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Triumphant Return ... to Burbank

8/5/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After nearly 5 months in North Korean captivity, journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee finally returned to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California.

North Korean Journalists Triumphant Return

The photo on the right was taken moments after Laura was reunited with her sister, former "View" host Lisa Ling. The women hadn't seen their families since March.

The two women flew in on a private jet, reportedly owned by movie producer Steve Bing, who happens to be a close personal friend of Bill Clinton -- the man who talked 5'3" Kim Jong-il into releasing Laura and Euna.


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you must stupid    

Great, wonder what Billy boy gave up to get these liberal quacks back. After all, this is the same idiotic President that gave N. Korea nuclear technologies and information back in the 90's if they promised to use the knowledge for "good." Democrats are a disease.

1903 days ago


Glad the women are home safe...what will happen when the next idiots that go to another country. Ol' Slck Willy" gonna come to their rescue as well? Bing....keep the jet fueled up. HAHAHA

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

And since when did America start negotiating with terrorists??

Posted at 10:24AM on Aug 5th 2009 by JoePublic

Since we elected one as President

1903 days ago


Excellent Post #21..............!!!

1903 days ago


Clinton is awesome - great job!! These ladies look so happy to be home it makes you feel happy too!

1903 days ago


should have left them there

1903 days ago


I thought the U.S. policy was not to deal with terrorist states and rogue nations. Does this mean Bill's next stop will be Iran to free the 3 men taken prisoner on the border there? And then Afghanistan to have tea with the Taliban while negotiating the release of the young soldier being held captive!?

Its simply not right to rescue these two without trying to rescue all Americans abroad. Lets chalk it up to a case of natural selection and let these people suffer the consequences of their really dumb decisions. People that think they can stroll into N. Korea for a story, or hike the Iranian border should be held captive- and have some sense beat into them.

If I went to Mexico and asked the M. Mafia for a scoop on their daily activity, only to be held hostage; do you think an American politician would come save me!?

1903 days ago


OK, back to TMZ's specialty. Find out if older sister Lisa Ling is separated from her husband of just over 2 years. Last night Randi Kaye on CNN said she was standing in front of Lisa Ling's apartment. They are supposed to have a house together in Calabasas.

Also if you watch the reunion this morning, the "husband" (Tall Asian man) was just hanging around the background. There was no interaction between him and Lisa as they totally ignored each other, never once embracing in this emotional setting.

TMZ... do some REAL reporting on this one. THIS is the important stuff! (LOL)

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

16. I find it amusing that Bill Clinton got this done. I can just see it now............Bill's thinking, "OK, that's it!! I got this one!!" Ha ha! Good for him!! And that's awesome that he used a friend's private jet too. I know some people don't like him, but he got things done!!

Posted at 10:24AM on Aug 5th 2009 by Jodi

What's scary is that people like Jodi actually vote and are why we're stuck in this mess now. Wake up hun, do you REALLY think a former President would just call up a buddy with a plane, say that he needs it for a few hours and just surprise a dictator by unexpectedly flying into their air space? Get your head out of your asssssssssss!!!!

This is the same failure of a President that got burned by this same dictator while he was in office by giving up very dangerous nuclear warhead information that has allowed these crazies to design and build the weapons!!!

Here's what happened. The Obama administration worked this out, more than likely promising to shutdown our army or marine braches just so we can get this Al Gore employees back, and he sent Clinton to retrieve them. End of story

1903 days ago


Clinton is a tool.........Do you really think he would turn down the chance to fly on a private jet with two just released from jail women?

1903 days ago



1903 days ago


At least they are home. Kudos to Clinton for going to bat for them. A Dem finally did something good and right for a change. If our "president' had gone he probably would have got them put in front of a firing squad. But of course, he couldn't go with all his beer meetings with people he insults. Why apologize when you can use the White House as your own dorm?! Man I can't wait for 2012.

1903 days ago


They KNEW they broke the law, they said it themselves. If you go and break the law in another country, you don't beg for the US to come save your ass. Oh yeah it also helps that one of their sisters is an actress. This is such a joke. Who thinks if it was a regular citizen they would still be stuck there? And if you go into another country and KNOWINGLY break the law, then do your time and shut up. Send them the bill for all the efforts involved to bring them home, a few million dollars at least!!

1903 days ago


Don't wait for out CONGRESS in 2010........."it ain't just the dictator in the White house that needs to go!"

1903 days ago

former Carlton cards rep    

Do you think they had a three way on the plane ride home???

1903 days ago
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