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Shaq to Beckham -- You're Afraid, Very Afraid

8/4/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This might be the greatest piece of video we have ever shot! WATCH THIS!

"The Diesel" is looking to run right over David Beckham -- 'cause last night Shaquille O'Neal was trash talking like crazy, calling out the "scared" Galaxy star for refusing to accept his one-on-one soccer challenge.

Shaq: Click to watch
Quick recap: Shaq threw down the gauntlet on Becks, via Twitter, saying "u will never score a goal on me, I challenge you lil man." David responded by deflecting attention, telling press "I don't see him calling Kobe out ... I think Kobe could score against him."

But last night at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, Shaq took the smack talk to another level -- saying to Beckham, "There's no way you'd score on me ... how many goals did you score for the Galaxy?"

Shaq didn't just entertain our photog, dude shook hands and posed with every single fan who approached him ... and for the record, we've never seen Beckham do that.

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Shaq is just trying to entertain us, no other athlete star gives a rat a** about people, Shaq is the one who made the franchise secure a spot for all handicap children to attend the championship parade, he paid for the worker who was special need to continue to work at staple center because the franchise said they didn't have the money to keep him, he was the towel boy and Shaq even paid for a championship ring for him as well. Shaq is a good guy and all these famous athletes and star need to come down off their high horse and live a little.

1906 days ago


I think Shaqs stint on WWE's Monday Night Raw has gone to his head..

Beak is Younger and Faster..

It would Be like a Old Mule Chasing a Race Horse....

Shaq being the Old Mule of course.....

It won't Be like the Big Show PUTTING YOU OVER like He did Monday Night..
It is a Good Thing it was not Real.. One Punch or Bear Hug from Him and YOu would
Be Retired on Disability...

1906 days ago


After the goal scoring contest maybe Becks should challenge Shaq to a free throw shooting contest.

1906 days ago


Whatever Shaq is kidding around relax people...seriously though Beckham is a F***** fraud, his greedy greedy ways of him and his wife are boring North America...go back to the UK you douches...you need to earn being captain, you demanded it, you go to a F***ing Mortons as captain and no one wants you there as C and you put in your share only for the bill as most others make $30,000 a year, ya right you demanded the C you should have footed the bill...get used to be BOOED, you deserve it...again NO one wants you here, your wife is a talentless robot, your kids obviously are fatherless out of greed and ya again no one wants you in north america so um ya how to say this...BE GONE!!

1906 days ago


never have been a big fan of Shaq (not a basketball fan) but just by watching this video, it made me a huge fan, see how cool and friendly and how many photos he took with fans, i really like when "stars" take their time and are nice to fans... Go Shaq !!!

1906 days ago


i'm on shaq's side in this fiasco [since beckham has proven himself as a money-grubbing control freak]. HOWEVER...shaq's comment about beckham not scoring goals for the galaxy...beckham is not, nor has he ever been [aside from free kicks] a goal scorer. his role is to distribute the ball and set up scoring opportunities for the strikers on a team. anyone who knows anything about football [or soccer] knows that. beckham is not a striker, he is a midfielder. his job is to set up goal-scoring chances, not necessarily to put the ball in the back of the net. DO YOUR RESEARCH SHAQ!

1906 days ago


It's easy for me to say this because I'm not into sports (or his rapping) at all, but....
Mental age of this man: 7
Even the cameraman sounds smarter, which is rare.

Why does he do this?

1906 days ago


David how my ass taste hahaha

1905 days ago


Go find something else to do TMZ. This story is LAME!!

1901 days ago


Galaxy complaining about Beckham is like the elephant man marrying Beyonce and then complaining that her butt is too big...just shut up and be grateful he's there, he's way out of your league!!!

1901 days ago


Becks can score 50 penalties in a row with his eyes blinded against Shaq

1157 days ago
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