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Rivers -- Brooke Shields Exploited Jacko's Death

8/4/2009 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers is calling out Brooke Shields for her weepy speech at Michael Jackson's memorial saying it was less about remembering her "dearest friend" and more about getting some serious "face time."

Joan Rivers: Click to watch
For the record: Shields admits the last time she saw Michael was 1991.


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I thought Brooke was perfect. I am SHOCKED that 41% thought she was phony. I'm wondering what percentage of them lived through that time. I would guess they are mostly young and didn't live through it.

As a grieving mother, I lost my 25 yr old son in 04, I'm sure his immedate family, and many many fans, LIKE ME - APPRECIATED her every word.

Thank you, Brooke

1871 days ago


Face?! Joan Rivers (nee FinkelbaumsteinmanRosen) wants to talk about "FACE"? HER face is stretched so tight she can't smile without passing gas at the same time.

Let's be real here. Joan was funny back about the same time Ethel Merman was funny and Steven Tyler was in a rock and roll band. Please go home and enjoy your retirement years. It's obvious the country is in serious trouble when these people are still out there trying to make an extra buck to catch up with their A.R.M.'s or "no-doc" mortgages.

I used to think Joan Rivers was funny back in the '70's but then I saw her new FACE and that unwarranted defense she recently took about her ugly offspring was a hoot.

You're old Joan. I'd like to say go back to Brooklyn and grow old gracefully but it's too late for that - it's the FACE.

1871 days ago


TMZ can you PLEASE stop referring to Michael Jackson by the name of "Jacko" in your story titles!!!

1869 days ago


I'm certainly no fan of Joan Rivers but, I think she hits it on the nail here.

Brooke Shields always seemed like a bit a fairweather friend at best - happy to escort MJ everwhere during the height of his "Thriller" popularity but, nowhere to be found during the 1993 and 2005 child abuse allegation.

She also made a rather disparaging remark about MJ in an interview several years ago and, in later years, seems to have been embarrassed by her previous association with him (refusing to even answer any questions about him in a recent interview)

The text of Brooke's speech was admittedly lovely and her "slacker" anecdote was actually quite funny. But, the way she kept contorting her face and blinking her eyes in an obvious effort to appear "emotional" was overdone and unconvincing - I remember watching the memorial live and thinking to myself "This is the worst acting she's done since the 'Blue Lagoon'!" She should have just kept her tribute simple and sincere without the fake histrionics. It would have been far more touching, IMO.

I also think Brooke benefitted from the absence of MJ's other famous friends/loves at his memorial. Let's face it - if Lisa Marie Presley, Diana Ross or Liz Taylor had spoken at the memorial, most people probably wouldn't even REMEMBER Brooke's speech..

1869 days ago


Gee - Joan's comments about Brooke Shields, what the hell is Joan doing. Joan you sad creature no wonder neither you or your daughter can find someone to love you. You are a hateful walking zombie! Let Michael rest in peace. He didn't ask for the world to stop and mourn him, we did it because we love him. I use to be a big fan for years but you went too far by trashing people who have past away. You are not worthy to even speak Michael's name because he has done more to help people than you will ever do.

1869 days ago


MISTER Jackson has left the building and can no longer be damaged by bottom-dwellers like Joan or the tabloids that give her face time.

1867 days ago


Is she dead yet? Damn I think I was just dreaming....I had a dream Joan Rivers died, and nobody cared at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1866 days ago
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