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Dr. Arnold Klein Won't Give Up

8/6/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge unceremoniously pulled the plug on Dr. Arnold Klein's attempt to insert himself in the Michael Jackson custody case on Monday ... but last night his lawyer told us the doctor will go back for a second round.

Mark Vincent Kaplan: Click to watch
Klein's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told us last night outside Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood he'll file legal papers on Klein's behalf sometime after the beginning of September.

Last Monday, Kaplan went before the judge and expressed Klein's concerns over parenting issues involving Jackson's three kids. There are reports Dr. Klein could be the biological father, but he's never acknowledged it. The judge checkmated Kaplan, noting that Klein had no legal standing to lodge objections to the custody settlement between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

But clearly Kaplan has something up his sleeve ...

Stay tuned


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I suspect Dr. Arnold Klein might have been black mailing Michael Jackson over this matter. Now that he is gone, this Arnold Klein character iis doing every thing possible to see if he can get some money in order to shut up. But, I have news for him: THE PARTY IS OVER. Whether he provided a sperm or not, he is history. And Prince and Paris will be raised as Johovah Witnesses in the Jackson household. Of course, he might have a shot of selling himself as a biological father ("Hey , I donated my sperm, you are mine. I am your father. ") when the children reach adulthood. I wouldn't bet on his chances of success, though.

1851 days ago


Klein and Rowe were both friends of MIchael's. Klein treated him, Rowe married him. Michael had the influence to ask favors of his friends. He wanted kids of his own! How easy it would be to get together and arrange for him to have kids.
BUT....... nobody expected Michael to die so young!

Paris has a great resemblance to Rowe. Klein has a keen interest in the kids' welfare.
Now everyone wants to protect all 3 kids.

Oh.... and grow up, those of you who make so many rude and insulting comments.
At the end of the day, we are all caught up in this media hype and just GUESSING.

None of us know these people.

1851 days ago


Dr. Klien needs to disapear from the scene, ahf for the person that says the childred looks like Dr. Klein, you need some glassesor they need changing one.

1851 days ago


Dr klien mike be MJ first kids father because he look like him not hte girl but the second kids father come on Debbie tell it we can see that.

1850 days ago


Arnold Klein with Debbie Rowe without a doubt are sinister characters-- and too bad Mj got entrapped in their web. I'm sure his life would have been so muh different.

really. Jds.. do agree heartily with t he first part of your post.

When Debbie Rowe first entered the scene-- and was already pregnant with Prince?/ I knew SHE WAS JUST A SURROGATE.. having some
insight on MJ.. there was no way-- he would want her 'genes'' .. a carrier--yes.. and when that baby was borne--so obvious..All her interviews then even intimates this.. then by 2002 2005.. she started changing her tune-- she's the bio mum.. I THOUGHT. BROTHER.. what bull sh*t.. enough of this- she's white(well she;s Jewish) blue-eyed and blonde-- so what! those are ommon genes. those kids aren't even blonde-- and Paris eyes are w hat's called Hazel- greyish that can turn blue or even greenish as with some pics- and Prince's eyes were always brown. But Mj wedded her-- so his name will in the birth certificates. and Debbie has used this fact to the hilt..

oh this baby deal is a scam Klein & rowe hatched up-as they knew Mj w anted kids so badly.. they gave him this proposition and he agreed. and now- ALL THIS TROUBLE & RUBBISH. I'm sure MJ never expected this..

whose that poster who keeps saying but Mj brought the kids to Klein at christmas eve?? so what-- why, people do do that.. NO big deal! Mj then thought Klein a good family friend.. when a kid My own mother used to visit certain family friends-- but they weren't my family..

Watch and Listen carefully to MJ during that Bashir interview-- then the topic turned to these kids- MJ SAID.. I TOLD THEM-- SOME FAMILIES HAVE A FATHER & MOTHER.. YOU DON'T ... YOU ONLY HAVE A FATHER.. words of a man who used a surrogate.. and the talk turned to Blanket..

Klein has been making,stirring, creating trouble for Mj since he died.. what a downright bastard.. oh I can 'see' his fingerprints' on all this rubbish.. malice.. it's not enough-- he pretty much was responsible making Mj a drug addict.. he has to stir up trouble for these kids.

1850 days ago


These people cant leave Michael Jackson alone even until now, he has passed away for more than 1 month ago. And now..they cant and wont leave his children alone. Why cant they let his MJ wishes be done so accordingly to what hes stated in his will. When are they going to leave MJ and his kids alone in peace???

