own family and by people he has trusted -- have made him ruthless. He often seems angry when in performance,, an anger that is most certainly rooted in his personal life.

Despite his often odd behavior -- or maybe because of it -- Michael Jackson's fans seem to worship him. Whenever he appears he is surrounded by moblike devotion. He thrives on the attention, as long as it is in colossal degree. In more intimate moments, Michael cannot bear to be among people because he does not trust them. He

1907 days ago


I pray klein is not the father of those kids considering I do believe he enabled Michael to do drugs Oxicotin/demoral/anethesia.He is a shady character

1907 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

80. If Katherine is only getting a financial allowance for 6 months, what will she and the rest of the leeches do after that? Will they actually have to learn to live off their SSN and those that are under retirement age go out and get a real job to support themselves? Most of her money she has not probably goes to taking care of all the grandkids that live with her instead of their parents.

Posted at 12:47PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Hmmmmmm

My bet is that the judge is going to watch how quickly Katherine comes back to ask for more money! I wonder what the allowances were.

Joe is already spending the money, I'm sure.

Any of the schooling or medical expenses, should come from the estate-- for excess expenses, rather than the allowances-- or at least they can petition the administrators and court for those type of fees to be paid direct. That way the clothing, food and entertainment expenses are straight out of the allowances.

Will be interesting to see how fast Katherine asks for more money. Mark your calendars.

1907 days ago


Michael Jackson couldn't have children of his own. His parents and Motown chemically castrated him when he was around 14 or 15 to save his youthful voice, which it did. Perhaps his parents didn't understand the full damage the medication was going to do. (It was new at the time.) They may have been told that it would just delay development or smooth the progression. Also, Why was MJ sent away from home to live with Diana Ross when he was a kid? Was it to protect him or did Motown want him under there control? He admitted to witnessing the sexual escapades of his brothers when he was a kid. Early exposure to sex has been shown to influence adult sexuality. And I think we can safely say his sexuality was never clear to the public, at least. Was there something about his sexuality he was ashamed of : chemical castration, homosexuality, or pedophile? And for the record, I DO think he was murdered. In the rehearsal video, he was flawless. He was not the drug addicted wreck he was made out to be. I don't think he did himself in. MJ told the world in an interview years ago that he struggled with insomnia. It wasn't news that he had trouble sleeping. It also wasn't news that he didn't like to eat. That was reported of him 20 years ago. I think the killer/s used his problems as well as a shady doctor with a checkered past as a smoke screen for their misdeed. I'll bet his autopsy will render 'cause of death' as accidental overdose and Conrad Murray will be charged with manslaughter and will serve some time. But speculation will never end. People will say it was Joe Jackson who was so insensitive after his son's death as to start promoting his business. Or was it Katherine we stood to gain control of everything including those unrelated children who were never adopted by Michael officially because he didn't want the world to question his ability to reproduce. Was it his brothers who with Allgood Entertainment were suing MJ for breech of contract. Was AEG Entertainment? Did Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamada L Khalifa have a bone to pick with MJ?

1907 days ago
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