1850 days ago


and the dead giveaway-- those kds a ren't Klein ?Rowe's gene pool-- their body built.. those kids are both slim,long lean and small boned.. whilst Klein & rowe are & were always big-boned and hunky.,, wirh sloppy shoulders.. this is heriditary. look at rowe-- she's short waisted.. even if she's tall.. Prince isn't like this- and boys tend to look like their mothers.. can't esape that.. I was looking at Prince's legs wearing those long shorts in his recent outing.. THOSE ARE NO LEGS OF ROWE'S.. she had/has beefy legs/thighs.
those kids are pre-teens. more the resemblance will show in the body shape. and Klein always had this high receding hairline. neither kid has it.. and the hair texture all wrong. He's big boned too-- why now,he's fat.. with a sagging jowl..

lol if MJ was collecting 'sprm'?? shoot! the jokes on them- if these guys think they are the bio-dad. same thing with Debbie. as Mj didn't use any of it.

1850 days ago


I laugh when people say- oh Paris looks just like Debbie. oh yeah?? rowe should be so lucky to have suh a kid.. the facial shape is all wrong.. Rowe doesn't have pronounced high cheek bones.. Paris does. Rowe's chin juts out-- Paris nor Prince doesn't.. though they have a well-defined jaw line. and both kids have good hairline and hair. Rowe always wore bangs bec she has a high forehead.. and jutty hairline.. and the shape of the skull all different.

folks! I KNOW HOW TO LOOK.. it's not enough just to look at colouring,skin shade whatever. both Klein & rowe are Jewish. both come with a defined racial traits.. one cannot escape that-- one kid may look good.. but NOT BOTH..

1850 days ago


Klein plus Rowe = Partners in crime

1850 days ago


lawyer John Branca and John Mc Clain should not get not one penny of MJ estates I remember when someone said MJ had did that will in 2002 .And I no that his father was not in it. just his mother. not his lawyer underless they retype it try they self MJ must under they spell it did say lawyer should have it only his mother was left with it and not . and they did't say any about Debbie name was on it only his mother so how did they do seen the lawyer is make the ball fall in there corner, MJ favorite two people was his mother and janet.thee lawyer should get the esates it belong the his mother KJ not the lawyer why give them the credict for no work they have put out. MJ parents did al the work. she had him the hard work when you have them that #1 #2 take care of them and show love for them #3 and making sure they doing the right thing because that will take you and long way in life #4 be kind to one another and other people show respect even if the respect didn't return, and now I say John Branca and Jon Mc Clain were you when is was going on, Mr, and Mrs Jackson give the son to the world and some of you people destroy him and now you want to take from him, Ithat why his song they dont real care about us it was you didn't real care about him no joke because you are show that, you could wake to get in the ground good and you lastion out to his mother with no respect what a shame before God. I bet you would like if the shose was on the other foot.and someone did this your family, but I tell wear would stand on jugdement day that go for anyone that cut this family out the Will and and anything that MJ have. everything go to them not you all.the world give and now you want to take it back.

1850 days ago


These people are pathetic.
They just want money.
Just leave the Jackson family alone.

1850 days ago


I don't know about Paris and BLANKET, but Dr. Klein definitely is the biological father of the oldest son, Michael Prince 1. It is so obvious, Dr. Klein and Michael Prince 1 both have that same semi-floating eye! Take a look. And Michael Prince 1 has the same identical nose and mouth as Dr. Klein! I think Michael did not dare risk using his own sperm because he did not want his kids to inherit his blood/skin disease vigilo (sp). But why Debbie Rowe?! Jeez, Debbie Rowe is way too ugly, too old and wrinkly, and too fat. What was Michael thinking?! Jeez, he could definitely have done much, much better than Debbie Rowe!! She's nothing more than trailer trash! She's lucky Katherine Jackson believes in (blood) family relationships, or else Debbie Rowe would be shut off from those kids and the entire Jackson clan.

1849 days ago


Joe Jackson continues to tell the press that Katherine Jackson is "crying all the time." She's a breath away from 80, apparently depressed, and devoutly Jehovah's Witness -- and her record as a parent is questionable. How great is that for MJ's trio? There is a strong resemblance between Michael Jr. and Dr. Klein. With everything else that's been avalanching in the MJ aftermath, Dr. Klein's concern for the kids is admirable. Give the doc a break; July must have been a nightmarish blur.

1843 days ago


Whats up with Debbie Rowes chin? If she worked for a doc and became a millionaire off of Michael Jackon's why doesn't she get that worked on? Wow.

1842 days ago



1437 days ago
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